johnny boy

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this is short story... well... when i wrote this after that i didn't corrected mistakes and there are lexical and grammatical mistakes, sorry for that.! so if u read it and if u liked it, i'll
correct all mistakes... thanks...

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



Johnny Boy



Johnny was born on December 13, 1898. When he was born it was cold day.. Johnny was born in poor family, father was always drunk and sometimes he was hitting his only son, he was working in the factory of box. Mother was housewife and she was believer, and wanted his son to be monk or priest. But oh Johnny. Family was living in small town Whitby, North Yorkshire, the town was very poor, but they had school in which Johnny was going but he was too shy for school, he had no friends in school, but he loved helping others. Every evening after school he was going to every old people houses, they were only 13 family, but Johnny was going to all of them and he was asking if they wanted some help. Most of all Johnny loved only one family the thirteenth family, family of Castello, because they were kindness to him and they were Johnny’s second family. He loved stories which Castellos were telling him. Johnny was growing up with help of Castellos as he was spending his every free time with them, listening to their horror stories.

December 13, 1908, it was date when Johnny firstly understand who in real were Castellos. Every story which they were telling him were true. The stories were all about demons, death and how two old man and woman were killing children for devil. On that date Castellos told Johnny that every story where true and that two oldes in stories were Castellos. Castellos thought that on that date the time came for Johnny to become Devils obedient. But Johnny didn’t undestood them, he was too young for this, oh but Castellos didn’t thought so, they tied him up with rope and started praying, it wasn’t praying in English or in Italian or in France, it was terrible language. When they finished the house started shaking, and from book came black smoke and it broke window and has passed out. Johnny was in shock for an hour, but then Castellos explained him situation and told him that now he was Devils obedient and from now he must do everything for Devil.

  January 13, 1909, it was date when Castellos ordered first “job” for Johnny. The first “job” was to kill kitty. Johnny was shocked but he must did it. He found kitty, beside his house, when he caught kitty and when he prepared to kill him it was terrible. Johnny was breathing hardly… he took rock and raised his hands up… deep breath and he did it, he killed  kitty, little kitty. It was really terrible, Johnny had rock on his hand, bloody rock and he was looking straight to the kitty, kitty whos head was broken and blood was flowing down to the garden. Johnny did his first “job”, and he went to Castellos with kitty, the rest of the “job” they knew how to do.  In every month Johnny was killing, with  deep breath, but untill he loved it, untill he loved to kill cats, dogs…  November 13, 1909, date when Johnny Boy killed his own dog with pleasure, he was smiling and hitting stick on and on, untill his father saw him and Johnny turned to dogs place, now Johnnys father was hitting him stick on the fingers. But Johnny still was smiling. Oh Johnny…

February 13, 1910,  poor family came to Whitby, family of Hamiltons. Father, mother and poor boy Harry. Castellos liked that boy. Castellos thought that Harry was that child who their Devil need.

Hamiltons were poor family, Harry’s father lost job in York and they got lots of debts and that’s why they decided to move in Whitby. Here Harry’s father started fishing as most of Whitby’s mens do. Harry’s mother was helping his husband, so Harry was all alone in his House.  As Johnny, also Harry was shy boy. They both were going to the school and they were sitting together. They got close, and they became close friends, Johnny was telling him stories and sometimes Harry was getting afraid of Johnny. But they still were best friends.

April 13, 1910, Harry really started to be afraid of Johnny as Johnny took him with Castellos and they showed Harry dead animals skulls. But Harry was friend of Johnny untill his death.

December 13, 1910, Castellos ordered Johnny to kill Harry. But Johnny was against it. Castellos told Johnny that if he do not kill him, they will kill him and they will give his soul to Devil. Johnny agreed. Johnny killed many animals, many, cats, dogs, sometimes horses, that was for Devil, but sometimes he was killing animals just for fun as he loved it, but he never killed boy. He was just 12 years-old. How he can do it?  Or how he can live after that…?

January 13, 1911, on this date Johnny did it, he killed Harry, this changed his life forever.

Early in the morning Johnny told Harry that after school it would be good if they go near the sea, as Johnny wanted to show him something. Afrer school they got there. Johnny showed Harry his boat, which was tied near the sea. Johnny told him to remove rope. Harry started to removing rope, but it was hard, he was removing when Johnny got beside him with his small hammer. Hard breath from Johnny and he hit it to Harry. Blood… Harry falled down… little Harry he was just a little poor boy. Johnny did it, he was breathing hard and was crying, but after minutes, he started smiling and he understood that it was big big pleasure for him. He looked back to check that there was no one. His face, he had crazy face. Johnny was little boy, at that moment he had crazy face, with crazy smile on that face, he was bent and was smiling like crazy man, holding his bloody hammer and was looking around. Then  Johnny remembered Castellos words, they told him to get Harry’s body to them, as his body was for Devil.  As Johnny, Castellos were living near the sea and Johnny was going to get Harry’s body to Castellos by boat. He got body to Castellosm of course they were happy, because they did it, they made Johnny murderer and son of Devil.

Johnny was growing up and was continuing his evil things, but nobody was blaming him, because he was very kind and good person in all Whitsby. Years was passing and he was continuing his things, things ordered from Castellos. Untill  1923 when…



July 13, 1870, Ken Sanders was born in El Paso, Texas, in sheriff’s family. His father was most hated person in all El Paso, as he was very evil sheriff. Everyone knew him as “sheriff from the hell”, of course Ken didn’t liked him as he was hitting him and growing him up as a police, which didn’t liked Ken. He always wanted to be detective. Ken always wanted to go in London, UK, as it was his dream. But it was impossible as all El Paso was controlled by his father.

So, july 13, 1890, Ken’s birthday, everyone is in the Sanders house but where is he? Ken was on the ship, he was going in the UK. He was very happy.

  July 15, 1890, two days later… Ken was in the South Paddington, Central London. He was all alone.  He rent room in small hotel. He was living and spending his money which he had from States, until  November 23.

November 23, 1890, Ken joined South Paddington’s central police department. He was very talented. Time was passing and everyone in department respected him more and more. He was very talented detective as he was soluted many impossible crimes in all South and sometimes in North Paddington.

January 13, 1923, here is Ken, 52 years old, dressed in long brown coat, wearing his hat, he was too old for his job. He had white long slicked-back hair and white goatee, he was wearing glasses and had his pipe. He was going in Whitby, North Yorkshire, as letter was send from there that they needed detective like him as he was great in his job and they wanted to solute Whitby’s crimes.

  January 14, 1923, Ken is in the Whitby. As soon as North Yorkshire’s police departments man showed him his home, he started his job.

  June 14, 1923, Ken made notes, he already knew every men, women and child, what they were doing all the day. And of course he suspected Johnny, and of course Castellos, they were only family who he never saw out. Johnny was 25 years, he grew up, but he grew up murderer. Ken knew that from January 13, 1911, every year on that date, on the cold day, one child was disappearing. Nobody knows where are they, or are they still alive, oh Johnny yes Johnny knows that they aren’t alive and he knows where are they. 11 child… but not this year… maybe because they knew that detective was coming… 

July 16, 1923, Ken started to look after Johnny and to spice him. 

November 13, 1923, Ken saw him, he saw Johnny how he was taking dead dogs body to Castellos house.


“Ken and Johnny – The mystery”

November 13, 1923, Ken is standing beside the fence and he is watching Castellos house. He saw Johnny as he was taking dead dogs body, and he saw black smoke from window, it had shape. Ken never saw something like that, he run… Later in his home he started drinking and he blame himself, he blame himself that he was old and all what he saw was just his imagination.  But that what he saw wasn’t imagination, it was black smoke, smoke from Castellos evil book, that was Devil, their Devil…

December 13, 1923, Ken is  sitting near the window, thinking about that day, smoking his pipe and looking outside. There was snowing… Suddenly he remembered that December 13 is the date when Johnny was born. Ken decided to visit him, he saw Johnny when he killed dog, he saw Johnny in Castellos, as he was taking dogs body. Ken thought he had saw enough to visit him and blame him in everything and to force him to confess in everything. Maybe he was right…

Ken stood up, took his long coat and hat, took his pipe and went out to Johnny. When he was knocking on the door, at first nobody opened it, then an old man opened it. Ken told him that he was detective and was searching for Johnny, but his father told him that he was in Castellos. 

  Later… Ken was standing next to Castellos gate, he was afraid little bit, last time when he was there he saw something in which he believes but also don’t.

Ken started walking forward to house door, he stood for a minute, he wanted to knock on the door but he heard some words, whispers, crying, crying… He lifted his old feet and hit it in the door. What he saw was horror, terrible…

Ken saw little girl lying on the floor with blood, he saw Castellos two evil husband and wife and of course he saw Johnny, they were praying in unknown language… Ken shouted them, that he wanted to see their hands high and aim them with his revolver. All that happened in one minute… Suddenly Johnny took book and finished their praying in one word “Baphometh“ and he opened big black bloody book… From that book was coming black smoke. Ken stepped back,  he was very frightened, he couldn’t looked away from that black smoke which was coming from the book and was coming up. Ken falled down and he saw that black smoke coming forward to him. That hit Ken… Ken was all in smoke… silence…

Johnny smiled… He was smiling.  ..evil smile…


Ken Sanders… He is opening his eyes and  sees old man, sheriff, aiming revolver on Ken and shivering his hand as he was too old for handing gun…

Sheriff said – “ Who are you and why are you laying on my lost child’s bed”…



By Davit Iluridze

© Copyright 2019 Lone Dave. All rights reserved.

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