Different yet similar

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My journey for 6 weeks in a completely different yet a similar country, Indonesia.

Submitted: September 06, 2017

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Submitted: September 06, 2017



I am 22 year old Indian, was keen on travelling so got on to one of the social media pages to join this project for global volunteer project. I was not sure wether i should do it or not , traveling alone all the way internationally withouth parent, and the long procedure and interviews did annoy me and felt like giving up.These were just excuses i was making up in my mind to avoid, and ignoring all this i called Mansi and rest is all in past.Thank god i didn't,and would qoute Sheryl Sandberg when offered a rocket seat don't ask for which seat, just take it.

My Project was about Entrepreneurship, in Bandar LAMPUNG it was the 3rd consecutive  time it was being held. The project name was Youth Entrepreneurship Project.(YEP 4.0)

The goal was to help the small medium enterprises to boost up  and also help them  with  effective and creative  business ideas.

I had to work with different local Small Medium Enterprises, learn about their business culture, their work culture and also help them at the same time, to make it more profitable.

So in the beginning my LC asked me to note some few points what i expect from the project.I listed them down , and when i came back from Indonesia and read that again i was really surprised. My experience was really inspiring and i learned a lot about entreprenurial and business culture about Indonesia.But, on personal level this project made me so confident , made me really independent, and talk about being a survivor, especially when you are a vegetarian in this beautiful country,the options were very limited. That did'nt stop or lessened the journey i experience.One of my relative told me if food would have not been such an issue then your trip would have been perfect, I said but that was not a problem for me,because the journey and experience was far more fruitful then these small challenges.I met so many people from so many different countries, and 4 i beacame quiet close from Canada, Croatia , Pakistan (Yes Ind-pak can be :P) and one from India as well. We are planning Greece next year.There was not just one moment , there were many series of events and moments that made it so happening and learning at the same time.Like the time we all went to the beach time like a family, working with the Small Medium Enterprises helping them out to make it a more  properous  ideas that adds to the business profit, and learning at the same time, representing my country and culture at the Global village,and in the the planning a small vacation in Bali.

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