Carport Burro

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A silly little fable, in rhyme, about a burro in a carport.

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



A wild Burro is in our carport

Between our car and the cabin's door

I have my doubts that the critter is still wild

'cause I know my wife calls him Eeyore.


She doesn't know, that I know, she feeds him.

I saw her clean his mess on bended knees

She scooped it up and tossed it off the hillside.

Then she sprays, where he poops, with Febreze!


Every Tuesday, I play poker with the guys

At the senior center, by the general store.

As I drive away I see the burro running

And I hear her calling, "Come to dinner, Eeyore!"


He makes her happy, she loves the little guy

And I can tell by the joy in her eyes

So I made a deal with her sister to ask for help

Then her sister had to tell her, some well crafted lies.


The wife's at her sister's for two weeks

And she has asked the neighbor to feed Eeyore.

I've built a mini-barn next-door to the carport

Now it's full of hay and has an easy-open door.


I think Eeyore likes it, he's been going in and out

Big surprise, he can operate the door.

Now if he'd only learn to use that stupid rake

Then I wouldn't have to rake his stuff off the floor.


I have new hay delivered every week

And the service will replace the Poop-ie bin

They cart away the Burro-mess when they go

And I think for all concerned that's a win.


When my wife returned she saw the little barn

And she realized I knew all the while.

Her eyes filled with little grateful tears

Then she gave what I treasure, --- her smile.


JE Falcon


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