Glorm - Mistf

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What was the early inhabitant of your universe like?

Submitted: September 08, 2017

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Submitted: September 08, 2017



The most magnificent creatures in the Universe must have been Glorms. It might have been Dlooms, but they are beings for another story. 
Have you ever heard of either of those? If you did you should consider yourself especially lucky guys because last time they were mentioned by someone was in 1972, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 
Let's find out what Glorms were before they vanished. Each and everyone was a creature of gigantic proportions, their head was ball like shaped, out of this ball were hanging tentacles with an arm like functions. They differentiated by color, in those times universe looked really colorful. 
To be honest, it is still colorful place, but unfortunately, the human race is so unadvanced they can see an only tiny fraction of those colors.
Reason for the existence of Glorms was maybe the only thing that was bigger than they. 
As your parent is your guardian until you reach a certain point of your adulthood, Glorms were guardians of solar systems when it was born. 
Our Glorm represented long forgotten color called Mistf. Name of his color was also his name because there was no other was how they could distinguish themselves. 
In a couple of hundreds of millions of years, each Glorm could be recognized by his solar system they were raising but those names were forgotten long before the human race came. 
Anyway, let's move to story about why our solar system does not longer have its guardian who defeated many creatures trying to devour our sun. 
Like that one time when gigantic, snake like creature, tried to sneak in the shadow of Jupiter to the other side of the solar system. From there on he could move quite freely, fortunately, Mistf, wasn't foolish and could see that basic plan millennium beforehand. 
The epic battle was fought and even though he almost died, our Glorm defeated snake like creature and locked it around Saturn as his prey. 
He used to be a great defender, and in the community of Glorms he was quite popular, such a youngling and could defeat creatures many others needed help with. 
Unfortunately, there is a thing that could not only defeat but killed Mistf and end his protection of our solar system. 
Being able to do that was called Nibiru, Glorm like creature from another galaxy where they evolved kind of differently. 

Nibiru found its way to our solar system due to twisting in the fabric of reality that let him travel from one galaxy to another in instant. It was really lucky for him actually because such holes were not so rare, but the hole of this size was truly one in a billion. 

Mistf was prepared because he knew Nibiru was going into Milky way, some solar systems were destroyed by him, so he has known creature, Glorms knew he was there but they didn't know what he is or why couldn't they track him. 

When Nibiru came, Mistf tried to stop him with Pluto. That was a bit cruel, but he figured he would rather lose one planet than all of them. This forever made Pluto circle around our sun somehow weird. 

Another epic battle was fought, many asteroids, comets and other forms of space objects were made. Some were destroyed, most of his trophies, like moons of Venus and Mars, were lost in the battle. 

Their final clash was fought next to Earth, which he has liked most, Nibiru somehow knew that so he tried to destroy that planet first. Their battle was so epic that Earth shattered itself and created many, non-existent mountains and valleys. 

In the end, there was no winner. Only two gigantic ball like creatures floating next to Earth. So Mistfs final trophy, containing his last victory and first defeat become The Moon.  Gravity and other forces merged them into one celestial being which still looks upon us till now.

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