A Meeting With Death

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This is my entry for the "Scream of Terror" contest.

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



Sandy logged on to the computer, and checked her student E-mail. Her eyes flooded with tears, as she noticed that her student loan had been cancelled.

Sandy walked across campus to the student accounts office. She entered the building drenched with sweat, and wheezing. She sat down in the lobby, and sobbed. She waited for 20 minutes. No one came to get her. She got upset, and left.

Sandy went to the bathroom stall, to empty her bladder. She almost panicked, as she flushed the toilet. The bowl was filled with enormous flies, and bloody maggots. She sunk to her knees, and sobbed. "What's going on here?"

Then there was a tap at the door. A hooded figure entered the stall. "Honey, I don't think that you have much to worry about, now. You're dead. Why do you think that your boyfriend hasn't noticed you? Why do you think that your loan got cancelled? Why do you think that your professor hasn't called on you in a few days?"

"What are you talking about?" Sandy shouted.

"Don't you remember the bus crash Monday morning? It flipped over on the highway exit, and burst into flames! Don't you remember all the screaming?" The hooded figure placed a hand on Sandy's shoulder. "None of the passengers got off that bus alive."

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