Being A Stranger

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Let's Play

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Aman did not reveal anything about the situation and dodged every question. Exasperated I gave up and he went back to the room. Maybe I can ask the reception people about this. They can't be letting in random people into their guests' room. I'm sure they'll know part of the story.

"Hi, Good Morning" I smiled at the cute guy at the reception. "Good morning madam. How are you today? I hope you didn't experience anymore inconvenience last night. We deeply regret what happened. Here's a complimentary upgrade for you guys. We have got our special honeymoon suite for you and your husband", he spoke this without break and handed me the keys. "Umm, okay.", I am even more confused now. "Your luggage is being shifted as we speak now. Have a good day madam", he spoke cheerfully. Alright, maybe I should just shut up and get the upgrade. I'm sure the story will be worth it.

Aman is busy setting up his stuff in the walk-in closet of 'our' presidential honeymoon suite. "How much longer do I have to wait for the answers? You know patience is a virtue that I don't posses", I dragged my backpack onto the shelves of the cupboard. He continued doing his thing and spoke without looking up, "If I hadn't been here last night, you'd found yourself in someone else's room. I'm sure that's not why you are here", his words made me hold my breath. "Anyways, you are welcome", he finally looked up. I don't believe him. I am never out of my senses when I'm drunk, never. He's lying.

"That's bullshit. Tell me the truth, Aman", I don't know why, but all of a sudden I'm furious. He let out a deep sigh and sat on the shelf. "Listen, I know you handle yourself very well, but when I saw you last night it was not a pretty sight. You were literally hanging around some blonde dude. And even a fool could tell what was about to happen next." Alright, so maybe I was a little high. And that blonde dude must be Simon, he's a good guy. Girl, you just met him, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Okay fine, maybe he's not good, I don't know. But I do know I'll never do anything that I didn't want. Maybe I was just having a good time. Anyway, this still doesn't explain how and why Aman is sitting here in this closet with me.

"Aman, I was high. Maybe a little too much. But what I need to know is how did you get here?", I need to know, now. "Let's take a walk, I will tell you everything", he got up and headed for the door. I had no choice but to follow. Why is this guy always keep on testing my patience?

I had planned to go Sigriya today. The Lion Rock there is known as 8th Wonder of the World. It's a 3 hour drive from here and of-course Aman decided to join me for the day trip. The day is too hot and the sun is burning me away. It was Aman's suggestion to take the hike up the Rock without a guide. We are not even halfway up and I'm already half-dead. A thousand steps, that too on a steep rock. The mere sound of this is making my legs tremble. But Aman just won't let me give up.

1150 excruciating steps later I'm standing at the top of the mountain rock. I have never seen such breathtaking 360 degree view. I am smiling on my own and hear a whisper, "You're welcome", Aman is smiling smugly. God, that smile!

On our way home, I was sleeping for most the time. I am tired, and a little sunburned as well. I may have laid my head on Aman's shoulders while sleeping on the backseat of the cab. And more than once, I did notice that I am lying on him. But I didn't move. It felt too good to move away. And he didn't seem to mind. Maybe he likes it as well. Or maybe he is just being a gentleman that he is, you stupid girl.

I'm exhausted but I won't sleep. I cannot waste another minute now. I am with Aman right now and God knows when would I ever see him again, if I did anyway. However, the hotel people won't let us alone. As soon as we entered the hotel, the receptionist 'insisted' that we must join their barbecue party. Well, that shouldn't be so bad. I guess we can have nice dinner before we call it a night.

The garden is crowded, but there is no loud music this time and no drunk teenagers. Just a soothing orchestra in the corner and people chilling out. I noticed Simon in the crowd and immediately turned away. But too late, he is already on his way, with a wide grin. I wanted to see Aman's reaction on this but he has somehow vanished. I can smell Simon's cologne from a mile away, it's blocking my nostrils. He grabbed me into a bear hug and shouted in his thick accent into my ears, "I thought you died or something. Girl, you gotta control your drinking", he chuckled and pulled me by my wrist towards the table where he was sitting. Where the hell is Aman now? Simon seemed to be okay with whatever I did last night and happily introduced me to occupants of the table. "Hi everyone, this is Zoravi. And Zoravi, this is everyone, hah, I mean this is Nikky, Ruben, Salim and Angela. Guys, where's the champ?", everyone glanced around, looking for the missing 'champ' Me and Simon took seats opposite to each other. Angela was SImon's girlfriend and she seems to be okay with me drunk-dancing with Simon last night. She's fun and I immediately liked her. Aman is still nowhere to be see. I guess he got bored and left already. Maybe I should go and find him. I excused myself and began to get up. My head collided with someone trying to pull the chair next to mine. "Ouch!", I winced in pain. Rubbing my head, I looked up to see brown mass of hair and blue eyes staring at me. Manav? What the hell is he doing here? "Hey champ, where were you?" Simon's voice came from somewhere behind. He, the champ? Yeah, the name fits him perfectly. Idiot fellow.

"Are you okay?" Manav spoke softly. Did I just see concern in his eyes? I thought all he knew was to piss people off. "Yeah, I'm fine. Excuse me, I need to go find someone", I walked by. I don't want to be anywhere near him for now. I can't see Aman anywhere. Maybe I should check the room, I guess he has gone to sleep. Simon found me before I could exit the venue and pulled me back. "You are not going unless you have few drinks with us. Come on now, we got your friend here with us too", he spoke as he led me towards the table. Manav is not my friend. I almost said this out loud when I noticed Aman sitting next to Nikky . Something inside me didn't like this sight. Simon sat next to Aman. And the only other empty seat was next to Manav.

"Let's play a game." Angela cheered as everyone clinked their glasses for the toast. "But which game?", this was Simon. "How about the oldest classiest one, Truth or Dare?" Manav suggested and everyone, except me cheered. I don't want to play this game with a bunch of strangers. But you played it with Aman, and he was a stranger too at that time. I guess I played that game because I wanted to change that. I wanted him to more than just a stranger to me. See, right now he is sitting right in front of me. But what are we now? Still strangers.

The game started and everyone is hooked immediately. We ordered round of beers one after another. Angela kissing Nikky was something that hyped up all the guys in the group. My eyes kept drifting towards Aman. He is not drinking and I hope he is having a good time with this group. Manav is the most active one in the group, doing all the dares he is given, except kissing Simon. That would have been quite a scene though. I can see Nikky smiling flirtatiously towards Aman. Aman, you better not play along, or you'll sleeping on the floor tonight.

'Slow dance with the person sitting on your right', Angela gave the dare to Manav. And everyone is looking at me. I'm the one sitting on Manav's right. He offered to take my hand and stood up. I should not say no. It's just a dance. I held his hands and we began to move slowly to the music. His hand rested on my lower back but he never hinted on doing anything beyond that. I looked up to him and saw him gazing deeply into my eyes. We moved together and I could tell he knows how to dance. We were interrupted with Simon "Uhmmm uhmm" and returned back to our seats. That was a good dance.


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