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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Saturday

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



“so you can’t turn into a werewolf anymore?” Bruce asks “yeah! My werewolf form took his own life just to save mine. But he did leave me with an upgraded E.L.F.” Ziggs replied. Bruce took a closer look and sees that his E.L.F was organic and had fur. “maybe your werewolf form didn’t die but just took on a new form” Bruce said “how?” Ziggs asks “well… the E.L.F of course! At the last second, it encapsulated what it can from your werewolf form and turned it into something else. Your werewolf form is a unique one and that it’s attached to you and is the only E.L.F that allows to change form. But since you’ve lost that attribute and the E.L.F only took a portion of that, you’re now only the same power as us.” Bruce answered.

Ziggs looked at his E.L.F and activates it. His weapons appeared. They were werewolf gauntlets but made out of metal. “try the second mode!” Bruce said, he was excited. Bruce activates it and his gauntlets changed to dual miniguns on his hands. “nice!” Bruce said. Cecilia enters their room, looking well. “hey where’s Vincent?” she asks “he’s with Riven, they went on a mission.” Bruce replied. Miguel enters the room as well, looking like he has bad news. “why the Grim face?” Cecilia asks “four of our friends and colleagues have been captured by the Neo Vaku and are being held hostage. They said that if we don’t bring our parents, they’ll kill them.” Miguel delivered the news with his hand shaking. “calm down, Miguel! We’ll find them and rescue them!” Bruce said “yeah, with your mind and our strength, we can do it!” Ziggs said raising his minigun hand. Miguel looked to Cecilia and she sighs “well…. I can’t say they’re wrong. Come on prince of Nakatau, show us your intelligence!” Miguel smiles “alright! Let’s get to work!”

The Neo Vaku took the four to an abandoned warehouse. They then forced the four to kneel down in the center where one light is lit. Jax took all the bags they had on their head off. “a little cliché don’t you think? But I like it! The thrill of seeing your friends rescuing you then suddenly a bomb explodes out of nowhere. It’s a classic.” Jax said but they didn’t see him, only hear. “where the fuck are you?!” Riven asks and Jax laughs “where I am is none of your concern! You should focus on getting out of your restraints. Because in a few minutes, a bomb will go off and blow this entire facility” Vincent struggles to activate his E.L.F but his hands were tied really well. “I imagined you would do that, son of Nosk, but alas it will do nothing for you!” Jax said “oh yeah! Well sucks for me I guess” Vincent replied “Vincent! Calm down!” Ezekiel shouts.

“yeah dude! Chill! We need a calm mind to think!” Riven said and Vincent calms down enough. He makes a long sigh as a sign that he’s calm enough. “alright so I have a knife on my pocket but considering how these are made of metal we- wait! Ezekiel grab the handle on my right” Vincent said and because they were tied separately, Ezekiel was able to grab the handle. “now what?” Ezekiel asks and Vincent struggles to push the red button on the handle. “if I can just press the damn thing I can-“ and surely enough, he pressed the button. A plasma axe was the form that the handle used and it cut through the metal restraints easily. Vincent destroyed the other’s restraints. “wow I can’t believe you still have that!” Ezekiel said as he twists his wrist. “Cecilia gave it to me, in case times like these happen” Vincent replied. “Well, we can’t stay here for long, let’s go and high tail it out of here!” Riven suggests and they nod and head to the door.

Jax and the Neo Vaku stop them though. “not so fast, son of Nosk!” Jax said “really now? Since this place is smaller than the park. There is no way for you to split us up!” Vincent said “sure but that also means we can’t be split up as well! Neo Vaku attack!”

Twitch and Demonya charged first. With Demonya lashing his two whips at Ophilia and Twitch shooting Riven. Vincent stepped in and blocked the whip with his two swords and Ezekiel was able to get behind Twitch and knock her out. Rengar stepped in and jumped high to slash Ezekiel. But he didn’t notice that Riven was there and he got a clear shot at Rengar. But Jax stepped in and crushed Riven’s head. Ezekiel decided to activate his E.L.F and it’s second mode. He backed off and because Rengar's weapons were plasma just colored green, he only had one shot for an attack. He dashed forward to attack but Rengar blocks his slash easily. Ezekiel smirks and he let go of the scythe, crouch down, and punch him in the stomach. Rengar let go of his swords and Ezekiel had his life on the palm of his hand.

Demonya and Vincent had a rematch. And Vincent became nore cautious again. As the Demonya prepares for a lash, Ophilia interrupts by placing her katana in Demonya’s neck. “I got you!” Ophilia said and Demonya laughs “no! I have you!” Ophilia felt something wrapping around her body. It was Demonya’s cold whip.

“never underestimate a Neo Vaku!” she shouts but she then felt something pierce through her chest. She looks to see two swords. She turns and sees Vincent with a frown on his face. “and never underestimate the cognizance!” he said before pulling his sword away from Demonya.

“Demonya!” Jax shouts. “just like my father, he killed a Vaku!” Vincent said “you’ll pay for that!” Jax shouts before dashing forward. He was Interrupted by Ophilia, who stab him in the knee. Jax knelt on one knee and Ophilia prepares her sword for beheading. Twitch tries to interrupt but was stop by Riven. “sorry, hun. But your not going anywhere”. Twitch then stops but realized that they still had Lee tied up. Twitch then calls his name and in one of the crates was a bloodthirsty Lee, ready to kill.

“I’ll handle this!” Ezekiel said. He charged forward to Lee with his plasma scythe. Lee used his axe to block the incoming attack but Ezekiel slid down. Lee was caught off guard and before he knew it, Ezekiel had a plasma sword on his neck. “sorry Lee! But I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you here” Ezekiel said “now hold on just a minute… why don’t we work together and bring down Jax! He still has energy left and I’m sure the moment Ophilia brings down the sword, he will grab it and break it” Lee said. Not wanting to lose Ophilia, he let’s go of Lee.

Lee took Ophilia’s katana and did the execution himself. Like what Lee told them, Jax grabs the sword and Lee’s head and smashed it both in the ground. Ezekiel and the rest charged forward but one-by-one they were defeated.

“face it! The Neo Vaku can’t be defeated with just the five of you!” he declared “Vincent just killed Demonya. What do you have to say about that?” Ezekiel asks with a smirk. “nothing… I won’t say anything. I’ll just give you your death!”

Jax grabs his plasma sword and prepares to take them all out.

Just in time Cecilia destroyed the door and shouts “GET AWAY FROM THEM!” before shooting three rocket arrows. Jax dodges the arrows which opened a hole on the back. Cecilia expected this because Ziggs was at the back.

“HEY IDIOT! YOU LEFT AN OPEN HOLE FOR ME TO FIRE!!” Ziggs shouts before firing his miniguns at Jax. Jax dodges of course but was then hit by Cecilia’s rocket arrows. Cecilia fired one at the roof where Miguel and Bruce waited.

Once the hole was made they immediately drop down to stab Jax in the back while unconscious. Their swords broke mid fall. They look and see Rengar. They forgot him. Jax smiles and grabs both Miguel and Bruce from the air and throws them down to the ground.

Cecilia and Bruce prepares for another round but their weapons were then cut by Rengar. Furious, Ziggs changed back to his first weapon and duel with Rengar. Renagr used speed to catch Rengar off guard. But Rengar was fast too so what came next was a really fast duel with swords and gauntlets. Ziggs was surprised at how fast he was, maybe that was something the E.L.F was able to grab before his werewolf form died. Rengar felt that Ziggs was gaining speed really fast and that he needed to keep up or else… Suddenly he was grabbed by the gauntlet and thrown to the ground. His E.L.F broke afterwards. Jax was left.

Twitch was knocked out by Ezekiel, before being taken down by Jax.

Jax grits his teeth as Ziggs and Cecilia were the only ones left. The three faced one another. No one made a move. The first move could mean life or death for the three. Hearts were pounding like a jackhammer, the pressure and the intensity of the silence was too much for the three. Finally, Jax screans and charged forward. Ziggs took the hit for Cecilia “Cecilia! Do it!” he shouts. Cecilia stretched her bow, Rockets appeared and then…

“you sure know how to kill a person” Vincent said as Cecilia wraps a dressing around his head. Everyone else was being treated to by Bruce, even of he still has his injuries. Lee disappeared. “so are we still going to continue tomorrow?” Ziggs asks “I don’t know! But I think we will. I owe Cecilia that much” Vincent replied “you don’t owe me anything! We’re even after this entire incident.” Cecilia said and Vincent smiles “guess we did save each other’s lives tonight” they then shared a short laugh. Eventually others started laughing as well. They all laugh as the sun rises and the next day has started.

Since it was a Saturday, everyone helped out with the decorations and the cooking despite their injuries . They’ve worked together on Vincent’s house to make the best party their section could ever have. Lee was able to join them and for once they’ve put aside their difference. He volunteered to be a dj because he owes Cecilia for saving his ass. Everyone else said the same thing in that they owe Cecilia. “so this party will start at the afternoon until the night?” Lee asks “yup! So we better get well dressed. No one wants to see a group of party hosts with bandages” Vincent replied. They chuckled for a bit and went back to decorating.

The afternoon came and as expected, Cecilia and her friends (the entire class) came. Vincent handed the party to Cecilia and Lee. The rest went upstairs and played Mahaku and Short life 3. “man I thought the day that short life 3 will never come!” Ezekiel said “yeah well, Dave Oldwell finally thought to release it and guess what! It won game of the decade!” Vincent said sarcastically “well the world is certainly big! Maybe they were making this from the very beginning because this has been the biggest world since those old scrolls game” Riven said “do any of you actually remember those?” he asks “yup! Still got all 4 of them!” Vincent said. He lets Ezekiel play short life while he gets another game. “what do you guys want to play next?” he asks.

“space wars: warfront 2” Ziggs suggests

“human combat xl” Riven suggests

“dark spirits 3!” Miguel suggests

“toocooked!” Bruce suggests

They all laughed at Bruce’s suggestion. “but it’s a game where 4 people can play” he said “how about hell swimmers?” Vincent suggests and they all agreed.

After Ezekiel played short life, they played hell swimmers. Although not for long they started shouting at each other because of the friendly fire. Vincent started saying old Nakatau swear words. Ezekiel just flat out punches Riven in the jaw. It then resulted into a free for all wrestling match.

Over downstairs, Cecilia was getting drunk with her friends. She was then being seduced by one of her friends and they went upstairs and into Vincent’s parents room. Vincent heard a thud in the next room and immediately went to investigate. With his friends of course.

They burst open the door and Vincent went red. She saw Cecilia almost taking off her clothes. His embarrassment then turns to anger as he sees one of his classmates was at his parents bed. He grabs the man by his shirt and threw him off the room. “get dressed Cecilia. Now!” Vincent said almost like how a father would scold his daughter. Cecilia sobers up and nods. “go and enjoy the party, but never go upstairs! Got It?” Vincent asks and Cecilia nods and hides her face while walking away. “yeah! I got it! Sorry by the way!”she heads off downstairs.

His friends gave him a moment of silence…………….before Ziggs touched his shoulder. “hey…. Are you okay?” he asks “I’m fine… just a little disturbed that’s all” he said “if you don’t want to play with us-“ “oh no! Let’s play! I think this time we can do it! Miguel, you be leader this time!” he said. At first it startled Miguel but he nods. They all went back to Vincent’s room afterwards.

It wasn’t long before night came and Vincent can hear the party was only getting started. “should we?” Bruce asks “we should. Let’s join them!” Miguel said. He stands up and puts on a blue denim jacket and leaves the room. Vincent followed, he puts on a black formal vest that he left unbuttoned. Ezekiel followed and puts on a black Blazer. Bruce stood and just wore a t-shirt. Riven and Ziggs both wore bomber jacket. Ziggs had black while Riven had gray.

They head downstairs and the music was as loud as ever. People had to shout just to talk. They made sure that there was enough room for people to dance or hang out. Needless to say, everyone was having fun. Ezekiel sees that Ophilia was actually there but is talking to Fred. Ezekiel frowns but was then patted to the shoulder by Riven “hey what’s with the long face? People are having fun! Hell, Cheri is actually here and is looking as cute as ever!” Riven said “yeah? Too bad she always flat out ignores you” Ezekiel jokes “you don’t need to put it like that” Riven said and Ezekiel laughs.

Vincent didn’t want to go near Cecilia. Considering the events that had happened, she would probably be too embarrassed to talk. “is it me or is does the punch taste weird?” Ziggs asks “I think it might be beer. Maybe that’s how Cecilia got drunk” Vincent replied and Ziggs looked at it, and drank it all in one go. “alright let’s get wasted!” he yelled. Vincent didn’t want to have any part of this anymore and so he left. “Miguel! Keep the house safe alright? I’ll be patrolling” he entrusts on Miguel. But before he could even have a say, Vincent already left.

Miguel knew that it’s because of what happened earlier and so he looked at Cecilia. She didn’t even notice Vincent left. “guess that’s what happens when you’re known in the class as 'tall yet stealthy'” Miguel said.

Vincent jumped on roof after roof while thinking about why’d he left. He has no idea why’d he pull off a stunt like that. If it was as if something or someone made him do it. Nonetheless, he can’t stop himself. He ends up back at the Nakatau Park.

“the park? Why would I go here?” he asks himself “Because I led you here” a familiar female voice said “Aurora?” he said “yes it’s me! Though I am but a spirit!” Aurora revealed herself but she was younger. Immediately, Vincent knew it’s a fluke. There’s no way spirits can exist. Vincent draws his sword and Aurora got a little angry. “so this is how it’s gonna be huh?” she asks “only way to prove that you’re the real Aurora” he replied. Aurora then summoned an elven sword. “alright but if I win…. You’ll he doing something for me!” Aurora said “alright then! But if I win, you’re going to tell me who you are”

Vincent charged forward and Aurora jumped to dodge. She the fenced Vincent while she was in the air. She stayed afloat and Vincent then realized that this might actually be Aurora. She then stayed afloat while she was fencing Vincent and leading him to a tree. Vincent had to keep backing off as it was hard to fence a ghost. But it was time to put that to the test! He was able to find an opening and used it to stab Aurora. It phased through her. Vincent was shocked and was more shocked when the elven sword was close to his neck. He lets go of his sword and knelt. Aurora lands on the ground with a grin. “proof enough?” she asks “phase suits, hover boots!” Vincent immediately said “huh?” Aurora said in shock “you used those two machines to prove that you’re a ghost” Vincent said and Aurora grinned and removed the machines. But it was still Aurora “so what? I needed a way for you to trust me… but I guess being a ghost is not really the best way huh?” she asks and Vincent nods “now what is this demand you want?” Vincent said and Aurora was a little bit shock. How come this guy hasn’t questions the fact that she still exists. “you’re not even curious as to how I’m still alive?” she asks “why would I? This world, despite Melchior taking all the magic, is still filled with. So you coming back isn’t a surprise for me. But if you insist, why are you alive?” Vincent replied and Aurora smirks. “you see… I was actually Rengar’s E.L.F! And when you killed him, I managed to escape from my E.L.F because his was destroyed! So I’m here now!” Aurora said and Vincent sighs “alright now that that’s done, what is your demand my queen?” he said sarcastically “take me on a date right now!” she demands “now that’s a little sudden don’t you Think?” Vincent asks “nope! Besides, all you need to do is show me around the city and that’s it!” Aurora replied “fine! I’m too tired to even go back to the party” Vincent said as he stood up. Aurora smiles at the man that taller than him. Vincent had to admit that being asked out on a date by a cute girl was unexpected for him. He’d never see the day. “Well I better cross that off the bucket list!” Vincent thought. “hey Vincent!” Aurora called “yeah?” Vincent answers “where can we eat?” she asks “first, and I can’t believe I actually said that to a girl, we need to get you changed. A white one piece and no shoes will make you look informal to others. Next those ears. Then we can eat” Vincent answered and Aurora looked at her ears and used magic to make it look like normal ears. “there! Now just clothes…” she said and Vincent snapped his fingers. Indicating that he has an idea. “I got it! Wait here!” he said before running away. Aurora felt like she was abandoned, but after a while Vincent came back with clothes.

He gave Aurora a tank top, a long skirt, and a cardigan. She looked like a normal person, aside from the purple eyes that it. “can you change your eye color?” Vincent asks and Aurora shook her head “sorry, but elves are stuck with having purple eyes” she replied in a depressing tone. “don’t be sad! Now let’s go and eat!”

They went to a local DFC (Demacia Fried Chicken) to eat. Vincent really didn’t know what Aurora liked to eat. Aurora didn’t care what to eat, just that she needs to eat. “so what’s it like inside the E.L.F?” he asks “what it’s like? Well… I don’t know really! We were just asleep for everyday” she replied. It didn’t seem right for Vincent. He then remembered that Rengar was his partner and it made sense all of a sudden. Rengar was strong but he never connected with Aurora. Vincent can feel his E.L.F being awake and well. Aurora was like a locked up daughter of a father that chooses to ignore him. It probably felt sad for Aurora, not being able to communicate to his partner and only being used as a weapon. “you said 'we'. Were there anyone else inside the E.L.F?” Vincent asks and Aurora nods “oh yes! For Rengar to become strong, he had a lot of us inside his watch. I don’t know how but everyone died except me” Aurora seems to be quite neutral when she speaks about Rengar. Probably because she never knew her actual personality.

“you know Vincent…” she said “know what?” he asks “when I was trapped in that watch, it gave me a lot of time to think. About how selfish I was back then, I captured your father, had Kaizer as my boyfriend, and almost waging war with you guys. And so I want to change! I want to be better! I want to…. I guess I want to be like you guys! Kind, caring, reckless, I want to be like that!” she answered “that’s good! You’re changing for the better!” Vincent said and Aurora gave him a big smile “you really think so?” she asks and Vincent nods “yeah… but let’s do that in a later time. Right now, we have a city to explore!” he said. They left the DFC and head outside

Aurora ran around in the city like a little kid. Her height doesn’t help either, compared to Cecilia, she was a fly. Vincent then takes her to the mall before it closes. People around them thought they were brothers and sister and it made Vincent embarrassed. Aurora only laughs a bit and gives a gentle smile.

A little later, Vincent took Aurora to a roof to see the city from a a high place. “wow! It looks so pretty!” she said “yeah! Too bad it’s ruled by an evil wizard” Vincent said. “hey Vincent…” Aurora called “yeah?” he replied “you’ve been kind to me! Even though I was bad to your father.” She said “your point?” he asks “my point is… I want to make it up to you! I want to join your rebellion and I want to be your friend in and out of school” she said. Vincent smirks and pats the elves head “okay! Don’t worry if you find it hard, because we’ll always be there for you. We’ll fight through hardships and afterwards, we’ll laugh at it!” he said “but let’s worry about that later, we have a city to explore!” he said.

Vincent then took Aurora to the mall and in the arcade. They played a few games here and there but Aurora was using magic to cheat. Vincent then took her to the clothing store and as much as Vincent wants to leave the place, they ended up staying there for half an hour.

They went everywhere in the mall until they were exhausted and had to sit down. “wow! You’re… really… full of energy” Vincent said “yeah… didn’t… think that I… would be this pumped!” she said “well we need to go home soon. There’s still a party I need to go to!” he said “a party? Can I come?” she asks “of course you can! I’m sure they’d love to meet the new transfer student way before everyone else!” he said. Aurora cheered.

They walk back home. As they do, Aurora wrapped her arm around Vincent’s. He blushed while thinking about if Cecilia would do the same of they went out on a date. They both smiled as they walk back home. “I forgot to mention. You can’t stay at my house but you can sleep at our lair” he said “that’s okay, Kuya!” she said. “why are you speaking old Nakatau?” he asks “oh, cause it’s a lot better to say 'kuya' than 'big brother'!” she said. “why am I a big brother to you?” he asks “because you’re older and taller than me and will always protect me no matter what! That’s what big brothers do!” she said “I’m only a year older than you!” he said “so? You’re still older! And I’m still younger!” she replied “whatever! Just don’t say 'kuya' when I’m with my family alright?” he asks “okay, Kuya!” she said and Vincent sighs. “let’s go home!” he said.

From outside the house alone, they can still hear the party was going strong. It was louder than before and brighter than before. Vincent opens the door and the music stops.

“everyone! This is Aurora! She is the new transfer student” Vincent introduced. Everyone wowed as Aurora waved her hand. Cecilia only glared at her. Ezekiel and everyone wowed because Aurora is alive and exists. “by Monday she’ll be joining us and I hope you guys can treat her with kindness” Vincent said. The beat drops and the music returns and almost every boy started helping her and talking to her.

Aurora looked at Cecilia who glared at her. She then turned her face away from Cecilia and just started chatting with everyone. Vincent looks at Cecilia and she nods. Signifying that they need to talk. Without any warning or sign to Aurora, Vincent left and joined Cecilia and her friend.

“man look at her! Younger and a little more childish than ever!” Riven said as he observes Aurora’s movements. She was drinking, laughing, hitting people, all that. “yeah, but how or why is she back?” Ezekiel asks. He looks and sees that Vincent is explaining it to Cecilia. “come on! Let’s talk to Vincent!” he hollered his Miguel, Bruce, Ziggs, and Riven to go talk to Vincent.

“if what you’re saying is true, should I break this to free Theo?” Cecilia asks “no! Please! There’s a high chance he might die” Vincent said “well, well! Looks like you have some explaining to do” Ezekiel said “yeah, I do…” Vincent replied . He then explained the situation.

“I can’t believe you!” Cecilia said

“I will never believe you!” Bruce said

“I don’t give a damn!” Riven said

“look it was only because I’m her friend! Alright?” Vincent said “yeah we believe you! Remember how you only wanted to be friends with Cecilia? Look how that worked out?” Riven teased and the girls that were there laughed because Riven’s voice was so loud they can hear it. “Well I- I don’t love her okay!...” his voice said in a normal tone “because…. Because…. I STILL LOVE CECILIA EVEN IF SHE REJECTED ME!” his voice then shouts “look at that, Zeke! Only a few words and we got him to confess his love… again” Riven said “aww!” everyone said. Cecilia was silent but she was blushing.

“back to the topic. How can we trust her?” Ezekiel asks ruining the mood “well so far she hasn’t betrayed me or anyone of us and she does call me 'kuya'” Vincent replied “that last part had nothing to do with the question” Ezekiel said “well… we can kill her by Tuesday?” Riven suggests “agreed! I’ll think of something on how do we do it though. We’re not fighting a member of Melchior’s forces or an ex cognizance member, we’re fighting the queen of elves and I hope you’re ready!” Miguel said “I’ll upgrade our E.L.Fs to combat her” Bruce said “can’t we give her a chance to prove herself First?” Vincent asks. “sorry” Cecilia said with a smile “you really like rejecting things when the word 'chance' is there” Vincent said. “Well we can give her a chance. She might actually be a powerful ally” Miguel said “but she could also be a terrifying enemy!” Cecilia said “do you have a problem with her? Or are you jealous because she went out on a date with Vincent?” Riven joked. Cecilia laughed sarcastically then grabbed Riven by his clothes. “scared?” she asks “no… I mean yes!” Riven replied and Cecilia smiled, devilishly. “good! Know your place, Riven. I might just kill you if you don’t” she said before letting go. It was all a shock to everyone, Cecilia grabbing a friend by his clothes and scaring him. She was totally jealous. “Cecilia admit it! He’s here and he can understand your feelings” Ezekiel said. She sighs before saying “I got angry because of the accusations placed on me, not because I’m jealous. I don’t like you, Vincent! And I’ll never do because as far as I’m concerned you’re only a person who tries so hard to be my friend! Which you’re not!”

That was a little too hard. Cecilia notice the mistake she had made and tried to apologize to Vincent. He smiles and says “I’m sorry if you feel that way! Now I know…” he then walked away. “Well at least she said it” Ezekiel said “wow really, man?” Riven said “what? She said it not me!” Ezekiel said “I hate you…” Cecilia said, standing up and following Vincent outside. “what? You can’t say anything to him anymore, you’ve already told the truth!” Riven said “I can tell him something. I want to change this as soon as possible. If not, he-he-he” she began tearing up and ran outside to Vincent’s location.

Cecilia found Vincent sitting in a bench. Looking down at the ground in a frown. “I knew you would follow…” he said “look I-I” she said “I know, I know! You’re going to say you didn’t mean it but let’s face it, you were telling the truth” Vincent said. Cecilia walked closer. “I wasn’t going to say that…” she said “THEN WHAT?!” Vincent raised his voice. Cecilia was startled but then Vincent tears up. Cecilia walked closer until she was sitting beside him. “listen, what I said there it was the truth. But you know for a fact that I care for you and everyone. I just said that last part because I was angry at Riven. You know that last part was a lie so why are you crying?” she asks “I guess I really am that dumb! What am I crying for? I remember what you said, how could I not? It was Friday when you said it!” he said wiping his tears “I’m sorry, Vincent. I forgot too what I said to you.” She said “it’s okay! At least both of us forgot it” he said “it would’ve been embarrassing for me!” he laughed and Cecilia laughed as well. “do we still have time?” she asks “time for what?” Vincent asks “to go to the city and…well… take me on a date like Aurora” she said “woah!” Vincent said in shock “I want to make it up to you by taking you and you taking me out to the city” she said “so it’s basically a date?” Vincent asks “yup! Now let’s go before everything gets silent!” she said. Before Vincent could answer, Cecilia grabs his hand and dragged him to the city.

They did went to the city and finds that it was empty. They walked happily together, not giving a damn about their surroundings. Since Vincent hasn’t eaten yet, they went to an 8/12 to buy some snacks. “wow you’re one hungry wizard!” Cecilia said since Vincent was eating a lot and fast. “I haven’t eaten anything after I took Aurora on a tour of the city! And I only a mash potato!” he said and Cecilia sighs. Though she smiled afterwards. “hey, Cecilia!” Vincent called “can we go to the park after this? I know it might be closed but I just want to go there” he requests “yeah sure! I actually want to go there too!” she answered. Vincent smiles and eats his food. Afterwards, they head to the park.

Unexpectedly, the park was still open and a lot of people were there. There was an orange light that the crowd was looking and admiring at, though they couldn’t tell what it is. “not what I was expecting but okay!” Vincent said as they walk inside the park. The Nakatau Park actually had a lake. Since they were caught off guard by the fighting, they forgot that they could’ve used the lake. There, parents and their kids were resting by the shore. Teenagers as well and it was adorable for Vincent. Cecilia was smiling, seeing all the people gathered for an orange glow that they still couldn’t see. They got closer and sees lanterns. A whole assortment of lanterns. Wizard hats, little dwarves, wolves ,dragons.“wow!” Cecilia said “they look so cute! Especially that dragon one!” she points to the chibi dragon that Vincent remembers. It was a chibi Kaazaak and Vincent smiles, bringing back memories of him taming the massive black dragon. “yeah, it certainly is cute” Vincent said. “you want me to make you one?” he asks “oh my god yes! Please do a cute minotaur” she said and Vincent walked to the guys that were handling the lanterns and asks them if he can one more addition before they fly it off. Vincent made his and went back to Cecilia. “thanks” she said “hey, you wanna sit down? I think it’d be better to watch that way!” he suggests. Cecilia smiles and nods.

They sat down beside a tree and they watch the lanterns float. “I wonder what’s the event?” Cecilia wonders “let me check!” Vincent said as he grabs his phone and saw the event. “today is Nakatau day! Meant to celebrate the old Nakatau Era.” Vincent answered “that explains the hats and the dragons. Look there’s the baby minotaur!” Cecilia said. She seemed happy enough and that made Vincent smile. “I know you love me as much as I do and I…” Vincent thought. They looked at each other with a smile. “Cecilia…” he quietly called “shhh… say tomorrow. Right now, just enjoy the show” Cecilia said while placing her finger in front of Vincent’s lips. Vincent smiles and nods. “okay…” he said. Vincent placed his hand in the dirt and Cecilia intentionally placed her hand on top of Vincent’s. They both smiled as the lanterns flew off into the sky.

About an hour later, they went back home and finally it was silent. They got inside and finds that even Aurora has left. Vincent then found a letter from Aurora. It says:

“sorry for the mess! Have a goodnight!”

Aurora :)

They both sigh and Cecilia head upstairs, leaving Vincent to clean up. “I’ll get the broom!”

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