No Man's Land

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Submitted: September 03, 2017

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Submitted: September 03, 2017



I walk along beneath the lights

of a rising moon.

My heart is on the front line.

Beating strong for you.

I battle with loneliness.

A space in between us.

Trespassing with age in my hand.

To recover love in no man's land.

Acting afraid of passion.

A gate as black as coal.

Opening the youth in fashion.

Returning to our home.

Sleeping deep in the weight of sand.

Sinking to my chin

in the pain

of no man's land.

I'll sing for you.

If you want me to.

I will cherish you.

Until this gap abates.

Until my heart won't break.

These scars tell tales.

They are a nightmare's hell.

Damage of love gone wrong.

Can't you hear my song ?

A veil to make a stand.

Capture your heart

in no man's land.

Now I drive the night.

To the ironies of sleep.

My arms can't help deny

they're empty.

The restricted spire

I can't cross.

Has my life

within a toss.

My lonely heart

pays the cost.

I'm lost.

The tragedies hide in you.

The misery divides you in two.

Escape to you.

All my wounds are now revealed.

In the interruption of my sleep.

The silence of my voice

haunts your dreams.

An oath to follow my missed plan.

To get to your love

in no man's land.

I hear your cries.

It's no surprise.

I fall beneath the odds defied.

No happiness within my favor.

You are in distress

but, I am not your savior.

This wall is too high.

So am I.

Your tears have shed

They flood the dam.

I drown in teardrops

in no man's land.

Still trying to save my love ...

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