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This is a poem written in response to a prompt to choose a character from a favourite or memorable book, and to write a poem in that character’s POV. I chose ‘Joey’ from War Horse by Michael

Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017





Noise all around me, some sort of market,

People are gathered, in pursuit of a bargain.

A boy and his father, come over to me,

“Please Papa, I’ll raise him, you’ll see.”

I look at the boy, his eyes filled with awe,

As he rubs me down with a handful of straw.


“He’s not suitable, too finely bred,”

The boy’s father, shook his head.

“Please Papa, he’s young I can train him,

Just give him a chance, I know I will win.”

Coins are exchanged, the deal is done,

I’d lost my mother, but found a home.

Me and the boy are inseparable,

The bond we have formed, incomparable.

He grooms my coat daily, until it shines,

“As red as the sunset,” he tells me, each time.

He teaches me how to plough a field,

And rides on my back, as fences we clear.


One day, rumours of fighting are heard,

“Soldiers need horses,” the boy’s father says.

Coins are exchanged and the deal is done,

The boy sobs and buries his head in my mane. 

I know he argued, fought hard for my cause,

But we were forced apart, by something called war.


“I’ll never forget you, we will be reunited,”

The boy yells, as I’m taken forcibly from him.

Training for war begins with the military,

An observing officer, sees the potential in me.

Poised on the battle field, man and horse,

Every muscle honed, tense and taut.


Death and destruction is all around,

The noise of gunfire, of hooves as they pound.

Men and horses like dominoes fall,

Bodies are strewn, bloodied and gored.

I gasp for breath fear my legs will buckle,

But somehow I manage to flee this debacle.


I run and run, not knowing where,

And suddenly, find I’m trapped in a lair.

Barbs of wire entangle me in,

The pain intense, as they pierce my skin.

I cannot move, my destiny sealed,

I think back to the boy, when we ploughed the field.


This war has been savage, bloody and dire

But somehow I managed to survive.

Just when I thought my life was over,

Out of the mire came a compassionate soldier.

I hear comforting words being whispered to me,

Someone is trying to cut me free.


My body writhes with intense agony,

As the wire is cut and torn from me.

I wake in a stable, warm with straw,

Too weak to stand, barely alive at all.

In time my wounds began to heal,

But there’s a yearning in me, I find hard to conceal.


A kind young man takes a brush to my coat,

I look into his eyes, and know that it’s Albert.

A rush of love fills with me joy,

To be reunited with my precious boy.

He gently brushes the mud from my hocks,

“I can’t believe it, four perfect white socks.”

“Joey,” he says, caressing my mane,

I knew one day I would find you again.



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