No sound

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I have wondered for quite some time how it would be if I was deaf, mainly out of curiosity, I think silence is something nice, it helps you relax and think...

But being deaf... It seems scary to me, not hearing my loved ones, the music and songs I normally listen to.

And I realised just how important hearing is

Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017



Silence, gold worth of words not spoken

For nothing can say more than words expressed by the broken


You will never know how much you treasure someone's voice,

Not until you forgot how they sound and only hear a funny noise


So listen to the silence as it eats away at you and your mind

leaving you in nothingness, broken, mute and blind


Blind? You say, yes indeed, for you become blind to words

Never understanding their meaning, what they mean, those little verbs


So treasure sound and silence, for both carry you through life

Sound when you yearn for company and a heart without wounds from a knife

Silence when you seek for a soul which understands rife


I wonder if you know the meaning of those words which I speak

Or if you simply listen for you can, it makes me seem like a freak-


Thinking it is not your choice but your burden

Now that I said it out loud it makes you uncertain


Are you happy with no sound at all?

Hearing only silence, and yourself while you fall


Are you scared of being silenced?

Not being able to speak words worth diamonds


Are you prepared to be deaf to what is and will be?

Not hearing what is around you and the serene sound of the sea


If so, then stop and listen to no sound,

Hear silence, and think to yourself “I am free, unbound”


And then listen to the person closest to your heart,

Not to their words, to their voice and laugh, even if its hard


And then listen to what I say

Live your life treasuring every day


For you never know when you get silenced by no sound at all

Never knowing the day on which you will be deaf and start to fall


So be loud and silent, listen and speak.

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