Lost Souls

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Its a story of love.

Submitted: September 03, 2017

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Submitted: September 03, 2017



The sound of the alarm clock was driving me crazy. I wanted to throw it against the wall, but when I remembered that I set up an alarm on my phone, I didn’t want to destroy it. I got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom.


The summer came to an end. The best summer in my life and probably the last one. In a few months, I'll be a student at the University of Sydney, at the Faculty of Economics. My father will hire me in his company as a trainee, what is ridiculous because everyone knows that I'll be its president one day. But my parents want me to pretend that I worked hard for this career.


On the way to school, I grabbed my buddies - Caleb, Mark, and Leo. This trio consists of the biggest assholes in the world, but at the same time, each of them is my friend. We met a year ago. I was going to the private high school then. I met Leo at the cinema. He seemed to be a cool guy, and after a short conversation we found out, that we both listen to Blink182 and All Time Low. The day after Leo found me on FB, but our contact was limited to like each one's photos and pictures.


About a month later he offered me to join his band, which desperately looked for a drummer. I agreed because  I must humbly say that I'm great. I also decided to move to the public school (I wanted to be closer to my buddies), but my parents didn't want to hear about it. I begged and begged because I was totally fed up of my stupid school, where  I had to wear a white shirt and perfectly ironed trousers every day. Finally, my parents agreed. 


I joined the band. I met Caleb and Mark, and we started to be a group. It turned out that we rock. None of us had a better idea for the name, so we called it Error. Leo has uploaded our recording to YouTube, but I don't know what he was hoping for. He probably thought that some music labels will find us? Even if it happened, I had plans for the next thirty years and didn't intend to change them.


Entering the classroom I greeted my friends. Caleb, Leo, and Mark were one year younger than me, so we didn't have lessons together. However, we were spending every break together in the music classroom, or outside, where we were playing our music.


I took my usual place, beside the window, where I could watch the cheerleaders during their training. Suddenly, a person in the hood on the head took the place next to me.


The girl - I thought so because I have never seen that short and tiny boy before (although nowadays, you never know). She sat on her chair, that she pulled away with a squeak. She threw a thick, black book on the table. She crossed her arms on her chest and laid legs on the desk. Her sneakers were dusty and her leggings or blue jeans were frayed. The gray sweater effectively covered all the attributes of her femininity, and the large hood was hiding her face. I could only see the strands of her light hair falling to the sides. She was changing the songs in the MP3 player. I was looking at her hands. Her fingertips were strangely gray. 


- Will you stop staring at me? - I heard it and I looked up. The girl was still looking at the player but she was speaking to me. I was about to tell her I was not staring, when suddenly Mrs. Hinth - a Maths teacher and also the scariest beetle in school,  entered the classroom. She walked over to the desk, with her typical duck walk, and opened her folder.


- Welcome to the new school year - she said, folding her hands like she was going to pray - your last year in this school. At least for those who will attend my classes, she looked at Greg, the boy who repeated a year - I also have a pleasure to present you your new friend, Isla Morgan. Isla? Can you get up?

The girl who was sitting next to me raised her head and took her headphones off.

-Isla. I'm sure that, the headteacher told you about the existing rules in this school. We don't listen to music in the classroom, we don't put our feet on the table, and we don't pull the hoods on our heads -she said smiling - Isla moved here from Manchester. Isla, stand up, please.


The girl got up slowly and took off her hood. I was expecting to see some kind of a cough, because why would she hide her face, but that what I saw was very pleasant for the eye. Isla was a pretty blonde with green eyes and pink lips.


- Can you tell us something about yourself Isla?

- Everything that is important, you have already said - her tone of voice was impudent. Without waiting for the permission, she sat down and stared at the bench.

- Well, then - the teacher cleared the mouth, visibly baffled, but she went out to the desk - Open your books.


For the rest of the lesson, I looked at Isla from time to time. Golden hair,  at shoulder length, covered her face a little. She scratched something in her notebook but wasn't even looking at the board. I had to admit that, I was a little intrigued. None of the girls that I knew, acted like that with the most difficult teacher in school, but if Isla was new, she could not have known that Hinth, was failing the students, not just for bad grades.


As soon as the bell rang, Isla jumped up from her seat and left the classroom, before anyone else had time to do this. Again, she threw a hood on her head. Carried away with an unhealthy curiosity, I followed her. She moved quickly and was short, so it took some time before I found her in the crowd. Embracing myself by people who were going in all directions, I went forward like an icebreaker. I was just a few steps from the girl when someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back.

- Oliver! - Mark pushed me to the locker - Where are you going so quickly?

Three of my colleagues were standing in front of me. I was looking towards the place where I saw Isla, but she was not there anymore. I looked at Mark's green head and I was tempted to give him a kick because he stopped me.

-What?!- I snarled

-Why are you such a fighter? - Caleb asked - We have some news.

-What news?

-We will be playing in the Rabbit Whole. This Saturday.

The Rabbit Whole was one of the most popular places among unknown bands in Sydney. Saying "the most popular" I mean that every band can show up there and play if they pay hundreds of bucks. However, there are huge crowds every week, because it's cheap and no one asks about the ID card at the bar. It's not a super modern club, but such places are enough for us so far.

- Great - I snorted again.

- Really, dude? - Leo patted my shoulder - What is wrong with you?

- Nothing.

I thought about the lost opportunity to talk with Isla, but I quickly forgot about it, because a group of cheerleaders appeared next to us. They were smiling at us and flirting through fanning eyelashes that were not real for sure.

- Welcome beautiful ladies! - Mark shouted, and within a moment our groups connected into the one.


As the members of the band, we had a very high social status at school. We haven't missed any invitation to the parties and events, mostly because we were ones who were able to turn on, playing the covers when the crowd was going mad around us. Sometimes someone accidentally damages our instruments and equipment, jumping like the drunkard. That's why I definitely preferred playing in the clubs, even that bad as Rabbit Whole. So, as one of the most privileged people in the school, we also have rights to the best girls. And as it is well known, the cheerleaders are the best chicks.


I have finished my lessons earlier, so I was waiting for the guys in the parking, leaning back on my car. Last year I got a two-year Volvo CX90, from my parents. Great car, I was caring for it as if it was my beloved child. I was just writing a message to Mark when I saw a familiar character.


Isla was sitting under the tree with a black notebook on her lap. This time it was open, and she was screaming at it. I came closer. I was walking slowly, greeting a few friends in the parking lot. I didn't want them to realize that I was going straight to her. When I was close enough, I looked at her. Again, she had the earphones in her ears and she stared at something in the horizon. When she looked at her notebook, she moved her fingers on its surface. She was drawing.  She raised her eyebrows for a moment, without taking her eyes from the page. The pencil in her hand was moving quickly. When it was no longer needed, she put it behind her ear and blurred something by her hand. I already knew why her fingertips were gray. Isla slammed her notebook with a bang and moved her eyes on me.


You see something you like? -she asked. She had a nice melodious, not too high voice. She got up and hid her notebook to her backpack.


I just...I looked - I said and I blushed. I guess, it was the first time in my life I blushed in the presence of a girl. I saw a smile in the corner of her lips - I'm Aaron Oliver.

I know.

You know?

I don't think there is a person at school who does not know you.

I stared at her green iris. She was much shorter than me. Without any problem, I could put my beard on the top of her head.


So. You have moved here from England - I said - How is there?

God, what an embarrassing question!


Like everywhere - she replied. She passed by and walked into the parking. I was watching as she was getting in really old Honda Accord V and drove away.


I was in a slight shock. Mainly because she cut off our conversation and left me alone. I had not been used to this. My ego, too. The girls usually begged for my attention and I was the one who ended the conversation. What a surprise. Isla apparently didn't succumbed to the charm of Aaron Oliver, but I was sure that it is going to change soon. This girl intrigued me and damn, I wanted to check what was the reason of it.


 I couldn't concentrate during band practices. I hit the drums, but without much enthusiasm. Isla and her green eyes were still in my head. When I lost the rhythm again, Leo shouted at me.

Damn, Oliver! Can you just focus?! - he walked to the camera standing on a tripod in front of us and deleted the recording - We're practicing this song for the third time, and you're still not up to it!

Sorry - I ran my fingers through my hair. I think I should cut it because the fringe keeps bothering me, and I can't keep it out of my eyes, especially during the concerts, when my hair is wet with sweat - I just can't focus today.

We can see that - Caleb said - Have you got any excuses for it? Or are we supposed to kick your ass?

You have never fought in your life, and you jump to me? Don't make me laugh - I snorted.

I stood up to pull out the Red Bull from the tourist fridge.

Our meeting place is an old warehouse, that belongs to my father's company. We were looking for a place, where we wouldn't disturb anyone, as there was always someone who complained about us because of the noise. My father said he needs something bigger to store the carpets, and if we clean it, this warehouse is ours. The cleaning didn't last long because when the staff took all of the carpets from here, it was almost clean. We picked up the remainings bits and pieces of materials, that were left and we put them on the floor. We got the old couch from Caleb's house and another one, which Matt's grandmother wanted to get rid of (to do so, we had to buy the big blanket, because it was in a flowery pattern). On the walls, we hung the posters of our favorite bands and the concert posters at which we went to. Inside, there were also a small table,  mini fridge, and a cupboard, where we could keep chips and other snacks (a lot of snacks). I also brought a table football, which I bought once on the garage sale. It looked reasonably well, but, most importantly, we could play in the tranquility, without hearing hitting the wall.

I took a sip of a drink and looked at Caleb. I was a friend with all three of them, but Caleb was definitely my best friend. I don't know why. It just happened.

- I know that look - he said - It's about a girl. Did Tina invite you to her bedroom again?

I smiled mockingly. Tina was at my age, and she was a cheerleader. I was playing with her from time to time but never promised her anything.

- No. A new girl came for my classes today. She moved from England.




Not very. And that's the problem. She completely blew me off.

It must have been very hard - Mark put his arm on my shoulder and looked at me sympathetically - You? Aaron Oliver have not picked up a chick? I can feel your pain bro.

I shook his hand. I knew perfectly well that Mark was making fun of me.

You know what's the best cure for that? - Leo asked - Put a new record on the web!

He hit the strings of his guitar and we all joined with our instruments.

In the evening I was laying in my room with a laptop on my stomach and was surfing the net to find some information about Isla. I have checked every possible social media site, but I haven't found any information about her. I have also searched the search engines, but only Isla that came up there was Isla Fisher, an actress - I was not looking for her.



On the next day, when I was sitting in the classroom, I was tapping the melody of the song that Leo wrote, striking the pencil on the desk. I was doing that unconsciously as always when I was looking at the girls on a school court for too long.

Interesting melody - I heard a familiar voice. Isla took her place at her desk. She dropped her black sketchbook on the desk and took the earphones out of her ear. Today she was dressed in a white T-shirt with the logo of Jon Bellion hanging on her, bright blue jeans and sneakers.  She had an exaggerated amount of colored twine bracelets on her wrists, and earrings with white feathers. This every single thing looked weird, but Isla was giving the character of the whole. She ran her hand through her hair and left them in a mess - You are looking at me again.

I smiled at her. She didn't smile back, she only rolled her eyes and opened her sketchbook. I was looking at the drawing. The fox sitting in bushes. Very realistic.

When the teacher, Ms. Jennis, entered the classroom, Isla was still drawing, without paying attention to her. I was trying to focus because physics was not my strong side. I was also worried about Isla. Physics was really difficult subject, especially taught by Ms. Jennis, and the girl sitting next to me didn't even put her notebook back. I tried to get her attention whispering her name, but she didn't even raise her head.

Isla - I whispered softly, impatiently and leaned towards her - Start to pay attention, because you will not pass. The girl graciously looked up at me, gave me an ironic smile and returned to her work. The teacher wrote the equation on the board and started looking around the classroom, to select the student who will finish it. Everyone shuddered on their chairs, me too because I didn't know the answer. Ms. Jennis looked at the list of students again.

Isla Morgan - she said. I looked at my neighbor, who still perfected the already perfect drawing - Isla Morgan! - the teacher repeated, louder this time.  I smacked her sneaker with my shoe. She looked at me, and I pointed her to the teacher, who was already standing in front of us - Miss Morgan, can you kindly finish the equation?

Isla looked at her and without losing eye contact, she closed her sketchbook and stood up. She walked quietly past the teacher and stood in front of the blackboard. She stared at her for a moment, without saying a word. Ms. Jennis shook her head in disgust.

Well. That happens, when you don't listen - she said, and looked at me -Well, maybe Mr. Oliver...

I felt a hot wave flowing over my entire body and I was about to get up when Isla suddenly began to write the equation on the board. I listened to the rhythmic chirping of the chalk with a smooth surface. When Isla finished, she returned quietly to her place, evoking a teacher, who was in a bit shock, like me, and probably everyone in the classroom. The teacher looked at the board and said surprisingly:

Everything is correct. Miss Morgan? How did you do that?

Isla raised her gaze again.

You told me to finish the equation, so I finished it. Since the result is correct, there is nothing to debate.

I and almost the entire class looked at her, with the eyes wide open. Nobody says something like that to the teachers. Of course, many people in the school corridor were mocking teachers, but nobody paid attention to them. I was convinced that Ms. Jennis is going to punish Isla or send her to the headteacher, which was usually the consequence of such brazen behavior, but no such thing happened. Ms. Jennis returned to her counter and continued the lesson. I was looking at Isla. She also was looking at me. Her green eyes pierced me, and when she blinked to me, I blushed and stared at the book. How did that little creature intimidate me so much? Without saying a word?


I followed Isla through the whole corridor, keeping a reasonable distance. I wasn't paying attention to the people who greeted me, I was just watching the little blonde in the crowd. Every now and then I ran into someone. How did it happen that there are so many people in this school? And why didn't I notice it before?

Isla stopped next to her locker and tapped the code. She reached for her backpack and swapped a physics book for a literature book. I was wondering why because she doesn't even use them. I stared at her like some kind of pervert for a moment and then I stood next to her. I looked inside the locker but didn't see anything special. A few books and notebooks, a school map, some kind of bars and a bottle of water. I saw a photo of a ravine and a river on the door. When I looked at Isla, she looked at me too.

Can I help you? - she asked.

I... I am... - I stammered. What exactly did I want to tell her? Why did I follow her? She must have thought I am an idiot. That's how I felt.

You? - she closed the locker and stood in front of me. I could smell her perfume and I saw brown spots in her green iris. I still couldn't say a word. Isla rolled her eyes and passed me. What had happened to me? I have never forgotten how to speak to a girl! What the hell happened to me? For the rest of the week, I didn't talk with Isla. We had algebra, physics, history, and gymnastics together, but Isla didn't exercise. She was sitting on the podium with the headphones in her ears and scribbled in the sketchbook. I just did another batch into the basket and  I was hanging on the hoop for a moment, what the cheerleaders and other girls welcomed with delight, chanting my name while swishing the pompons. Everyone was watching, but not Isla. I will not say, it hurt me because I am quite vain and I like when people pay attention to me. Maybe that's why I wanted attention from this girl that much? She only seemed like she totally doesn't care about me. Caleb ran up to me and we got high-five. Fortunately, although we had these classes together, it was fun to play with my buddies. I brushed my hair off my forehead. I looked toward Isla, who apparently was about to leave the room because she was just picking up her things.

Is that this new girl? - Caleb asked, wiping his face with a towel. Leo and Mark joined us.

Yea. Her name is Isla.

Isla? - Mark repeated - Is she European?

I told you she's from England.

If you like her that much - Leo said - Just ask her out.

Great advice, seriously. But it's not that easy. I don't know what is in her, but when I look at her I can't say a word.

My colleagues burst out laughing. I also laughed myself, because that what I have just said sounded idiotic. But it was true.

Look - Caleb pointed to the girls in red uniforms - So many girls for you to choose and each of them is just waiting for you to talk. And you bother yourself with her?

He nodded at Isla, who was just walking down the stairs. When she was passing one of the girls, Sonya, she threw the pompon under her feet. Isla stopped, picked up the object, and was turning it in her hand for a moment.

Hey! - Cried Sonya-Wierdo! Give it back to me!

Isla looked at her, but her face didn't betray any emotions.


Do you hear me? - Sonya asked - Or are you that underdeveloped as your style?

All of the girls laughed, and Isla said:

Do you need it? - she shook the pompon - Come and get it.

Sonya walked towards Isla and flicked her red curls. The cheerleader was a few centimeters taller than her. Sonya stood in front of Isla and put her hands on her hips, trying to intimidate blonde with her stance. Isla remained unmoved. She looked at Sonya and smiled slightly.

Give it back - the redhead ordered.

This? - Isla raised the pompon over her head, then dropped it to the ground.

Here comes the trouble - Mark laughed. He was right. No one is messing with the cheerleaders, and Isla has just made that mistake.

This girl has quite a temper - Leo complained to him. I don't know how did it happen, but I ran to the girls.

Listen to me, you little freak... Sonya began, but she didn't finish her sentence because I was already there.

I picked up the pompon, threw it at Sonya and grabbed Isla's hand to get her out of the room. I crossed the corridor, before I found a safe spot at the corner, under the stairs where usually the kissing couples can be found. Now, fortunately, there was no one there. I looked at Isla.

Are you crazy?! - I asked looking down, and I brushed my hair away again - Messing with Sonya?

Why do you care?

If I didn't react, probably the teacher would have separated you two right now!

And? - she said - I thought the guys like to watch the girls fighting.

Those intimidating glances again. Isla sat down on a bench, leaned against the wall and pulled her knees under her chin. I sat down beside her and wrapped my arms around my knees.

Do you have something more for me? - Isla asked.

Are you always so brazen? - I looked at her.

I do what I can.

I smiled. This girl and her meaty character intrigued me more and more.

Come with me for a date - I proposed. Isla lowered her feet to the ground and looked me up and down.

With you?

Yes. Can you see anyone else here? - this time, I wanted to confuse her.

No thanks.

She refused me... Seriously?


You're not in my type.

She stood up and wanted to leave, but I blocked her way putting my arm on the wall.

Really? - I asked, trying to sound intriguing.

Isla looked at me gently. She climbed on her toes and brought her face to mine. Does she want to kiss me? It looks like because she licked her lips and narrowed her eyes. Please baby, I'm ready. I leaned over. Isla touched my shoulders, and when there were only millimeters between our lips, she whispered.


She pushed me away gently, making herself a passage, and started moving forward. I stared at her for a long time, with a shocked face, although Isla had long since disappeared from my sight.

On Saturday night we got to the Rabbit Hole.The club looked like many others in this area. Square building with a gray façade. After a short conversation with the owner (who was also the menager, bartender and security guard), we paid the buy-in, and then we could set up the equipment on a small stage. After us, the DJ was supposed to take care of music. I was just turning the plates on a tripod, when dark-haired waitress was drew my attention. She wiped the tables, leaning down so low, that I could easily see her decent neckline. She did it specially, to get my attention, becouse she was looking at me all the time, with big smile. She seemed older than me, but not much. I felt that, I would not leave this club with my boys today. I smiled at her and finished putting my instrument.Leo gathered us in a small circle and said.

-We will play five songs. American Idiot as a start, then I Miss You, Rolling In The Deep, Voodo Doll.

-That's four songs- Mark scratched his forehead

- Congratulations of your mathematical ability- Leo snorted with displeasure- Can you offer something? Why always I'm doing everything?

Caleb and Mark exchanged ideas for a while, but none of them seemed good enough.

-Maybe we play Stone? -I suggested after few seconds. They stared at me.

-Seriously? Do you want to play it?

-Well, we wrote this song ourselves, maybe it's time to check it out.

The boys exchanged glances and nodded their heads at the sign, that they accepted my proposal.

People began to slowly go down to the club, filling it almost to the brim. I was standing at the bar with Caleb, drinking beer and watching some faces. There were some people from school, mostly girls. Brunet rubbed his hands, in the hope that he would get some  girl today, which reminded me of the waitress. I looked around and saw her. She was serving beer to the tables next to the wall. Leo was talking to the owner, who agreed to record our performance at a small fee. Fucking trickster.


After a while, the room filled the teens and students, announced our performance.I set off my beer, and went to the stage. We played the covers so many times, that I hit the drumsticks like a programmed robot. I could look around the room again during the game. The girls danced, jumped and squealed under the stage, thrashing their hair. I looked for a waitress who looked straight at me and rocked her hips slightly. I imagine that  out how she's moved them lying under me, which probably will soon come. I smiled to myself, and then I saw a familiar girl who went to my waitress. Isla. Isla was in the club. What was she doing here?Did she know I would be playing here today? The waitress leaned over to hear what she had to say, and then pointed her finger at the owner.


Isla approached to the man. They exchanged a few sentences between themselves and walked in behind the bar. Did she wanted to work here? They both behaved strangely. The owner was looking for something under the bar for a moment, then grabbed Isla's hand, and left her alone. Isla poured beer from the distributor, but before she came out from behind the bar, she reached beneath him and hid what she took in her pocket. She sat down on the other side of the top of the high chair, crossing her legs. She took a sip of beer and looked at the stage. When she noticed me, she leaned back and leaned her elbows on the counter, sending me a look saying, Come on, show me what  you've got . Because of this I forgot to sing my part, which was met with Leo's disgruntled , who gave me a furious look.I brushed a damp hair from my forehead and shrugged my shoulders, pretending that nothing happend.

-We will play now something we created ourselves-Leo said to the microphone. The girls started to scream, and he turned to me quietly and said- Focus Aaron!


Mark started playing, we joined after a while. I didn't look at Isla because I knew it would not affect me well. I watched the girls in the first row. They jumped with their hands up and moved to the rhythm. Each of us sang his parts and we went really well. Carried with this wave of excitement, I threw drumsticks into the crowd. Several girls literally rushed to catch them.I joined the boys to greet the crowd, then looked at the bar. Isla was not there.

-Aaron!- I heard Mark's voice I heard a voice but it seemed to me that he was speaking to me from behind the wall. He stood in front of me with his raised hand. I went up to give him five, looking around the club at the same time. Isla disappeared.

-It was amazing!- Leo said, and he turned to me- What happened to you?

-Nothing-I lied-I'll be right back.

I went to the bar and leaned over the counter. I don't know what I was looking for, becouse Isla certainly was not sitting on the floor behind him. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

-You was amazing- the waitress came up to me, pulling out her charms.

-Thanks- I said, looking straight at her neckline, but quickly I remembered about Isla- Listen, that girl you talked to. Such a little blonde. She was probably asked you about the owner.


-Yea? What about her?

-Haven't you seen her?

-She left a moment ago- she moved her face to my ear and taking the tempting tone proposed-Maybe we'll go too?

-Tempting offer. But not tonight.

I didn't know why I said that. Normally, at this moment I would fuck  her in the toilet, or in the back room, but this time in my head was only Isla. I walked out of the building and started looking around desperately, like a kid who was lost in the store and looking for his parents. I walked a few steps, and then I saw Isla. She was sitting on a high wall, and some guy stood by her. He looked like he want to hooking up her, but her face and gaze didn't express interest. I came closer, in case the guy got too annoying. What's unfortunetly happend. He held out his hand to her face, and I felt like every muscle in my body strained. I was about to run to help her, when Isla caught him by his wrist. They clutched for a moment, then the guy moaned and took his hand, and the girl jumped off the wall, probably getting ready to run.

-You little bitch!-the guy screamed, and at that moment I stood in front of him, shielding him with the hit he wanted to smite. I pushed him away, and my gaze shifted to his wrist. There were little crescents on his skin-nail marks that Isla had probably stuck into his hand.

-You have a problem? -I asked trying to keep my nerves in check- Maybe you'll solve it with me?

I straightened up. I was higher than him and as I assumed, stronger. He looked at me, as if he wanted to see if he could handle me, but I saw in his eyes that he knew he would be defeated. He spat at my feet, muttered something and walked away. I let out the air and turned around. Isla stood with her arms crossed on her breasts, what only to emphasize them. I immediately smiled at her.

-Everything okay?-I asked.

-And when was not?

-I don't know, maybe a moment ago?- I suggested in the direction of where her wavering adorator had just been. She gave me a mocking smile.

-I would have done it myself- she answer.

-Really? I don't think so.

Isla didn't reply. She leaned against the wall and looked away.

-What are you doing here?- I asked genuinely curious.

- The same what everyone esle. I came to have  beer.

Suddenly I remembered myself the situation behind the bar.


-You talked to the owner. I saw you from the stage.

- Maybe when you were on it, you should focus on playing rather than watching people.

-Did you like how I was playing?- I asked, snatching my hair back. Isla looked at me that made me feel a shiver all over my body. Pleasant shiver.


-Your hair are disturbing you when you're playing- she said, reaching for the bag she was hanging over her shoulder. She pulled out a red handkerchief from there- Weare this.

-Banana? -I was surprised. Isla rolled her up and told me to bend over. She tied up a bandana on my forehead. For a moment I could smell the perfume that she sprayed her neck.

-It fit to you-she smiled gently. This smile made me smile.


Isla put her hands on her hips, then I saw a small transparent pouch protruding from her pocket.I grabbed him and quickly pulled out. There was a herb in the bag. So it was Isla taken from behind the bar.

-Seriously? -I shouted while lifting the bag- Marijuana?

-Give it back to me- she moaned and reached out to pick up my bag, but she could not reach it.

-You know what you doing?

The stuff wasn't too much, at most three joints, but the herb was a herb. I'm not a saint, but I never took drugs.

-Aaron-I heard behind Calum's voice. I looked up. My colleagues stood at the entrance with questioning faces. Isla took advantage of my moment of inattention, snatched my bag and ran forward.

-Isla wait! -I called her as if it was going to make him turn back. A moment later she disappeared from my sight. For a hundredth of a second I wanted to run for her, but I gave up. What is this girl doing? I thought he had some more oil in his head. I have apparently made a mistake.

On monday before classes, I decided to wait for Isla next to her locker, to talk to her. The lesson should start only in five minutes and the girl still not show. I didn't know what I was doing. I should not care if Isla is taking drugs or not, but in some strange, inexplicable way I started to depend on her.

The first bell rang, signaling to students that they should already be in classes. I was walking around the corridor in the hope that Isla would graciously appear, but when there was only a few of people, I realized that I would rather not be there. So I went to my class. I was very surprised when I saw Isla sitting in her bench. Of course she drew.


The hair tied in a careless bun at the top of her head, but a few strands fell on her face. She wore a white hooded sweatshirt and short shorts. I sat next to her. She didn't look up at me. I wasn't going to say something first. I put my nose in the book and pretended not to see her. What was my surprise when she spoke.

-Hey.-I heard her voice.

I looked at her in surprise and nodded.

- Did you tell anyone about what happened on saturday?


-Will you tell?

I measured her and looked deeply into her eyes. I've seen people before, people have always had bloodshot eyes. Islas eyes were not like that. They were beautiful.


I should say to one of the teachers, or call her parents. Our school has zero tolerance for students who take drugs, so they will be thrown out her out immediately. But that would probably mean that I would probably not see more of her anymore, and I definitely did not want to. In sum, as if to look at it on the other hand, maybe the herb wasn't for her? I wanted to think like that.

Isla smiled gently and returned to her sketch. I looked at her notebook. She was smashing a horse's mane galloping through a meadow. This girl really had talent.

- Good day all - Mrs Hintch entered the classroom and tossed a binder on her counter, which bounced from the top with a bang - Today will be a small test.


The whole class groaned with dissatisfaction, and a hot wave struck me. I did not know the questions yet, and I was already sure that I would cover. Excellently. A colleague sitting in front of me gave me a paper with questions. I stared at the equations as if they were written in Chinese. I did not know any of them. The test contained closed questions. My only hope for any positive assessment was that somehow I will mark good answers. I tried to focus, but the number of digits, parentheses and fractions would work on me so that I had to double check that I had a good sign. I looked at Isla, who answered quickly and confidently. Is she a mathematical genius? Or maybe just fired at random? I decided to do so anyway. After about two minutes, Isla got up and walked over to the teacher with her test. Hintch looked at her in surprise.

-You want me to check your test now?- she asked.

-Okej- Isla came back to her place.


At the moment I honestly didn't like her. Hintch checked Isla's work and she hissed at me and started scribbling something on her hip. A, C, B, B, D. It took a while before I figured out what he was doing. She wrote down her answer from the test. D, C, A, A, C, D. I stared at the letters and did not know what I liked more. Her slim legs, or that she gives me correct (hope) answers. I quickly marked the appropriate boxes. I knew that what I was doing was bad, but I didn't see another way to save myself.

-Miss Morgan -Hintch looked up- Congratulations. A. Do you want to take a look at your test?

-No need- Isla laid her leg on her leg and began to wipe off what she had written on her, with the thumb she'd already implanted.


From the test I got B. Probably because I have already I marked the answer whith for sure was were wrong. But I was just as happy as a kid. I wrote message to the boys that I would not meet them on the break and rushed straight to Isla's locker. I stood there all the break, but she didn't appear again. On two more also. Fortunately, in a few minutes I was going to see her again in the history lesson. I entered the classroom. Isla took a seat two feet away from me. Next to her was Connor, whom I once defended from footballers, so he was a favor to me. I stood over him.

-Hey- I said.

-Hey Aaron.

- Do me a favor and sit on diferent place.

-But this in my place.

I leaned one hand on the counter, the other picked up his book and held it in the air, giving him a warning look. I think he understood the message because he took the book from me and changed the place. I sat down on a chair and pulled a bench to Isla's bench to watch the entire scene. She snorted and looked at her drawing.

-You have talent- I said. I leaned forward and leaned my elbows on my lap.


-What do you want?-She ask gently.

-Thank you. For help on the mat.

-I didn't do that for you.


-I did it to make sure you did not tell me. You owe me.

-But I said I would not do that.

She looked at me and tilted her head. She looked sweet.

-I don't trust you.

-I'd like to change that- I put my finger on her hip, where there was no trace of mine. I thought she will hit me, even though I was prepared for a blow, but nothing happened. Then happend something I didn't expect was gonna happend. There was a goose bumps on Islas hip. And here I have  you baby, I thought-Somehow I'm acting on you. Isla shuddered and pulled her leg away, but her face remained unmoved. She looked up at the door, where the janitor stood.


-You are free- he said. -Your teacher's wife began to give birth, so he went to the hospital.

History was the last lesson of the day, so this information pleased everyone. The students began to collect their belongings, and the girls asked everyone for a few bucks for a baby gift. I pulled out my wallet and put it on the bench. I expected Isla to do the same, but when I looked in her direction, she was gone. I ran out of class, she was already out. I saw two black bows tattooed on her thighs, just below her buttocks. This stick is probably even more crazy than I thought. I ran after her in the parking lot and caught up with her car.


-Where are you going? -I asked, gasping for breath.

-What about you?- She dropped her backpack on the back seat.

-You have to be like that?

-Like what?


-Feisty?-She laughed. And she had a beautiful laugh. Her face immediately softened, but the look remained introspective.

-Will you tell me where are you going?

-On the beach.

-On the beach?-I do not know why that surprised me so much.

- On the beach - she walked around the car and got on the wheel. I opened the door and took the passenger seat. I thought that Isla would start protesting and throwing me out of the car, but she quietly started the engine.

-Stop-I got out of the car- Wait for me.

To make sure she will not leave I didn't close the door. I ran to my car, opened it and threw the keys to the locker, then returned to her car. I wrote sms to Caleb to take my car and take the boys back.

Isla was confident driver and often gasped too much. I didn't drive like an old lady myself, but rather respected the speed limits. Isla did't look at me, nor spoke once. For that I watched the thin strands of hair that carried the wind through the open window gently touched her face. I noticed that behind the ear was a tattooed feather. I stared at her like a kid for an exhibition in a pastry shop. I looked at her thigh and remembered her tattoo. I wanted to take a closer look at it, and all pointed out that my chances are growing every moment. Isla turned to the parking lot in front of the promenade and stopped. When we got out we opened the trunk from which she pulled out a blanket and a small bag. Without a word, she headed for the beach. I ran after her.

Isla spread the blanket and threw a bag at him. She took off her shoes and unbuttoned the shorts that had fallen on the sand. At first I wanted to look away, but I didn'tt. I stared as slowly dissolving her hair and removing the sweatshirt. I thought I saw her in slow motion. She was wearing a red swimsuit. These few strings and pieces of material, very influenced my imagination.

It was only after a moment that I noticed more tattoos on her body. The left foot and a small part of the ankle decorated a rose surrounded by leaves. Right twisted stilts with a few notes. He had a small anchor on his heel. One of the bows on the thigh instead of the loop had a skull. On the ribs, on the left side was tattooed two intersecting arrows. At the bottom of her back she made a colorful phoenix emerging from the flames, which looked like living. The small feather behind the ear, which I saw earlier, was just below the hairline. But I liked the tattoo on her neck the most. Compass with world directions. Rose of the wind. Isla had to know a great tattoo artist. With so many tattoos Isla would fit Mark, because he loved the girlfriends. I was never a fan of drawings on the body, but in this girl I liked everything. For that she was very neat. Her breasts were not too big, but it was even better. Personally, I prefer those that would fit in my hands. On the other hand, guys always laugh at the size of my hand, which compares to the size of the spade, so it fits almost any size. I checked.


-Are you entering the water?-She asked, strangling me from her body. She sat on the blanket and I saw another tattoo, this time on her shoulder. At this place was tattooed name Lily, incorporated into the symbol of infinity. I wanted to ask who Lily was, but subconsciously I was afraid he would say Lily is her girlfriend.

-I don't have swimwear- I said.


-And you need them? Do you wear underwear? -She began to lubricate the body with filtered cream. When she finished she threw him on the blanket and looked at me impatiently - As you wish.

She moved slowly toward the water. I looked around the beach. There were only a few people, because the crowds did not appear until after noon. Isla paddled in the water that reached her knees and splashed on the water she smeared on her body. Fuck it. I took off my clothes and left only in black boxers I went to join her. I stood in front of her in warm water. For a moment, she was staring at me and frowning. It was as if she was learning by heart. At least I had hope.

I didn't know what to do with myself. Or what to do with Isla. I was afraid that if I cooled it, I could end my life by drowning. This stick was mega intriguing but also mega impudent, which made me a little afraid, although in life I would not admit it to her. Isla finished studying my body and dived underwater. When she emerged, about four yards away, she smiled back in her face. Drops of water shone on her body. I bit my lip and dived, because my boxers filled up. I emerged next to her.

-The water is wonderful- she said with a smile-I feel like I'm flying.

I smiled hearing this comparison. Something was in it. Isla dived again, and I followed her. I do not know how much time we spent in the water, but when we fell on the blanket, we both breathed hard. Isla laughed softly. I got up on my elbow to see her better. She did not look at me, she just looked at the sky. It seemed as if those few moments in the water were the greatest in her life.


- In the bag you will find a towel.

I found three towels. Two large and one small. Isla took the bigger and began to wipe. When she squeezed the water out of her hair, she lay down again on the blanket, closing her eyes again. I did the same and I put my hands behind my head. For a moment we woke up in the afternoon sun.

I didn't quite understand what was going on. Why did Isla bring me here? I thought I was not going to go after me, and now we're together on a blanket. I was very curious if he often came here. Maybe every day? Delights beachers with your body. She is also shocked and shocked by the amount of tattoos. What did they mean? Maybe they did not mean anything concrete, they just liked her designs? I wanted to know it all very well.

-Your phone rings -Isla turned to me and pointed at my trousers. I got up, found the camera, and put it in my ear. Caleb called.



-Dude? Where are u?- he ask.

-I'm on the beach. With Isla.

I heard boyfriends screams and cries, so loud that I pushed the receiver off my ear.

-No we will not disturb you in that way- Caleb laughed grimly-Take you away?


-I don't know- I looked at Isla, who was already dressed with her fingers combing her hair, to bind her again in the broom-How long will you stay here?- I asked her.

-Couple hours. I'm working

I nodded and turned to Caleb.

-Find me an hour. I'm on the beach at the promenade.

-Per hour? And you said that with this girl you will not go so fast.


-Shut up-I snarled and hung up. Isla pulled out a bottle of water and a lotion from her bag. She stuck it into her body, then tried to unscrew the bottle with greasy hands. I picked up her water and unscrewed the cap. She did not thank me just sipped a sip. I dressed and folded a blanket.

-I'm hungry- she said and looked at the bar near us.

We were facing each other at a small table. Isla ordered two pieces of pizza, and I had fries with cheese, which she obviously ate. None of us talked, but it didn't bother me. I liked to look at her.


-You are terribly silent- Isla broke the silence.

-Yes? This time I would like to hear from you.

She raised her eyebrows and put the underside of the pizza on the plate.


-I don't know what I could tell you.

I wanted to take her hand, but she pulled back her hand. I clenched my fist. I looked at her bloodshot eyes and I remembered what else made her look like that.

-Tell me you don't smoke the shit you had with you on saturday.

-It really is not your business.

-I would think that you bought it for someone else.

-So think like that.

Again this cheeky tone. I leaned forward because I didn't want anyone to hear us.

-Isla, you do not know what this shit can do to human?

-And you know?

-I know that's starting. Isla, don't do this for yourself. Don't do this to me.

-What do you have in common?

I was not sure if he just pretended to be stupid, or didn't really understand me. I don't believe she didn't notice how much I liked her. She looked at the clock hanging from the bar.

-I have to go to work-got up and grabbed the bag. I followed her towards the car. Isla threw the bag on the back seat and opened the trunk, then took out a few items from it.


-What's that?- I ask

-Easel and stool and table. Will you stand like that or help me?

I grabbed the pieces of wood in both hands. Isla closed the car from which she took a large file and a box. She headed for the promenade. She set the easel to which she attached the pages, and on the other hand she hung up a $ 20 portrait card. I spread the stool and the table on which she placed the box. It contained a few small pencils and pieces of carbon for drawing.

-What are you doing here?- I asked, though I knew the answer well.

-If I find myself willing to draw a portrait-sat on a chair and began to sharpen the pencils with a small penknife.

-How often do you come here?

-Almost every day. Your colleagues are already there.


I looked back. We were headed for Caleb, Leo and Mark, and each of them had a silly smile on his face.

-Okay-Calum said, reaching out to Isla. But she didn't embrace her, just put a pencil in her mouth and blew away the excess of sawdust.

-Isla, this are my buddies.Caleb, Mark and Leo.

Isla gave them an ironic smile and pulled out an mp3 player.

-Uhm-she said softly.

Then some woman approached her and asked for a portrait of her little daughter. Isla pointed to the girl on the wall before she set the easel. She instructed her to turn slightly aside.

-W will go now- I said and crouched beside her-Promise me that you will think what I told you.


-Bye Aaron-she threw in answer and put the earphones in her ears.


 To Be Continued…… Thanks for your interest!!!





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