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A short story about a girl name Alexa Ray who is stuck deciding between her family and her significant other. She can't choose both in her situation and whether which she chooses, will leave her in
pain anyway. She could decide neither but that will lead her to a dark path. Could you help her choose?

Submitted: September 04, 2017

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Submitted: September 04, 2017



Hi, my name is Alexa Ray and I am stuck.

I am stuck having to choose between my family and my significant other.

My significant other means everything to me but my family has been there with me from the start, although my family is dysfunctional and I dislike them.

There have been times when my family members want to reconnect with me and convince me to stick with them because they use the phrase “families stick together and everything else falls apart.”  I grow closer to certain family members of mine but…there’s always something that makes me want to stay away from my family because of pain, hatred, lies, and secrets.  I would like to have both my family and significant other but…I can’t in my situation.  I’m close to my mother and no one else in my family, although my mom and I have our moments where we would argue to the point where I want to leave her and hurt her.  I can’t handle my mother like how I used to, she’s gotten stricter but I’m trying to convince her to let me do things I want to do: mostly being with friends, go out to travel for a bit, and spend time with my significant other so I can get to know him better and see if I would fall in love with him and have found a possible husband for myself. 

My mom has her expectations and so does the rest of my family of what kind of guy I should get together with.  My mother wants me to be with a rich and good-looking Vietnamese Catholic with a strong faith.  The rest of my family wants me to be with a rich and good-looking Vietnamese man that will help support my entire family.  If you think that doesn’t sound bad, then let me tell you this…I have seen Vietnamese men my age that aren’t good, I have not met one Vietnamese man that would like me and wouldn’t love me.  I dislike Vietnamese men my age, so I refuse to be with Vietnamese men.  A majority of Vietnamese men are shallow and I hate it, they body shame fat girls and I am a fat girl. 

And get this, I’ve told this problem to my mom and family members and guess what they told me… “Change the way you look, make yourself look presentable to win over that Vietnamese man, even if it means changing who you are.”  I was unhappy hearing that from them and I disliked them for it.  I’ve disliked my family for quite some time now and I still do, to this very day.

The man I have fallen in love with is an American white man who has no religion but surely is a good man with a good heart and good intentions.  He is also a hardworking loyal faithful protector, a family man, and a fighter.  He is just the man for me and he is also good-looking (BONUS!!!).  He is just right for me and my dad’s side of the family is alright with him.  My mom disapproves because there’s one thing he lacks that bothers her…he’s not a Catholic, he’s not religious, and refuses to get involve with the Catholic faith.  So…that’s a problem.

And if I can't convince my significant other to come to join the Catholic faith, then there's no way I can stay with him.  So we talked about it and he tells me "That's not what you want, that's what your mom wants, don't let your mom control our relationship.  This is our relationship, not hers."  He's right but still...even though I am not very religious, it would make things so much easier for my mother and my significant other to get along.  Then I tried talking to my mother about the situation and she does not accept it one bit and is very bothered with it and told me to dump him.  I might have said "there's no way I can stay with him" but when I really think about it...I love my significant other way too much to let this get to us.  So I told my mom no.  She isn't happy about it and she's trying to convince me to break up with him.  No way that's not happening, I love him to death.  Him and I have been together for over 3 years now and it's been amazing.  I couldn't have asked for a better man.  So I'm not going to give him up.  I would though, like to try to get him involved with the Catholic faith in some way.

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