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Just a little about me, if you like my books, then you might want to know me. :) I've been getting questions about my gender, so I will clear all of that up in here, thanks.

Submitted: September 04, 2017

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Submitted: September 04, 2017



Hello, well first of all, must you know that I am not the best at describing in depth, so if you want, just ask me in messages if I forgot to include anything. Thanks okay, so first of all, my appearance:

My full name: Jude Oliver Kapri

Age: 13

Height: 142 cm (about 4’8)

Weight: 36 kilograms (79 lbs)

Sex: Male

Gender: Gender fluid

Skin Tone: Olive

Nail Length: Long

Torso Length: Long

Joins: small

Hair color: platinum purple

Face: freckles, black eyebrows, helix piercings, two ear piercings, I have a gap in my teeth, I also have one blue eye and one brown eye... I will show pictures soon but honestly, appearance doesn’t matter.

Glasses: Big

Extras: I’m kind of obsessed with band-aids and whenever I get a cut I always put one on it, so currently I have a few on the tips of my fingers and some on my knees. (Don’t know why you need to know these things)


I refused to get braces when I was 10 because I wanted to be unique, anyway, I also had to get eye surgery, which ended up turning my left eye blue, they said they wanted to do both so I looked normal, but I refused that as well, since the other one didn’t need it. (it was for sight, and apparently, when they drain the color out, it makes it better for your eyes)

When I was six, my mother killed herself, which is my fault, because I was just a burden to her. I don’t exactly like talking about my past, but I will because you guys asked so nicely, haha. I was adopted into a foster home, but I didn’t really like the people so I ran away, which was a bit hard, fun fact, I spent the night underneath a bed at Walmart one night because it was FREEZING outside. Eventually, some family found me and decided they could get paid a lot to take care of me. I liked the brother (Who was 17) but the dad was insane, so I left. I kept getting tossed around from family to family by different people, until one day, this woman took me in and changed my name, claiming it would be better to forget the past. So she changed it to Toby. Honestly, I hate that name... but she was nice so I stuck with it. I ended up going to school (Hating it, but going anyways, since it was the law) I made a couple of friends and ended up falling in love with my best friend. He was straight and told me that I was gross... So that hurt a bit, anyways, I made some new friends and such, which brings me to today. I’m kind of an introvert, and I only befriend the people who seriously understand me. I mean, I love you all, but I have very few close friends. I want to start a youtube channel when I’m 15, but right now I’m focusing on getting my life together. I love to draw and write I also like to sing, believe it or not. I have pretty feminine hobbies and I had another account on here named Melanie Hart, which was my female account. I’m kind of bipolar but I’m easy to get used to. I’m sort of annoying but I’m not clingy, I also am bipolar relationship wise, sometimes I’m submissive, submissive, or dominant. I guess that’s it, if you need/want to know anything else, just message and ask me. :) bye.


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