Stragglers: Kira's Beginning: Book One - Abandoned

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The prologue is just describing what the dog pack of the neighborhood usually does in the eyes of their prey, in this case, a random kitten.

Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



Mud sprayed behind me in clumps as my paws skidded across the soaked, muddy, slippery alley ground. The thunder overhead from the dark puffy clouds in the sky made the loud jingle from the collar dangling from my neck - a gift from the no-fur who took care of me – seem silent for only a second. The chill panic inside me knew that I had no hope of taking it off as I had tried before but to no avail, it was too tight. I knew "The Pack" chasing me were using the collar's loud sound to guide them to me in place of scent, because the rain washed it away far too quickly. The thought gave me a new energy to run through the blinding rain...cold, dead, fear. My only hope now was to outrun them, or really...their Alpha, but that flame of hope was as good as gone. For everyone in this crappy town had the common knowledge for once you were under his gaze... you were practically dead already. The Alpha might seem sloppy at running compared to my swift paws, as his pack all do, but it was another well-known fact that its huge paws and longer legs let him cover more ground and stay close behind, even smaller kits than me were taught that at birth, or at least were taught that in the no-furs' cluster we lived in. The urge to wail in agony pushed at my throat at the thought of never seeing my mother or litter-mates again. I only wanted some food... There's no way to escape just by running, but I had no choice.

"ARRRROOOOOOOOO!"  The pack's howling let me know they were closing in on their tiny trespassing meal and I gasped in fright even when I knew I had no hope to survive. Their laughter, which was more like barking, sent shivers up my spine.  At that moment if it was even possible, I ran faster, which my tiny little cat legs screamed in agony trying to keep up with my command to go faster. I felt so mentally drained. Their howling soon sounded so close, getting closer, I knew that I was running out of time fast, even though I was well out of their territory by now. I kept running as my lungs screamed for help, as desperate as I was, and my mind was racing, but I couldn't think. The constant persuasion to hide and the fear coursing through my veins only left instinct...the instinct that would be the death of me.

"Here sweet little kitty, kitty. Oh, you little - Gah!" I turned a sharp corner, "Come back! We only want to play~!" The Alpha's voice sounded slightly desperate in some weird way, but the barking made me disregard that instantly. He was crying out in pure frustration that frightened the fur off me more than it already was...he wanted me bad. Out of desperation, I frantically searched for any chance of eluding this beast of a dog, feeling my eyes stretch towards the corners of my sockets out of pure terror. I skidded across the ground to a stop, I had finally found a place to hide in. It was an opening in a dinky, run-down no-fur den. Rushing into it, I squeezed in and put myself as far back as I would go, which wasn't far with my fur bristling with clumpy, wet fear. I hoped that it would be enough due to Alpha being to large to get in, but Alpha was more determined than the others, he always was. Stump-plop, Stump-plop.... My breath caught in my throat when I heard his steps stopping at my hiding place.  Through a crack in the wall I saw the tip of his nose, sniffing the hole to see if I went in, it was splattered with sticky mud from the chase. I tried to hold my breath longer, but I couldn't physically do it anymore. My breath wheezed and rasped in and out of my frail, weak body. It spoke slowly, both of us fully knowing that I no place to run now, this was it, my legs were dead-weights.

"Tut, tut, are such a naughty kitty...oh well. I don't need you alive you useless fur-ball..."

Silence filled my ears...



SMACELCH! Before I knew it, his jaws had grabbed me by the neck and squeezed, but not enough to kill me. It was pain I had never felt before in my life! I felt blood gush out of my wound, but before I fell asleep once and for all, I saw his eyes. The look blazing in them were staring into me as foam and blood dripped from his open jaws onto the muddy ground, my blood. Those eyes looked like a mix of triumph, exhaustion, and...pure derangement.

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