The Sky Is Empty Of Stars

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Submitted: September 05, 2017

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Submitted: September 05, 2017



The sunset rests

within a flawless sky.

Lunar lights

revive the night.

We dream of peace.

A prayer to keep .

To retire sadness

and begin to sleep .

Undertaken alive.

Inside your love

my heart arrives.

To be in love.

To feel love all around.

To hesitate a goodnight kiss.

Before dawn , we're

Hoping for a star

to make a wish upon.

But the sky is empty .

Past the force field of earth.

Where the universe undergoes birth.

A passageway to unknown lands.

Where we can hold the world

within our hands.

It was you and me.

We calmed the water of the sea.

Brought down the heavens

only to please.

Our every need.

Now all we do is sit and cry.

For the stars have left the sky .

All alone for a time unseen.

Until the gravity makes you

fall for me.

Be ashamed

there's a price to pay.

My eyes never forget

to see in front of me .

To be in love .

To feel love all around.

There's a promised mission.

To explore the other side.

Broken and shattered apart.

Is a heart of an Angel.

On her wings ,pain rides.

Enduring the cold.

The loneliness of home.

Setting fire to my life.

Raging these tender scars.

In an empty sky

where you can't find the stars. .

Yet, we get through it together..

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