Hurricane Irma

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The plight of this disaster is an eye-opener. It shows how fragile we are. May our efforts save more human life. Let us rise our hearts care for all here. :)

Submitted: September 09, 2017

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



People helpless stranded in the streets,

Homes washed away with dashing wind,

Across every footpath now we see calamities,

May we seek help in a direction unknown,

You face a time stillness in making,

No far when the damage multiply every moment,

How far time exceeds rebuilding this paradise,

Again we think of comming back,

To stay near my seashore home,

A little housekeeping work in our future is still pending,

I watched through an ending footsteps,

Near a help center all my investments in the air,

How will I rebuild everything again is not the question mark?

But how far I have to travel alone seem unseen,

My Florida may receive care now,

My farmhouse still needs a tough mission ahead,

In my vision I seek to come back for a resort,

Tomorrow out from this temporary camp,

I look forward how all my parents lived here for,

Nature brought this disaster,

Always I heard it will be dealt with more care,

Unknown I ask myself for reassurance from faith within,

I look around,

Many elderly people cannot be given away now for the mercy of fate,

Those who camp here under one roof,

Stay close to one voice within,

How far I have lost my home from this hurricane,

Still haunts my sleep,

No reason there will be safe heaven in picture,

A landscape devastated by cruel wind and flowing tide,

Nothing remains yet only hope I can bring a promise without irony in my heart,

This sign of peace still floats here,

May be we will have to live with a short supply of everything for some days,

The challenge is a longing prayer to win,

Let I am not lost,

We will rebuild all we lose with love for one another,

At the bottom of my heart I fear there will be an epidemic,

Will health services reassures all needed care is a must I seek from my government,

I come back unrest by this calamity,

Roads seem tolled with damaged uprooted trees and scattered building remains,

I dream how this place was once a heaven for me,

In the neighborhood unplanted wastes accumulates,

And longing from all this misery,

A time I must start again for goodnews,

I pledge all my earning from local bank,

Not for saving something for the next day,

But bring back all unplanted future on our shores again,

Who will unshake this condition far viewing a borrowing from time I need to be back in my trade?

Do I have something I can take new shores for all given hope?

Can my insurance pay our debt for rasing kids in their gifted homecomming journey?

How deserted will be a journey of my loved ones ?

I have invested my whole life here,

Still saving every hearts wish for my loved ones,

Local administration must give us a fund raising help for sharing how will be our resource to pay back,

We have only lost our purchasing power for a short time,

Yet heart pounds this day I can never forget,

To chase the roads newly made for a come back here,

I ask our foreign relatives to give away a help by donating for charity,

This tall story of friendship may grant our longing step of humanity in need,

When a media broadcast saw bliss in our childs eyes,

They ask us where will be our mount across this ocean for new courage,

Serving a human love in the fruit of service,

Bringing up a new world challenge to battle from what we are,

Where this story resides close tracking our mystery,

May this challenge as Gods trials ask more,

Why will I step beyond grace as a help for each other,

Hurry across the marks of Hurricane that left us share some bad memories,

I dont know now where will we show amnesty for making our home secure,

How last may the wind dash across my teritory,

No framework of my world dont have to wrinkle in cry,

For we must make our infrastructure foolproof and safe,

Through strategic preplaning how we can do the best for all,

Today when millions are evacuated for safe shores,

Tomorrow when every home will be not taken away from such threats,

I want to watch my children live close by a destiny our resorts in this promised home,

Seek the enlightment borrowing all renewable resource on this planet,

Where safety net starts how we can cope up with such missing piece of infrastructure,

Never chasing any alarm around where we stay,

For science lived from all source of knowledge,

Ignite every heart from the tale that rise beyond a showcase notice called emergency,

May I live healthy to see this day here on Earth !!!

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