The Dark Places

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These two girls have secret love for each other and they have their problems ,but does it get better? I will be posting a chapter as often as I can until I am finished.

Submitted: September 01, 2017

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Submitted: September 01, 2017



The Dark Places



Chapter One: Ivy



" Look at me. Sam it not you... it's mmm..... no it's definitely you! Sorry bye." Ivy said to Samantha. All Samantha could do was blankly stare at the dirt in the parking lot of their school and barley mutter " I.....I.....I " All she could say were those few weak "I's" and walked away sulking and sinking into her over sided hoodie that Ava let her borrow because she was cold beyond compare. Ava saw Samantha walking out of the courtyard," Hey Sam! It's freezing out here! No wonder you wanted my hoodie." Sam had turned around.....eyes were red, tears dripping down her face, and cheeks rosier than usual (that only happened when she cried). " Woah. Sam. What's wrong? You can keep the hoodie for now I'm not that cold." Sam waited a moment before responding. " Ivy. Ivy broke up with me." Ava didn't know how to respond to such a thing so she simply wrapped her arms around Sam and didn't let go until Sam hugged back and stopped crying. " Well it think you are awesome and if you think you can't come to school tomorrow I will help you fake getting sick. I'm just going to need oatmeal raisins, and a hot dog!" She heard a chuckle come from Sam. Ava stopped talking and turned her attention to getting back at the back stabbing, heart breaking, ugly, mentally impaired wretch. Ava turned to Sam with a devilish grin and simply said," I have an idea!" and all Sam could think was what have I gotten myself into?



Chapter 2: Eggs



Sam had been thinking about what terrible plot Ava had gotten her into. Are we going to reveal all her dirty little secrets? Are we going to tell her mother? Better yet her father??  Sam had never been the one for mischievous schemes and "mishaps"  as Ava called them. She was quiet and always well behaved. Ava was always getting into some sort of trouble weather it was talking in class or pulling a prank on her parents. Sam sat on the bench at the front of the school and waited for Ava to come. While she waited she thought about all the possible consequences of this horrible idea Ava had in her head but at the same time was so eager and ready for revenge on Ivy.

"Sam! I found you." screamed Ava form across the parking lot. Sam looked up to see Ava with a beanie and a peacoat which Sam always thought Ava looked so utterly adorable in. " Hey. What is that?" Sam asked hinting to the bag that Ava was holding in her hand. Ava smiled with delight when she pulled out 5 cartons of extra large eggs and 2 rolls of toilet paper. "AVA! We'll get in so much trouble. But on the other hand......who knew revenge tasted like breakfast? They both screamed with delight. " I was thinking we'd do it to her house, but then i was like... she cares a whole lot more about her cute little Mazda she has!" Ava said with a smirk. " I love the way you think!" Sam said before they ran for the back of the school to wait for Ivy and her little white Mazda.



Chapter 3: Strings



"Doesn't Ivy park right by the awning?" Ava asked Samantha plotting on their prank. " Yeah.... just in case it rains. That little brat." Sam said rolling her eyes. "I'm so glad I remembered that and bought some clear fishing wire." Ava said ecstatically. There was a ladder going up to the 2 awning just in case kids threw things up there and to clean out the gutters. Ava climbed up there to put the egg cartons and toilet paper on top of the awning and tied the wire on the them and tossed the end of the fishing wire down to Sam. " Okay..... when she pulls up those will be hanging straight down there. Then when she leaves we will pull the strings. The ones attached to the eggs first then the ones with the toilet paper. Okay?" Ava explained to Sam. " Yeah I think? But two things first.... where did you learn this and how will the eggs fall out?" Sam asked. " My older sister and the cartons are upside down." Ava said finishing a few things. Everything was set and perfect Ava climbed down the ladder. " Be thankful I've been in the revenge game for a long time. Having four siblings comes in handy sometimes. One of them is bound to help you. The ones that don't will receive my fury?" Ava explained like it was nothing out of the ordinary. " Okay??? Sorry... you are mischievously adorable." Sam said right before realizing Ivy was coming. As they saw her they ran the hide behind the bushes. Ivy pulled into her usual spot parked and waled away she was wearing a skirt a crop top and a white jean jacket. And as she got out her car you could her the click of the brown high heel boots she wearing. She walked away with such sass and false confidence. " Ugh I hate it when she sashays away like that!" Sam said with a sigh. The girls got up and got at the end of the car with the strings in tier hands. They looked at each other and in unison they said " One, two, three pull the eggs!!!!!!!!" They eggs cracked and made a complete mess enough to make Ivy cry, but with a tug of a string the toilet paper would get stuck on her car. " Here it goes the toilet paper!!! NOW!" Sam screamed. Ava pulled a window marker out of her pocket a wrote this courtesy of........ we'll let you figure it out!!!! :)  " That felt good!!!!" Sam said. " I know right!" Ava screamed as they walked into the school.



Chapter 4: The Ride Home



Ava and Sam had trudged through another day of school. Dreadful they were, but survived they did. As usual Ava waited for Sam in the band room. Ava grabbed her trumpet and Sam grabbed her flute. Their instruments matched them well. Ava with her trumpet. Not afraid to be out there or stand out. Sam with her flute. Delicate. And with that came a nieve beauty. Sam looked over when she was speaking to Ava. " Ava! Look." Sam said. Ava turned her head to see Ivy on her knees and poking around her car and barley touching the handle to get in. Ivy was halfway in her car when she saw Sam and Ava. " You two! You two did this!!!" Ivy said sternly to the girls. " Well we didn't do it, but with that face I applaud the person who did." Sam said with a smirk on her face. At that moment Ava was so surprised. She had never realized Sam was such a smart ass. She couldn't help but love it. Ivy got into her car with a grunt and angrily sped out of the parking lot. Ava and Sam giggled as they got into Sam's car. They had gotten out of the student parking lot and were about to pull out of the school when Ava said," Sam I need to talk to you." Sam waited a second before responding. " Sorry. Trying to pay attention to traffic. What is it you need to say?" Sam was worried. Ava looked kind of troubled." This is hard.... really hard..... Sam I've like boys... since I was 8, but I like girls too. I'm bisexual." Sam smiled and said," I'm not stupid. The way you behave. Everything about you. Coming from the gay girl. I know. Plus I've seen the way you've been lookin' at some girls lately." She was glancing at Ava and then Ava looked away from Sam. " And uhhhhhhhhh.... Sam I like you." Sam glanced at her again. She didn't look troubled, but instead had a look on her face that I'm not that much of an idiot. No duh. and at the same time what do I even say? Sam waited a second. She smiled," I know. Believe me.... I know. I'm not turning you down, but I need to get myself together first. Then we can talk about it" Sam said sounding quite glad about the whole situation. They sat in silence the rest of the way until they got to Sam's house. They got their bags and books. And headed for Sam's room to study.



Chapter 5: Confessions




"So.... Sam how do you feel about trashing Ivy's car. My older sysblings moved out for collage and I haven't been able to pull a prank without being bit." Ava said as they finished their last math problem. Sam never really answered questions, she was a mystery, people had to rely on her body laungue. Ava saw Sam smile and look up from her work and with that she got her answer. She loved every second of getting back at that piece of unloyal shit. " You know Ava we're done with out work do you want me to go get food from the kitchen for some our most intense than ususal  Conversation Snacks. As always Sam got it by herself, but today instead of staying in the chairs they usually sat at Ava went and ploped down in Sam's bed. She could smell Sam's perfume on the sheets. You'd think she'd be used to it. It was a slightly erotic and romantic smell and Ava loved it. Ava stared at the celling and waiting for Sam to come back. Sam walked in the room  confused as to why evil wasn't at the chairs. Then she realized the Ava was on her bed. Sam walked over to her bed and place the snacks right beside Ava. Ava looked up sort of surprised. " I see how you are are any change a setting for a new you this is fun." Sam said. " so Sam I guess you want to talk about my crush...... Is that even the word Crush... I hope I'm not overwhelming you... I just liked you for a long time... And I'm sorry to Spring that on you all of a sudden." Ava said. " Ava it's fine completely fine I've liked you for a long time something that you'll never understand... You are my first girl crush... I don't even think I had a boy crush ever so you might be the first. Ava I know you're avoiding eye contact so could you please just look at me." Eva was avoiding eye contact. She was looking at the ceiling instead of at Sam. Ava being who she was was reluctant to locate Sam but did anyway. Sam leaned in really close to Ava. She could really smell Sans perfume now. Sam leaned in closer. She leaned in so close she finally got a really long look at Ava's eyes. She had pretty dark blue eyes. Something Sam I never really appreciated before. Sam didn't realize it she was going in for a kiss. She eventually found that her lips were on Ava's. She didn't realize it until after Ava start kissing back. Sam got up enclosed her bedroom door. She sat down on the bed and sat Ava up. They both leaned in for a kiss again this time more passionate and when it ended pulled away a Sam bit Ava's lip. Ava looked at the time slightly startled and realized that it was time for Sam to drive Ava home. "Sam gotta go home." "Okay lets go" she grabbed her keys and went into her car.

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