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hi guys this is M.ANEESH. this is the second part of my story which is sequel to the THE TREASURE and u guys are going to enjoy it very much that the first part and guys pls pls pls comment as it will help me in correcting my mistakes and if u want say personally this is my mail id and u can talk to me anytime about the story .
thank u so much

Submitted: September 03, 2017

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Submitted: September 03, 2017












This part now explains about the new characters and villain. Why the scientist is called as villain. In this part the main scientists have role in many things accomplishment and the scientist has the role which will make the story to move.

Stephen, Curie, Boots, Kips, Rish, Kod, are still in the room where they have been tied by the scientists of Mr. PRASEOD and after Stephen shouted the story goes on like this…………



After five minutes all became conscious and when they opened their eyes they had seen a girl of age approximately 22 – 23 years old. And Stephen was staring at her aggressively and angrily but there was no facial expression or any movement at that time. Curie asked Stephen “who is she and how are you’’???? Stephen said that he is fine and don’t know who is she. Kips shouted loudly and asked why the heck they are tied there and from a long distance an old and heavy voice said “just be silent, until you are released… hours are passed and they are released, suddenly

 Five metal plates with some sort food is being sent to them. Boots was eating food faster than all and the same old voice came with a long shadow saying to follow him. They got hardly and started following him slowly and in middle way they had seen the walls covered with some diagrams and plans related to some structures and controllers. The old voice said “Just follow me and listen to me when I say and don’t turn your small heads. Mainly you the specs boy with white face”. They could understand whom he is pointing and looked at each other and the old man had threw a stone on Stephen and said that he was saying to him. Stephen asked “But why shouldn’t I stare at those”?? The old man said “Did you forget what I said…. Just be silent...”


Then he stopped and open a rusty door which made them close their ears and then a bright light comes from that room which makes all except the old man to close their eyes and they enter into a big lab which many machines and the five scientists operating the island and its traps and there is big screen which shows various parts of island, and all the scientists there are having something strange with them. Stephen observed a photo which has three members: the scientist, his wife and his child but the photo the child and wife are covered with mud. He then turned his face towards right and observed a glass sphere with full of insects which came out with the foot prints on the mountain. As he had seen them suddenly he exclaimed woah..!! He said “guys did u remember these????”

They had seen them clearly and asked the old man what are these and Stephen asked why is the temperature changing suddenly and what is the light and sound made day before yesterday???. Then Praseod said “see young man this island needs some security from intruders and cartographers and the one who is maintaining the maps in computers…. By chance if they get into this island….my Island they have to die or have to be caught by me. Till now 20 members like you have come and died in 2 days but….but…u young team have survived due to this specs boy who is white…Kips asked “ Mr.…… aaah what is your name??” Then the old man replied furiously my name is prof.praseod and immediately Kips said, ok

Mr.paseod, the one you’re saying as specs boy, his name is Stephen and how did we survive due to him... And why do you want the people not to come to this island???

See young man, to know this u have to know my story and who am I….

KIPS replied, “then please say fastly but clearly as we are already in a confusion mystery” THEN Praseod continued like this, “

Before 48 years ago in USA, including all other countries were facing a war which is result of many politics which is unknown to world except the government officials of U.K, U.S.A, U.S.S.R, FRANCE, GERMANY. Then Rish said “I think it’s the WW-2”. Praseod replied yes and continued. I was 30 years old and I was a researcher and scientist who helped USA in war. I gave them a secret formula to

Make a weapon which can destroy the whole place, when blasted up to a radius of 8 kms, but later I realized that I was doing wrong and I tried to stop them but instead they showed their back to me and tried to kill me, but there was god with me and people every time. Luckily somehow they haven’t used the weapon. After 7 years I got letter to join in the research institute again. I was shocked and due to my excitement, I went immediately. But they gave me a twist. They told me that they are going to send me to island which has treasure in it and they want it to destroy the trees there and make a factory of weapons. They also said that I have to go and should help the other crew to understand the environment so they can survive easily. I couldn’t ignore, so I said ok and after two days we have started research on it and only 4 scientists including me know about it and 2 higher officials also clearly know about the island. While I was returning to home, I had listened the thing said to my fellow scientists that they have to kill me immediately after going there to island… in 1955 I was married to a lady named Jene and in 1960 we started our journey and while I was in the ship I got a news that I became father to a baby boy named Stephen.H and I still have his photo. When we were eating food I mixed a chemical in food of my fellow scientists and officials. They were died by next day and I went to island and for a year I was alone. You know, I had dreams about the island and its features. Then these five scientists came here.

I said them the whole story but I had doubt on them. So I asked them to make 5 small bugs which can control anything, anyone but they made only bug which control humans as there was no tools that much. So I used those bugs on them and till date they are in my control. Special thing is my child is having a designed gene which is having same power like me that is seeing things in dreams which are thought mostly. KIPS said “here is your father, Stephen”





What…what are u saying KIPS? I don’t know who my father is, I only have a picture of my mom, and Mr. Praseod is she your wife?? Asked Stephen…

Praseod with tears in his eyes said “yes, she is my wife and your mom.” In spite of this Stephen didn’t go near Praseod nor called him father….


After ten minutes of silence, Boots asked Mr. Praseod “ sir, I want to know all the secrets, that is, the way u made the island move, the temperature rise and the bugs from foot prints.”???


See young man to know these u should be a geologist and ecologist….said the scientist and Boots replied “say to my team mates and they will explain me.”

“Okay then” said Mr.praseod .See these blue prints and plans, down of this island, at 150 mts of its depth there are some fins of a pair which weigh 1 ton, each on four sides of island and when I pull this lever they come out and produce energy equal to 5 submarines and they move in a definite path….and coming to temperature, this island is covered by a  shield or to say easily lines of some metals arranged in a path which makes the sunlight to pass through accordingly. And the bugs, those are the only insects, they are dung insects, we made them and multiplied their number, they die after fifteen minutes and they need moisture to be activated.

Okay young man are your doubts clear??” asked Praseod… boots asked “how did u get that much energy with those cheap machines…

Praseod replied “That’s a secret and I can’t say it” and he said that it is night u all go to sleep… all went to sleep except Stephen and his father. His father went to Stephen and started a talk like this with a huge and delighted voice “Son… where are r u living now and what r doing…I missed you a lot but if I come back and my enemies see me it’ll be a problem for u and me…leave me iam old but if they harm u then….what’s the meaning of living till now…. I hope u can understand” and listening to this Stephen became sad and tears rolled out of his eyes and with love he said DAD… PRASEOD became happy by listening his son calling him dad. Then Stephen replied “Iam a scientist. I deal with island and earth mysteries. I am living in England right now, with my team”. And he became silent…and his father too went from there and next day at exactly at 10’o clock a big sound from a siren and Stephen and friends came out and had seen that the fellow scientists started work and at noon again a siren came and the fellow scientists went back to their rooms and Stephen asked his dad why did they go when they heard the siren and he replied, they are my assistants there are chips on them which make them do the things which I say and kips said ‘‘computerized???” PRASEOD replied something like that young man and next day Praseod called everybody and asked there is a man on this island, does he belong to you?? He is wearing a pirate kind of dress

And Stephen said let me see him and confirmed that its peter pan and all were happy that nothing happened to him. Praseod said by morning he will be here. It was night and Stephen went to the fellow scientists room and went to the girl who was sleeping and he found the chip on her neck and took it off and held her mouth with his hands she was shouting but no one could hear it and Stephen made her calm and when she was calm ,he introduced himself and said how they had come there and the girl introduced her by saying “My name is Anne , iam from Switzerland and I don’t know when and how I was brought here but I remember one thing that…” and suddenly a thud came  from outside and Stephen hid himself under the bed and Anne acted as she was sleeping and after five minutes they got up again and Stephen asked the main secrets of island and Anne told him everything she knows . Stephen told Anne that he would give her a fake chip by saying his father that he reconfigured the chip which makes her behave like a human rather than a robot and Anne agreed to it and Stephen went out to his room and suddenly Praseod entered in front of him asked that what he was doing at that time, and Stephen replied that being a scientist he has nature of enjoying the view of night and he went to his room and said his team about Anne and next morning he implemented his plan and Anne was happy. Praseod felt proud of his son and told that he should make more chips to his other fellow scientists and Stephen made fake chips with help of Anne and she told the other scientists about Stephen and all were happy about this and now Stephen made a plan to escape from the island go back to England with scientists and his team. His main plan was to arrest his father because his knowledge if misused more can kill people. He knew that his team may not agree but he had this one choice only and that evening Peter pan came their and all met and asked how is he doing now? Peter pan said he was fine. Now Stephen started his plan like this to his friends “see this the island map and as you all can see there are some circles and squares in the map. Here in this map wherever you see a circle there is a trap or something danger out there and at every square there are food supplies like tree with fruits and this island is made by my father and he is not an ordinary man because, as u guys can see that 75% circles are nearer to squares . This is because, when a person feels hungry he wouldn’t think of the surroundings. So he activates a trap.

So we have to be careful and when we get out of this island there is already a ship made by peter (peter pan from now mentioned as peter). He made that when he was isolated and everything like bees and spiders are the cameras and this has to be confidential and if anyone has a doubt in this process can ask right now or tomorrow night, and then  curie asked is there a thing like plan-B if this fails and Stephen replied “ yes. Fight for yourself. If u want to get out fight till u reach the ship and u all know the proverb SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and I don’t think so I should explain about it in this kind of situation .And he went ANNE and explained the same and asked her, who was the nearest to father among them and all pointed their fingers towards HARRY and Stephen felt that he can make his plan successful. He told what he has to do and keep it a secret. THE COUNTDOWN STARTED TO 5 DAYS FOR THE ESCAPE and next morning all were involved in Stephens plan and Stephen asked his father that he want to go out and see the island of his father and MR. Praseod agreed to him and gave the main map to him. Stephen was seeing a love in his father’s eyes and he thought “Am I cheating him or going towards the right direction and he went out and before he went he said Anne to control the cameras and update a duplicate pictures he took and destroyed the main way cameras and traps and came back evening and he told his friends, what he did in forest and BOOTS asked Stephen “but we didn’t bring any camera nor I have a seen it here anywhere. How did you get those pictures?” He replied that he took the camera of HARRY which is gifted to him by PRASEOD and slept. 



Next day morning when he woke up he had seen that no one was there in laboratory and in rooms. All a sudden a big sound came up with colored papers and twinkling powder from roof and all came with singing the birthday song since it was birthday of Stephen and his father, Stephen’s team and all the fellow team Members wished him and gave a party in the forest and the day went on like that .

3 DAYS LEFT………..


Stephen went to Anne and told her to prepare a gum that is like a transparent sheet and when touched or stepped on it no one can escape told HARRY AND TUCKSMANN to make boots or shoes which are water and fire proof and his team

 To get ready by keeping the map which is given by his father and he gave one copy to scientists and at night he gave a signal to peter to get ready with ship by tomorrow and this signal made his father wake up and he came to Stephen and asked what was that and Stephen replied that it was a sound which activates the night time animals to get the sounds of other animals. And he went to sleep.



Next morning Stephen got a news that everything he said was prepared and additionally 11 watches were made which had options for time , a device like walkie – talkie And a signal sending button which can be used when in danger with a photo of map hidden under watch. PETER too gave a reply that ship was ready and can go anytime and lastly his team packed everything which was needed and KIPS made a belt for Stephen which had a rope which was sticky and the shoes were also ready. The thing left was how to convince his father and make him to stay in his lab and make his stand on the glue mat. In the evening when Stephen was seeing the sunset Anne came up there and talked to him and she was happy with him and gave a hug to him by saying thanks and went off

THE FINAL DAY.............

Everything was going accordingly and Stephen planned that by evening they have to get out of that island at any cost and he asked ANNE to give the sticky mat and he kept it near his father’s door and locked the windows and doors from outside and he kept another mat 6m next to the first one and KIPS, BOOTS, HARRY AND TUCKSMANN ARRANGED A BOMB IN THE LAB WITHOUT INFORMING STEPHEN!!!!

But Stephen thought to arrest his father and the mats were to control him but his team took it wrong way. It was 4.30 in the evening and when his father pulled the it didn’t opened but it activated the bomb which is set at 6.30 and they have only two hours and now Stephen got to know about the bomb he was said that it couldn’t be defused. He felt very sad but thought that it will help them and all of

Them packed and went out of the island and PETER was collecting fruits for journey by following map and he is the one without boots or watch and before going the scientists destroyed every machine and traps but couldn’t destroy the insect’s one, since it works on command of PRASEOD. They went away from lab and climbed down the island but Stephen was still taking things and he went to the door without stepping on mat he said “GOOD BYE DAD MISS U A LOT. U MAY HAVE COME IN MY LIFE LATELY BUT U WILL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER IT’S NOT MISTAKE OF U BUT THE MISTAKE OF YOUR MIND THINKING LIKE THIS VOILENTLY. SORRY. I HOPE U WILL FORGIVE ME. And he went away without listening to his father words and went to his team and they were waiting in the ship and in the lab the bomb was ticking and PRASEOD SOMEHOW OPENED THE DOOR!!!!! AND came out but he was stuck on the gum sheet but he had seen that he was wearing shoes and took his legs out his shoes and walked but he was stuck again in the sticky mat which was arranged by Stephen and he had also seen the bomb and it blasted in front of his eyes and the lab fell down and all the people on ship and Stephen seen it and he was sad and came down the mountain but he was catching the map wrong and he stepped on the trap which activated the dung insects every where and he ran fastly and safely reached the ship and PETER  started the ship and they sailed to England and all were happy and for the surprise PETER TOOK OUT A BOX WHICH IS FULL OF GOLD AND PEARLS!!!!. All were shocked and were very delighted and Stephen asked how did he get that and peter replied “why should I be free? So I went searching the island and I got this and after some days they reached England and they were welcomed by SHIV and Stephen showed him the treasure told him the story and also welcomed PETER to his team and after a month a press meet was arranged and Stephen with his team and the scientists said the story and handed over the treasure to government of Switzerland and England. Like this Stephen began his new career with his team and all of them got fame. TUCKSMANN, HARRY, GODDSUN AND CLARK WENT TO THEIR HOMES BUT ANNE DECIDED TO STAY WITH STEPHEN AND HIS TEAM AND STEPHEN TOO AGREED WITH IT…..











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