Being A Stranger

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Here We Are

Submitted: September 09, 2017

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



Bandaranaike International Airport , Colombo 

It's 4 AM, I'm hungry and sleepy. I've had a long and tiring night of traveling continuously for past 12 hours. Let me tell you, layovers are never a good idea, Never. I had waited for my connecting flight at Kolkata airport for almost 5 hours, getting bored to death. I sincerely hope this country better helps me forget the pain of traveling on budget airlines. I checked into The Privilege Lounge, got myself a glass of wine and secured a spot at the corner sofas. I know I'm starving, but a glass of wine never hurt anyone. I'm reading my book when I felt someone is looking at me. I glanced up and noticed another brown guy sitting right across the hall. Is that guy checking me out? Maybe not. He looks cute though. I wonder if he is Indian. And wait, he's reading too. Nice! His hair is light brown and he seems fairer than most Indian guys. He seems to be engrossed in his book. Let's mind our own business, girl.

"Hey, I can't help but notice that you are reading '1984'. It's one of my all time favorites", that brown haired guy is standing in front of me. How tall is this guy? 6 feet? He is towering over my poor soul! A bit intimidated, I just smiled.

"Are you from India?" he asked smiling back. "Yes, I'm Indian. And you?" I had to ask. His blue eyes are uncommon for an Indian guy, but his facial features do look as if he's from North India. "Yes, I'm from Delhi basically. Hi, I'm Manav. Nice to meet you Miss....." he extended his hand. "Hi Manav, I'm Zoravi. I'm from Chandigarh." I shook his hand. "Hi Zoravi, do you mind if I take a seat here? I was kind of getting bored out there alone. But it's okay if you don't want to chat", he immediately added. I do want to get some sleep right now, but let's not be rude here. "Sure. You want something to drink?", I asked merely out of courtesy.

"So Zoravi, are you here for vacation or work?" Manav asked.

"I'm here for business.", I said. You can't be telling the truth to everyone you meet, especially to the guys who look like a walking one night stand.

"Oh, nice. You don't look like a businesswoman though?", he smirked.

"Well, I get that a lot. And I'd take it as a compliment. So thanks.", I smirked back. Two can play this game. "Anyways, I think I need to go now. My colleague's flight has just arrived." I gestured to flight schedule on screen right behind Manav. Better leave before this goes too far.

"Alright. It was nice talking to you. Have a safe trip. Maybe we'll see each other somewhere in Delhi or Chandigarh." he smiled broadly. I noticed the dimples in both his cheeks. Cute smile!

"Yeah sure. Bye, have a safe journey.", I waved back and left the lounge. Just now I realized that I never asked him where he was headed to or is he here for work or travel. But that hardly matters. I need to go.

I got a text from Aman stating his location.His flight has landed. It's time girl.

The hotel car was outside, waiting. Hotel is located quite far from the city. This is was my idea to book a hotel away from the crowd. Rather than watching the Citylights, I want this vacation to be relaxing and laid back. The reviews for this hotel listed its location as the cons. It said, 'The hotel is too far from the city. And is located in a completely secluded area.' That's exactly what I want. The scenary on the way from airport to hotel assured me that I've made the right choice. We were out of the city in an hour, and for the rest of the journey, we passed through goodly farms, murky forests, colossal wastelands and picturesque mountains. After a four-hour long drive, I finally arrived at the hotel. I must say I fell in love with my bed at the first sight. The room is beyond perfect. And the view, Oh My God, the view is to die for! I took a few pictures and send to the two people who knew about my trip. My brother and Aman.

"Wow, nice view you got there. Already checked in? I'm still on my way to the hotel." Aman's reply came almost instantly.

"The view is breath-taking! Show me your room when you reach the hotel. I want to see how Disneyland resort rooms looks like." I texted back.

"Sure, but now I'm thinking maybe I should've gone to Sri Lanka too. Hong Kong feels so similar to Singapore. It's like I'm roaming in my city itself. Same crowd, same buildings. Kinda boring." he replied.

"Well, do try to make the most of it in Disneyland. I'm sure it's gonna be worth it." I had nothing else to say.

"Yeah I will. You too have fun in Kandy. I've reached my hotel. Will text later. Bye"

"Bye", I texted back and took a deep sigh. It would have been perfect if we were together. But alas, destiny had a different plan.

A time out from the horrible decisions I've been making so far is what I need. Now I'm here, in Sri Lanka. 
There is nobody here to please, nobody to annoy. I'm can be wild and free once again. It's time to freshen up, from inside out.

Later in the afternoon I lay by the pool, infinity pool to be accurate, reading my book. The local beer here is divine, I'm already a fan. The staff is so good to me. I wonder if they are so attentive just to keep me company. I missed traveling solo. A shadow appeared over my head and blocked the sun. I looked up. A tall figure of almost 6 feet is towering over me and I couldn't make out the face in the backdrop of the sun. I covered my eyes to take a better look. "Excuse me?", I said.

"Enjoying the Lankan Sun?", the guy spoke.

It's Manav, the guy from the airport! What the hell is he doing here?

"Oh hi...I'm actually.....I'm.....I....." I'm at loss for words here. This is supposed to be a secluded place!

"Nice to see you as well, Miss Zoravi", he sat down on the chair next to me and had a broad smile on his face. Those dimples!

"Oh, where are my manners, sorry", I straightened up, "Hello Manav, nice to see you too". I had lied to him about my purpose of visit here. Now I have to think of a story to support my lie. "Are you staying here as well?",I added. Please say no.

"Yes, my room is on the third floor. And I'm guessing you are on top?" he smirked.

Really? All these good looks and such cheap mouth? You can do better than this Manav!

I ignored his comment. "Anyways, it was good to see you again. I hope you have a pleasant stay here. It's a beautiful place, isn't it?", I said as I started picking up my stuff to leave. I do admire your charming looks boy, but that awful mouth of yours isn't going to get you anywhere near me again.

"Yes, it is beautiful. But I find what's staying inside the resort more charming", he smirked again as twinkling his blue eyes rolled over my swimsuit clad body. I wish I could knock out few teeth out of your mouth for rewarding you for the X-Ray your eyes just did.

I said nothing and started walking back to my room. I know he's watching me as I walk away, I could sense his mischievous smile gauging my behind; but to hell with it. I'm not here to take offenses.

"Hey Miss Chandigarh, by the way, this place has a special service for pretty ladies. Don't be surprised if you get any unexpected presents", he called up from behind.

I turned my head back, gave a fake tight-lipped smile and moved on. Dear God, was it too much to ask for a peaceful vacation?

The reception staff was kind enough to suggest few more activities that I could indulge in to brighten up my evening, after the horrible Manav encounter. I think a hydrotherapy would be nice to calm my nerves tired from the long journey. As I laid down in the large open-air Jacuzzi, I almost let out a moan. This feels so damn good. The rose petals in the milky water, with wildflowers all around make this bath seem like picture taken out from fancy perfume ads. My masseur is a kind eyed Indonesian girl who left me with a cup of hot lemon tea and coconut slices. I never want to leave this tub.

After what felt like the most soothing thirty minutes of life, my masseur came back and asked me to wash up. It's time for massage. Already? But I was having such a good time in the water. My puppy face didn't impress her much and she gestured to the shower. But wait, I didn't opted for massage. I only booked a session of hydrotherapy. I asked the lady and she replied with a warm smile, "Madam, it's on the house." Wow, that's nice.

I came back to my room at 7 PM, all pampered up from the massage experience. Something glittery caught my attention, someone had placed an envelope on my bedside table. It's a shiny envelope, and the card inside is all black, with silver letters printed on it.

'I hope you had an amazing day today.

I wish I could be right here with you, I know you wish that too'

But there's no signature. Who could have send this? Aman? Is that you? No, this can't be you. I'm pretty sure this isn't your style. But what if. Or cis that Suven, my ex-fiance? No, it can't be him.

A knock on door distracted me. The waiter handed me a parcel and a small envelope. "But I didn't order anything?"I hesitated to receive the parcel. "Mam, it has your name on it. Consider it a gift, I suppose" he placed the things in my hands and left.

The card read, 'Sorry if I came across as a cunt. I can do better. Manav.'

And the box had a soft fabric in it. I pulled it out, this is a scarf. A white cotton scarf, with large blue orchid flowers printed all over. It's beautiful!

However, I can't accept this. Thanks Manav for this gesture, but it's too much. I guess I'll just drop this at the reception.

"Hello Mam, I hope everything is fine and you are enjoying your stay with us", the reception lady seemed to enthusiastic to see me again. Are they so happy to see each of their guests? How can she put on such wide smile for so long. My face is hurting by just looking at that smile. Why do I have a resting bitch face on anyways. I should smile as well. "Hi, umm.. can you please take this", I extended the parcel towards the desk, "And please tell Mr. Manav that I appreciate the gesture but I can't accept this?", I am already tired of smiling. She looks confused. I should clarify, "I forgot to mention. This is from another guest, Mr. Manav..umm...I don't know his last name. But I know he's staying at the third floor", well, that's all I know about this guy. She politely accepted the parcel and kept it with her. "And by the way, can you please tell me for how long is Mr. Manav staying in this resort? I mean, I know it's none of my business, but I'm just curious", I had to ask. Please say just for one night. Her face brightened at this question. Her smile widened and I think she blushed a little as well," Madam, Mr. Manav is going to be here for a month or so". A month, seriously? I wonder what's so special about this damn place. "A month, that's a pretty long time. He must really like this place", although it looks any other resort. "Yes Madam, it's his favorite property", she beamed. Favorite property? Funny how these people use certain words.

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