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Submitted: September 08, 2017

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Submitted: September 08, 2017




Being 15 is supposed to be fun and exciting and having boyfriends and all that stereotypical shit you might see in an any American high school film -  the reality is its isn’t. Well in my case it isn’t anyway. For one I don’t live in America, I live in a small county in England called Suffolk. Suffolk is the dullest place you could live, it’s not like London where there are loads of shops and things to do. I’m 15 almost 16, no one has parties unless they do drugs, you can’t go out and do anything it’s just shite.

See my best friend Meg she meets boys and that but not being funny, that’s not my thing. Well it’s not that boys aren’t interested in me it’s just, well I’m only interested in one guy. He’s the only boy I’ve been interested in since I met him. You’re probably thinking I haven’t known him long or I’ve known him since year 9, the age our high school starts at but no that just isn’t the case, it’s much worse. I met Max OJ Bennett at the grand age of 9 where this short scrawny boy took my sweet breath away. And in all of the 7 years I’ve known him I haven’t got any of that breath back, if anything that boy has made me fall more and more in love with him ever since I met him.

If your expecting some generic happily ever after at the end of this book (if I ever decide to finish it) I can tell you that it is probably not the case. If anything you will end up as utterly confused as I am right now.

I met Max at middle school in year 5 and we ended up being best friends throughout the whole four years. Back then I wasn’t the most attractive girl you’ve ever seen. I had long blond hair and had a little hamster face and was one of the shortest in my year. And Max was even shorter than me with his big green eyes and cute smile – that much hasn’t changed. Throughout middle school he was supposedly my “boyfriend” on and off throughout the whole thing and at the time I never knew what I was feeling was maybe love?

Throughout those four years only a few significant things ever happened to me. One was being bullied. And by this I don’t mean the stupid name calling that you see on those unrealistic bullshit anti-bullying videos, by bullying I mean a group of girls kicking the shit out of you on the playground when no one else can see.

To be fair I’m completely over that but that does change how you see yourself and how you become more self-conscious of everything you do and say, like anything like that would and until I found some proper mates I was alright, not good but alright.

 I had a lot of different mates in middle school, I did a lot of drifting and Max was probably the one mate I was solidly friends with throughout. This is probably why I’m so god damn attached to this boy he never left my side and is always there when I need him.

See I’m known as the smart blond. Like what a great label that one is, and Max is known as one of the funny but annoying people around school in other words he’s popular at high school. I’ve never really clicked with popular people I guess I’ve never had the expensive clothes or the attitude for it. Like trust me I’m not one of the weirdos around school I just don’t have everyone knowing who I am… I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing is it? 

I don’t misbehave, I’ve never had detention, I get good grades. In other words, I keep my head down and keep quiet.

On the other hand, my best mate Megan is different, yes she gets good grades and yes she’s never had a detention but where boys are concerned she’s different to me. She’s constantly being hit up by boy after boy and talks to so many I can’t possibly keep track. I’m not saying I’m perfect but let’s put it this way she’s way more experienced than me. Like I’m 15 and all I’ve done is snog. She says her first kiss was dead romantic and that which makes me so jealous. Mine was back in year 9 in a car park with a boy in the year above who I pretended to like to get Max jealous, which is just beyond romantic and what every girl dreams of.

I’ve tried everything in the book to get over this stupid fantasy I have but it’s no use, I’ve tried finding reasons to hate him to completely trying to forget him after we once had an argument but I just can’t shift him from my head. Every time I see him I go to into a little puddle of blond on the floor. It’s like he’s been in my life for so long I feel lost without him.

But the current Max isn’t that scrawny short kid anymore. The current Max is tanned and towers over me with messy bed hair and a cute smile. In short I find the current Max completely gorgeous and way out of my league.

On the other hand, I’m definitely not the best looking girl in school. My waist length blond hair is in desperate need of a haircut. I have big blue eyes and chubby cheeks when I smile. Height wise in taller than most of my mates and have boobs but hardly a nice bum. Bums are what guys like now though but I’m skinny not curvy and not even model skinny I guess I’m just kind of average.

We used to be best mates and now if we see each other in person we both don’t know what to say like how did things get like this?


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