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My first writing in quite a while, it felt good to get back at it while writing about a recent personal event.

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



Maybe I have no self respect.
 Maybe I believe in "mad love".
Maybe I should believe more in me.
Maybe I can be who I dreamed of.
Maybe the past will stay the past,
 Maybe that's wishful thinking.
Maybe I should keep wasting time sitting here drinking.
Maybe I should tell you what I really truly feel.
Maybe I need to keep quiet and let my demons make the deals.
Maybe I should be open and show you what I mean.
Maybe that is not a good idea, that's crazier than it seems.
Maybe you only saved me from the problems you create.
Maybe I was dumb to waste my time to sit around and wait.
Maybe I should have stayed and gave it another try.
Maybe I should be honest with myself and face the facts and lies.
Maybe we had the real thing, once upon a time.
Maybe the fault is really yours but I am convinced it's mine.
Maybe it's time to say goodbye and finally close the curtain.
Maybe it's time to say hello but one thing is for certain.
Maybe I was just too hopeful there was a bigger plan.
Maybe I should have realized you never were a man.
Maybe a new part of my life began.
Maybe it is time to open new doors.
Maybe it's time to love and explore.
Maybe, just maybe I will be fine.
Maybe this change is the best kind.

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