The Death Of Gracie Hemingway

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Gracie hemingway caught up in the thunderstrms in london decides to stay in a hotel. It is the biggest regret in her life. Part 2 coming up so stay tuned :))

Submitted: September 09, 2017

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



“I need a place to stay” I urged.

The receptionist put on an even bigger smile than before.

“All the rooms are booked,I”

Before she could finish what she was about to say, I whipped her register book and started flipping through the pages to see if there was any chance I could stay here. I looked at one of the windows and it was raining cats and dogs. I could picture myself standing in the middle of the rain, wet  tissue stuck on my feet. I shook my head in disgust.

“Aha”I said “Room 21, keys please”

“Look, this room is not available anywa-“

“I’m gonna call the manager if you argue more, its raining outside, only a vicious person won’t let another guest go out in the weather like this”

“Look, Miss listen-

A man with a blazer appeared, when he saw me he gave a bigger smile than the receptionist did.

“Is there anything wrong, Miss?” he asked.

“Room 21 is available but she is not allowing me to stay and-“

“There you go”he interrupted me as he fingered something in his pocket. He threw the key at me as I caught it. I looked at the receptionist, she stared at me nervously. ‘Weirddd’ I thought.


I had to climb up a swing of stairs twisting this way and the other. It felt as if I was walking for 10 could not believe I climbed up these stairs for nothing. I scuttled the last few steps and I sat down on a minutes. I stopped, as I lay towards the railing. I was on top now, and the scenery was terrifying. Around 29 feet, at least, was the waiting room. Anyone could have fallen. Then I spotted it, the lift. I groaned. I small bench. There were just 4 more floors I needed to climb and that’s it. I’ll collapse on the comfortable bed, order a chocolate sundae and sleep. Sleep sounded so resisting now. After climbing the last flight of stairs I twisted the key in my door and stepped into the room. IT had white velvet curtains, an enormous queen bed and a drawer to keep my stuff, not to mention a tv. I changed into m  y nighties and I snuggled up in the comfortable bed. Just as I was going to doze off, I heard a sharp knocking on my door. I rose up awaken by the loud knocking as I walked towards the door.

“What” I asked.

It was that receptionist again, I could not deal with her.

“You need to know a few things about this room, its haunted, David our manager’s mum died here, its haunted its-“

“Stop!” I bellowed “Like im supposed to believe this”

“Please listen to me”

“You cannot just barge in here trying to convince guests not to stay here”

“Miss” she mumbled “I did not barge in and-“

“You did” I interrupted her “I’m checking out here in the morning, this is the worst hotel I have ever been to”

I slammed the door as  I jumped on the bed and snuggled again. I could not sleep.


I replayed the conversation over and over again in my head. When she said it was haunted and a guy called “david” mum died here. I forced myself to sleep until I finally succeeded. The swish of the curtains made me wake up again. I woke up as I looked around. It was 4.30 in the morning. I sighed heavily as I got out  of bed to go to the toilet. The tiles were so cold that my bare feet turned red. I sat on the toilet bow dozingly as I heard a big bang. It made me awake as I walked to the bedroom and I saw my laptop. It was cracked.

“Oh my god!”I whispered.

I knelt down on my knees as I closed my eyes hard and opened them again. It was real. I tried to open it and switch it on as I felt a very heavy breeze. It was freezing. I reached out to get my cardigan. When I heard whispers and mutterings. I looked around and soon realised it must be the room next to mine. I, then started testing my laptop to see if it works when I heard really loud whispers. I shook my head violently when I heard the toilet flush. I perked up my head, this time really freezing and my heart pounding fast.

“Anybody there?” I yelled . Then it was the curtains, it was swinging left and right until it was hitting my head. I looked toward it’s direction and there was a shadow. I could see what looked like wavy hair springing about. The shadow was obviously black so I could not see any facial features but I saw the teeth. The teeth was sticking out everywhere.  MY eyes stared at the creatures face. Then it was moving.

“Oh my god” I whispered frantically. It sank on its knees and crawled towards me. I blinked very hard and opened my eyes again. It was real. IT crawled over the curtain and that’s where I finally got to see what it looked like. The eyes were scary. It was golden brown and it sparkled this time. It started humming.

“You’re gonna become like me” It whispered. It repeated the line but louder and louder each time. It crawled faster now. I backed quickly until my head hit the hotel door. IT stopped moving. It stared straight into my eyes and looked towards the television of the room. I grabbed a lamp as i hid it at the back of me. It crawled slowly this time towards me this time saying

“You’re gonna know what its like to be hung”

She repeated it  louder and louder.


“You are going to know what it’s like to be hung” she screamed this time.

Then it was running. It’s eyes sparkled extra this time. It was like everything was in slow motion. I blinked back. I threw the lamp as I ran of the room. I banged on the opposite room’s door. There was it. It opened the door with a growl.

“You can’t get away from me” it screamed.

I ran towards the flight of stairs and down and down. Once I was satisfied it was not behind me I collapsed on the bench.

“Oh my god, this cannot be real” I whispered as blood trickled through my head. I got away from it, I told myself. I told myself I was safe. Maybe I was lying to myself so I climbed down the last flight of stairs determind to get out of here. I fingered my phone in my pocket as I called my boyfriend.

“Hello” my boyfriend said.

“Come help me, please there’s this creature its, its-“ I stammered.

“Calm down, did you have a bad dream?”

“No, please you have to believe me please”

“Im coming alright, but its just a bad dream sweetie its just a –“

“Stop!” I yelled.

The phone dropped. I sprung out to get it when I felt two sharp claws sink into my skin.

“Go up” it whispered “Go up”

I walked silently up until it was the fifth floor.

“Stop” it whispered when we were halfway up the stairs. I tried to get out of its reach but it squeezed my shoulder harder. Its claws sank into my skin as a pool of blood formed onto the floor.It leaned me against the railing as I tried not to look down. With one push I could fall for my life. Down was a golden carpet and a counter. It was so high. I was terrified.

“You killed my boyfriend and me”it whispered.

“No I did not”I yelled “You must have mistaken me for somebody else.

“You deserve to die”it whispered. 

It pushed me off the railing.  I was falling down. The railing was beneath my reach as I hit the floor with a thump. My vision was blurry as I saw that receptionist crowding around me. She was hysterical. I looked up as darkness circled me. This was the death of Gracie Hemingway.




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