A Canvas Of Questions

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Submitted: September 08, 2017

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Submitted: September 08, 2017



Is it okay my love if i told you how much i love you? Even though words cant describe the way i feel but i'll try to come up with something new. 

Would it be fine to open the door that leads to a room so vast, my heart, and only you inhabit it?
Would fetching the brightest star in the sky above be enough to show you how much i love you?

Is giving you my life enough to thank you for being  mine?
Would it be okay if i climbed the highest mountains and swam the vast seas to get to see you smile?

Can i tell you that i love you every time i feel like i do? I know it'll take forever but darling trust me i do. 

Can i hug you the next time i see you and never let go? Honey i long for the day to hug you so tight and never set you free, i know you'll come back because we're meant to be. 

Can i gently kiss your forehead while i stroke that gorgeous hair of yours and feel that i am so ever lucky? Baby i love you so much i cant seem to be me without you, the piece that completes me. 

Can i press you tight to my chest and let you feel safe? There is no better place to be in than your arms Lara and in my own is where i want you to be. 

Can i sing you our song all night long while you rock that guitar of yours next to me? Trust me it'll be "Perfect" just like you. 

Can i tell you that I found love right in those mystical eyes of yours and warmth in your bright smile? I've never seen a face so pretty nor a laugh so warm in my entire life. 

Would picking the prettiest rose on earth resemble how beautiful your reflection is in my eyes? You must excuse me tho my love if the rose isn't as beautiful as you, because god didn't create anything as nearly as pretty as you are. 

Would writing this poem be enough to draw a smile on your face and make your heart throb? I don't know but i sure do hope so because darling trust me, nobody is going to love you the way i do Lara

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