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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The next instalment of the short stories I have been writing. The young casters leave their home village and are set on the 2 day journey to the valley. That night they stop in the town of
Litherstone where our main character meets someone.

Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017



Down the road the casters ventured. Leaving behind their village. The grass grew longer and thicker as the hareiot continued down the trail. Growing taller than the casters they were fascinated by it. 

All they remember of grass is that it is short, thin, green and holds a smell that makes them feel refreshed. 

This was new. Grass colored a brownish yellow, thicker and more packed than in Almanek. Nonetheless, it was a sight for these young casters to see and it only encouraged the long ride so they can see more of what the outside world held.

As time continued the casters remained speechless. Sor was smoking his pipe with the rider, talking of some old tales and moments they remembered from their past. 

“Look! It’s a village. Sor! What is this? Should we be worried?” a young caster asked.

“Fear not little one. It’s a village.”

“Yes, but what if they attack us!”

“Don’t be too quick to judge this village. This is Kaistro. The village of elves. They have no reason to attack or be afraid.”

“Elves?” All the kids say in unison.

“Yes. Elves are beings that in my eyes surpass you spellcasters. They are wise, old but young, immortal, loving and like you all they can communicate with nature. It is said that the elves were the first to start speaking to nature and taught it to your people.”

Kaistro’s wall stood tall. You could not see the interior as the walls were build high. Built from solid stone and mineral it marveled anything the casters have ever seen. Carvings of great battles, elves, alliances, gems, statues and sculptures were all embedded and placed around the walls.

The casters wanted to stop and look at this sight but time was growing thin. They were forced to move on to reach Litherstone. A town in which an inn was able to spare rooms for the night. So they press on with their journey. The grass starting to grow back to it’s thick and bushy self. No city or village was close for the next 30 miles. The road felt longer. Emptier than before. The trees have begun receding in the background and silhouettes of mountains began to appear.

As darkness began to fall upon the land and the sun began to disappear the hareiot and the students arrived to Litherstone.

Built from wood and stone it was as if this town hasn’t been touched for over 100 years. Fires crackled, people surrounding them with blankets. The streets bumpy and cracked, held no mercy for the treads and wheels of the hareiot. But there it was. The inn. In the center of the town you could see the sign. Broken, tilted, chipped and rotten. “Shath Ridor. The Rider’s Shack.” Proclaimed the rider of the hareiot.

“Thank you again old friend. We shall see you again in the morning.” Sor says, slipping him a couple coins.

The casters walked off and were happy to move their legs. Sitting nearly all day is something that rarely happens. They are used to running in fields and playing games. 

This however was a new experience for most and it made them rather uncomfortable. They missed Almanek. They missed their families and the protection they had and felt in their village. Here they felt vulnerable. Sor ushers them to the door of the inn and not much else is said that evening.

The casters go off to bed and the night grows still.

During the night something stirred. The wood inn creaked with the wind that came from the north. A cold breeze ushered through the open cracks and into each room. Elmak stood still, lying in his bed he watched the ceiling and imagined all that could be happening in the land.

He was worried about falling asleep as he believed he would transform yet again and perhaps hurt his friends. He was scared of such a thought yet it made him want to experience it once more.

The cool wind under his wings, the weightlessness in his legs and the ever lasting feel of flight in his mind. He longed for such a feeling again but he was happy he couldn’t remember how to achieve it.

Later on that night Elmak still laid wide awake in his bed, not knowing why he still couldn’t sleep. It was rather worrying for him as the wake up call would be in 4 hours. He forced himself to close his eyes however sleep did not want to give him what he wanted. Too many ideas were rushing through his mind at the moment and he despised it. He decided therefore to look to his left and right to see if any others were awake and to no ones surprise, they were all still and asleep.

He flipped his bedsheets off of him and slowly sat up, trying not to make a noise. Waking other casters would set off a mental alarm and then they would be in trouble as they would be awake and talking this late in the night.

Elmak propped himself up slowly. Putting one foot on the ground at a time to not create too much of a noise. The wood floors creaked a little however it was not loud enough to disturb anyones sleep. 

He lifted himself slowly from the bed. The mattress inflating again as weight was relieved from it.

Elmak slowly took a step, a soft creak sprung out from under the floor boards. He sighed in relief that it wasn’t as bad as he imagined. He took another step after a pause of 10 seconds and repeated this until he reached the door. 

It felt as though 30 minutes has passed to simply get from his bed to the door 12 feet away. He slowly turned the wooden handle until he heard the “click” from the lock.

Slowly opening the door the hallway from in pitch darkness. Only the light of a single moon tonight illuminated the hallway. He continued his motion of taking a single step and allowing all sounds to die off before taking yet another step. 

Step, pause, wait. Step, pause, wait. This mindset has created a rhythm for him and he wondered if he could speed things up so he can get outside quicker. So instead of waiting he immediately took a step after a short pause and to his relief a small creek was produced.

Inching his way closer and closer to the door, time ticking slower and slower he began to grow impatient. This must’ve been the longest 50 steps he needed to take to get outside.

It was all worth it in the end. He made it to the door leading outside and with the graciousness of a fairy he turned the door handle slowly until he heard the relieving “click”. He proceeded to open the door and walk out closing it slowly behind him once again.

Elmak finally made it outside. The one plays that seemed less choking than the inside of the inn. The air was cool and the sky was clouded. The clouds colored as large dark ships making almost impossible to see the moons.

The stars were covered and it felt grim to be outside now. It was nothing like Almanek. The skies always clear, the wind warm and refreshing, the 3 moons circling the land. It was a much different world out here.

Elmak frowned and sighed. He turned slowly to go back inside hoping for sleep when he heard a voice say “Why leave so soon? You made it this far without waking anyone.”

Turning back around he sees a figure in the dark sitting on a rock. He’s never seen this being before yet it’s presence felt so familiar.

“Who are you?” Elmak asked with a surprised and interested tone.

“Who do you want me to be? A friend perhaps? Or maybe an enemy?” The being said in a strange and changing tone.

“I’m leaving because there is nothing good to look at out here. It’s all dark.”

“Give it time Elmak. You judge too quickly and you miss great opportunities.”

At the mention of his name Elmak immediately takes a step back and pretends to grab for a sword to maybe ward off the being sitting on the rock.

“You have no weapon, yet even if you did there would be no way for you to hit me.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that your mental barriers won’t allow you to lash out at me even if you had a blade.” 

The being sounded confident in his words. Elmak gritting his teeth and clenching at his imaginary sword.

“How can you be sure I don’t have a blade by my side at this moment thing?” Elmak lashes out in a stuttering tone.

“I do not know Meldane. Yet I know by now if you would’ve had a sword you would’ve drawn it, your tone wouldn’t have stuttered as much and your left hand wouldn’t be grasping for the sword since you are a right handed weilder.”

Elmak put his arms down and slouched his head. He knew he’s been bested by simple words of a being he has never met and yet he senses he’s known him his entire life.

After some time regaining composure he asked “Why did you call me a Meldane? What is that?”

“I am not the one to answer this question for you young one. Ranto will soon discuss this once he learns of your incident that happened at the market.”

“You know what happened?” Elmak says in great disbelief.

“You are a naive fool. I know all that happens in these lands. I know all beings, plants, waters and more. I knew you would take exactly 27 minutes and 45 seconds to get out of your bed and exit the inn.”

“You’re a scier. A being that can predict the futu-”

“Am I?”

Elmak creates a questioned look on his face. “You mean you’re not?”

“What I am is of no importance to you. In time however this may change depending on the paths you will choose to take.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means exactly what you think. You’re going to have to choose whether it be to run from the truth or to accept what you must do in time.”

Elmak both concerned and confused knows what the being means. He’s heard enough stories of heroes having to make choices and it will ultimately come down to him. A pressure grew in his stomach and he felt as though he was about to throw up.

“Please don’t vomit child. You’ll get it all over the grass and the keeper will not be so happy when he sees such a gruesome sight. Now look up to the sky and dream about what you wanted to see before our talk for now I bid you farewell.”

Elmak raises his head from the ground to ask one final question to the being yet when he looks at the rock he is nowhere to be found. He walked around the rock and across the street to see nothing. “It must’ve just been an illusion. Let’s go back in.” he thought to himself yet something stopped him before he can turn the door handle.

He looked up. Just like the final words of that being and there he saw millions of stars in the sky. The 3 moons lining up perfectly and the earth under his feet not looking so dark and sinister anymore. He felt at home again. Back in Almanek with Ranto and Nin, looking through his roof window. He smiled awkwardly at himself and whispered a small thank you. He did not know to who he was saying thank you too but he felt as though that being was still listening to him and heard his wish to see the stars.

Elmak sat on the rock where the being once sat and watched the motionless stars and the slow moving moons. Clouds were blocking the moons yet they swiftly moved aside to allow the moons to light the earth once again.

He laid still, his eyes lids getting heavier and heavier. The breeze was gentle and comforting. Soon his lids were too heavy to keep open and he drifted off into a calm and deep slumber. 

Elmak awoke slowly. The skies covered with dark and heavy clouds. Much different from the place he rested the night before. He gets up from the ground he laid upon and squinted his eyes. It was not bright, yet brighter than with his eyes closed, essentially meaning not complete darkness. He slowly opened them and regained proper vision. The town of Litherstone was no longer in sight. Rather he sat on a wet moss. His clothes getting damp as he sat longer and longer. This did not bother him as he was more interested as to why he was inside a forest and not back in Litherstone with all his fellow casters. He got up, slowly he stood and turned around to maybe get some bearing or hint as to where he was.

© Copyright 2020 Musky. All rights reserved.

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