So many Questions

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This book is about a 15 year old kid that has a ghost haunting him in his closet. BTW posting parts of this book every 2 days

Submitted: September 06, 2017

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Submitted: September 06, 2017



So Many Questions


Chapter I

The beginning


Sometimes I wonder, you know just wonder, about who I really am, was I adopted, is this all just a vision, what’s the point of life, and then I wonder, why I’m here, is there any reason for life, or are we just piles of flesh meant to be here for no reason. Well I guess we’ll never know. My name is Don, Don Rockalay. Yes, I have a long last name but like a care because all I care about right now is figuring out my problem. My closet. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m a baby scared of monsters but just keep reading. Any way back to topic. So, my closet, every night right before I go to bed I close it, but when I wake up its open, oh right you probably missed the fact that I’m an only child so it’s not like my siblings are playing with my mind. But anyway, when I notice its open, I go in and noticed my closet is rearranged and there are clothes and hangers everywhere on the ground, AND THEYRE NOT MINE! So, I tell my mom, yes, I live with my mom, I’m only 15, then she says that I’m insane and should probably go to a doctor, but come on I’m not insane if anything here how about you sleep in my bed for the rest of your life then you won’t be questioning my actions. Well today I have got to do something about this and I can’t just sit in my bed for the rest of my life and be worried it’s going to come out you know. But it’s not like it matters or anything because I’m only fifteen and insane.

The next day…

Finally, it’s the day and tonight I’m going to go ghost hunting (DRAMATIC MUSIC) well until then lets listen to some amazing music (SUPER LONG SONGS OF 2016) well these songs were interesting but its ghost hunting time so let’s go. Its 10:00 and im setting up my cameras and traps and finished! Finally we have finished now just to press this button and that and that and that and…..

The next day

As he looks at the tapes he notices that nothing happened on tape although the door still opened. “Wait what the heck just happened how is this door opened but It didn’t open on tape? Did the ghosts edit the tape or am I just blind and don’t see the door open but anyway something is still happening either way.




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So many Questions

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