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Nature is a product of people's undoing

Submitted: September 08, 2017

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Submitted: September 08, 2017



Yes, it is sad

And shouldn’t happen to you

But you know what’s bad

It’s what people do


It just seems like wind

Random and undirected

Who has the power to send

That wind where least suspected?


Imagine justice as a sail

The people blow into its steering

Have it at one time scale

Into a height of overbearing


It’s natural the scale will tip

And wind go where it’s least likely

It’s natural for sins to skip

Slightly and affect the mighty


An accumulation of wrongdoing

Build slowly layer by layer

Because of those who are wooing

Power over justice’s prayer


Silence is a preliminary

That’s why it’s ahead of the storm

It allows everyone sanctuary

To quiet that which is off the norm


But when prayers are unanswered

It gathers up in a higher sky

Day in day out posts a banner

Till down it comes to level the lie

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