Being A Stranger

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Is that you?

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



Kandy, Sri Lanka

The sunlight here seems sharper than that back home. I forgot to turn in the curtains last night and this morning sun is killing me.7 AM, the clock read. I should sleep for another couple of hours. I closed the curtains and fell back on my bed like a dead fish, face first. Wait, what wason the floor? With eyes half-closed I looked down at the floor. Another shiny envelope. You know what, I'm going to pretend I didn't see that. I'm sleeping.

The ringing telecom woke me up. 11 AM. "Good Morning madam, hope you a good night. Your drive is here" Oh great, I completely forgot about that. "Hi, thanks. I'll be down in fifteen minutes. Can you ask the driver to wait?"

I reached the reception half an hour later, still half-asleep. "Hi, I think my driver is here for the city tour. Can you inform him I'm ready to go?" The forever-smiling lady was still smiling at the reception. "Sure Madam", she picked up the phone, dialed a number and her face brightened up, again. "Madam, your ride is right outside. Have a great day", she said gazing deep into my eyes. Why is she looking so intently at me? Do I have something on face? And did she just sigh? Something is wrong with this woman.

Nice car. I spoke under my breath as I saw a shiny black Lexus waiting outside. However the charm disappeared the second I saw Manav getting out from drivers seat. Wrong car. I turned my head and looked for my car. It should be here by now. Please God, don't let this obnoxious guy notice me here now. And where the hell is my driver?

"Always a pleasure seeing you", Manav is here. Great, now I have to talk to him. Manav continued, "I would've said Good Morning, but it would be an understatement. This morning is not just good, it's perfect", he smiling, not smirking, actually smiling showing off his dimples. I swear I'm going to kill my driver if he doesn't arrives here in next five seconds.

"Hi Manav, or should I say Your Highness since you own this palace of gold?", I smiled the most fake smile I could manage. He chuckled. Really? You find this funny?

"Sarcasm eh? Anyways, I guess we never properly introduced ourselves", he smirked.

"Well, you already introduced yourself as a cunt if I remember correctly", I shouldn't have said that. But the words left my tongue before I stop them. Oops.

He laughed a hearty laugh. I guess he didn't mind me saying that. "Yes I did, but I also told you I can do better", he took me by my wrist, pulled me and started walking. Before I could say anything he spoke," We'll be having plenty of time for introductions today on the city tour. I promise you'll be seeing a not-so-cunt side of me today." I stopped, and my sudden halt surprised him. "What?", he asked, confused. I should be the confused one here, "Excuse me, but where are we going? And who told you I'm going anywhere with 'you'? My driver is going to be here any minute", I jerked my wrist off from his hold.

"My lady, I am your driver for today, and this is your ride", he said nonchalantly pointing to the Lexus. "Well, that is not the ride you booked. But I send that driver of yours away. The company he works for isn't in good books of most of my guests. They have a horrible reputation down here. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." He looked serious.

"And who do you think you are to take this decision for me? Oh, yes, I remember, you are the Prince Charming here?", I can't believe he just send away my ride. It was already paid for. Who the hell he thinks he is.

"I told you I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Also, you are my guest and I always make sure that my foreign guests experience only the best in Kandy", he looked irritated. I guess there's no point in arguing here. Better go back and sleep it off. I'm already tired. "Alright Mr.Charming, thanks for all your concern. I'll just ask the reception desk to arrange a tour for me tomorrow. See you around", I smiled although I wanted to roll my eyes at him. And before he could say anything to make this conversation continue I headed back inside the hotel.

Did I just blew off the owner of this goddamn resort? I'm not sure if it was a wise thing to do. But I just can't stand this guy. Maybe I should move to another hotel today.

The telecom rang as soon as I entered the room. "Hi, you never replied to the note I left you this morning", this was Manav, not the reception. The envelope was still lying on the floor. I forgot all about it in hurry earlier. I picked it up and opened it. I understand you don't any gifts. Fine, no gifts. But how about a chance? Just one hour. "Hello? Zoravi, are you still there?", Manav was still on the line. I swear I had disconnected it. "Oh, Hi, yes I'm here", I picked up the receiver. "So, what do you think?", he asked. "Well", I took a deep sigh, "Manav, I understand that you just want to amend the first impression. But it's all good. You don't have to do all this." I'm not here for this. I'm here to relax, to be alone for a while. "OK. Got it. I hope to see you at lunch? We have wonderful continental cuisine in our Lunch menu", he is still trying. "That's good, but I'm afraid I can't make it. I'm checking out today. Can we talk later? I have to pack my stuff. Bye Manav", that's right. I can't stay here. Not anymore.

"Hi, I'm checking out", I smiled at the sweet receptionist and handed-over my keys. But she didn't even listen. She is busy with some other guest. "Madam, I don't care that you guys don't have a room. I confirmed the vacancy over the call last night", the guy with a Australian accent seems annoyed. "Yes sir, I gravely apologize for that. I guess there has been some miscommunication. We deeply regret the inconvenience. However, we can arrange for a room at our other property", the receptionist looks worried. "Excuse me", I interrupted them, "You can give him my room. I'm checking out", I seriously don't know why I said that. But that poor girls looked really worried. And I don't want some tough, foul-mouthed Australian dude being rude to her. The guy looked at me, his long blonde hair hiding almost half of his masculine face. The receptionist girl first looked at me, then at the guy and then back at me. I guess she's not sure what's happening here. I should explain, "Hi, I had a booking here for 5 nights, starting yesterday, but I'm checking out now. So I guess you have a room for this gentleman here". She opened her mouth to speak, but Mr. Gentleman cut her off, "Well, if you don't mind, may I know the reason for your early check-out. I'm sure it must their pathetic service", he looked sharply at the poor receptionist. "Well, Mister, firstly, my reasons are non of your business and secondly, their services are exceptional. Now if you'll please excuse me, I have to clear my bill," I turned away from him and smiled warmly to the girl. I'm with you girl. She quietly processed my bill and I left the dreaded place.

After roaming around in the town for two hours, I finally got a descent hotel. It's not as luxurious as the previous one, but this is more cozy. Also, I don't have enough budget to spend on hotel, again, so this is the best deal.

Just as I thought my day one is wasted, I got invitation to join the pool party at the rooftop pool of the hotel. I guess this place isn't so bad after all.

I'll admit that I'm few margaritas down and a little high. But this party is crazy. I came to know that almost all the guests staying here are backpackers. I cannot spot a single middle aged person in this party. It feels like I'm partying back at my hostel. And the conversations are so good. I got a tap on my shoulder and a thick Australian accent accompanying it, "Hey you, the early check-out girl!". Ok, so here is the tall, blonde, grumpy guy again. "Hey, Hi Mr.Grumpy!". Oops, I should've have said that. Don't be rude, you drunkard. He chuckled. Alright, he's high too. "Hey hey, I'm the coolest guy you'll ever know", he extended his hand, "You can call me Simon" His hand feels rough. "Hi Simon, I'm Zoravi. I thought you found a room there?", I smiled broadly. Why am I smiling so much? This is the last drink for the night I swear. " Yeah I did. But I didn't like that rude receptionist. So I changed my mind. This place is so much better, isn't it?", He asked, mostly to himself. We chatted on for a while and I found out that he's here for a business deal. First impressions forgotten, he seems like a nice guy. Or maybe I'm just high and everyone seems nicer now. Just one more drink and I'll go back to my room, I promise. I've had enough.

A knock on the door wakes me up. What time is it? 4 AM, oh okay. But wasn't I at the party with Simon? Oh no, please don't tell me Simon is lying next to me right now and we just... I panicked and turned on the lights. Empty bed. Thank God! A knock again at the door. Who is that now, at this hour? I'm still wearing my party dress. How did I even get to my room? I wore the bathrobe over my dress and walked to the door. As I clutched the handle, I could sense my head spinning. I guess I had more drinks than I should have. But at least I'm in my room, fully clothed and alone. The door opened to reveal a figure of a man. I was still scratching my head and my eyes first fell onto his shoes. I have seen these shoes somewhere long time ago. I looked up and was met with a pair of dark mesmerizing eyes. The eyes that left me spellbound at Singapore airport. 

"What took you so long to open the damn door!", Aman barged in.

Wait a second, is that really him? Wasn't he supposed to be in Hong Kong right now? I am sure I'm hallucinating. I am too drunk to think straight. This is not real.

"What? Move away from the door and let me close it. Go back to sleep. You need to sleep it off," Aman, or my imagination of Aman, closed the door and dragged me back to bed. His hand on my elbow send sparks in my numb body.

"Aman?" I spoke vaguely, still not able to believe what I'm seeing right now.

He pulled me towards the bed, made me lie down and tugged me in the sheets. I wonder if this is a dream. But even it is, it's beautiful. He switched off the lights and before I could think of anything else, I'm already dreaming of him kissing my forehead.

Many a times, when I'm dreaming, I'm aware that it's a dream. This usually happens when I'm stressed. And this is one of those nights. I'm dreaming of the moment when me and Aman had just landed at the Kuala Lumpur airport. How badly my throat is hurting right now. I can barely speak. I need something warm to soothe my nerves. If only I could get hot water right now. And magically a glass appears on the table, just as I wished. I take sip, and there it is. Warm Warm. He has his smug smile, and slowly he leans in and whispers into my ear, "You're welcome"

I woke up just in time for the complimentary breakfast. What a dream it was! If only. 
With no time to waste, I need to shower and dress up for breakfast. Just as I turned the knob of bathroom door to enter, I'm jolted. "What the fuck!" an angry scream came out from the shower. "What the fuck?" I shouted back and closed my eyes. "Can you please get the hell out?" Aman grabbed the towels. I banged the door shut and paused to catch my breath. I'm stunned. What the hell did just happen? What is he doing here? And why is he in my bathroom?

"Aman, what the fuck are you doing here?", I spoke to the closed bathroom door. He didn't reply. I turned around in absolute confusion and noticed his bag half opened on the sofa. The bed on the other side is messed up too. Did he sleep in here? How did he even got in? I have so many questions.

Aman came out of the shower, shirtless, with a towel draped onto his waist. I'm having a hard time not to ogle his muscular torso and focus on his face. I know he works out, and that is clearly visible on his abs. I wonder how strong he is. Shut up girl. Focus on the face, the face, not the abs. How can I keep my thoughts straight with his insane fragrance filling up the room. The small room seems even smaller with him standing in the middle of it. His coarse voice pulled me out of my daydream about his abs.

"You should learn to knock", he is trying to sound annoyed, but he is clearly failing at it. I can the ghost of smile on his lips. "First of all, are you even here", I spoke, cutting him off before he could say anything, "I mean, how the hell did you get here? And what are you doing here? The last time I checked you were at Disneyland..." Aman cut me off by loudly whispering "Shhhhhh.. you have so many questions!", he grabbed a T-Shirt and pulled it over his head. No, please don't wear that, I promise I won't ask anymore questions. But please keep standing there shirtless.

"Anyway, I'll answer all your questions at the breakfast. I'm starving. Meet me down at the restaurant", he pulled his pants on, threw the towel on my face and left the room. The door shut close. Was he just here or am I still dreaming? My head is hurting so much. I swear I'll never touch alcohol again.

I spotted Aman sitting at one of the corner tables at the patio. And here I thought I'll never see this guy again. "Good morning, you look less-drunk now", he smiled as I sat down across him with my food. "Good morning, you look more-monkey now" I smirked, "you looked better when I was drunk." You look divine when I'm sober and heavenly when I'm high. But I'm never going to say that out loud.

"Would you care to explain what is going on here?" I gestured my finger across the empty space between us. "Sure, but let me eat first. First food, then Q&A", he smirked and gobbled a mouthful of fruit. I know you are trying to mess around with me but I'm enjoying this. God, I missed you!


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