Distant Measures

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Submitted: September 04, 2017

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Submitted: September 04, 2017



I hear voices in my head.

There's a frozen presence

in my bed.

From my life

you are banned.

There are so many things

I can't understand.

A home and one child.

Blessings and gifts of treasure.

Hearing morning cries at dawn.

One of my greatest treasures.

They help ease the pain of weather.

You love me from distant measures.

The north star never seemed so blue.

The moon seems to be a little sadder too.

The stars have lost their shine.

Fading apart in a forewarned sky.

I remind myself

It's turned out wrong.

My love I hold

and the ones now gone.

Becoming the distance.

An abandoned bride

on the far side of the sea.

There are too many miles

that separate her from me.

An orphan man

left to cry.

She left my life

and I don't know why .

The air couldn't be more bare.

As I try to breath

my memories remind me

life isn't fair.

I need to hold on.

To my hope.

I need to cling loosely to fate

Move on ,

but never let go.

One thousand balloons

and a million letters.

An offering of distant measures.

Floating to the night.

Catching a rare glimpse

of a star twinkling

in the sky. .

Invisible forever

Shown once in a while.

I understand why

there's love in every mile.

A full moon

shaded by life's resistance.

A single memory

recieved from a distance . .

Still deeply in love.

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