Being A Stranger

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - I Dare You

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"Truth or dare?" Simon asked. It was my turn to reply. I could see challenge in Simon's eyes. He is well aware of the effect Aman has on me. I know he wants me to choose dare and I know what is going on his mind if I do choose dare. But I'm few beers down to choose wisely. "Dare!" I called out, a bit too loudly.

"Ahan! Just what I wanted to hear from you!" Simon exclaimed. "Bring it on Simon. Show me what you've got. And yes, give me the best on you could think of." I regretted these words as soon as they left my mouth. But I'm high and oddly enough, bold right now. So let's do it. How bad it can be? And anyways, I can always say no.

"Alright baby girl. Let's see if you can be as brave as you claim to be. No, don't worry. I promise you won't regret this task", Simon's thick accent in place as he downed another glass of beer.

Now all eyes are on Simon, and my heart is racing maniacally. Please Simon, just say it already. This suspense is killing me. And just then I noticed Simon's eyes trying to read Manav's. Is Manav trying to get me into trouble here? Of all the dares I could get, having to do anything with Manav would be most troublesome. I don't want things to get complicated. Not now.

Suddenly my foot is hit by something under the table. It's like someone just poked me. I wonder if that actually happened or its just that I'm high and am imagining things. I looked at Manav to check if it was him. But he is still looking at Simon, and trying to mouth words at him. I tried to make out what he's tell him when suddenly another poke hits my foot. Before I ask Manav out-rightly, Simon spoke up, still looking at Manav, "Okay then. I'll keep it simple. Kiss him."

What? No! I wanted to shout. I looked first at Simon and then at Manav. "What?" Me and Manav both said at the same time. Me in shock and Manav in surprise.

Simon laughed,"Are you chickening out? I don't think Aman would be such a bad kisser." "I know but I don't think I can kiss A..." Wait, did he say Aman? I looked at Aman and I could see his eyes widening as well. Simon continued, "Unless, ofcourse Aman doesn't want you to. It' not his dare I mean!" Everyone chuckled except me. It was Aman's turn to speak now, "Well, I don't mind it." Alright mister, if that's how you want to play the game. I walked up to him and gestured him to stand up. Like a good boy, he obeyed. I can see the amusement dancing in his eyes and the clever words forming in his mouth. I know he is about to pass a comment and as soon as he opened his lips, I went forward to shut him. Just before I could reach him, a loud voice jolted us both. "Hey you guys, come on inside. Looks like a storm is coming." I backed out immediately, almost falling back. But his hands were quick enough to hold my arm. I avoided eye contact and turned away to go inside. Everyone took their drinks and phones and headed for their rooms. I am blushing so hard right now. Oh my God, I almost kissed him. That too in front of so many other people! What was I thinking? Stupid drunk girl! Better get back to my room as quickly as possible. I hope no one remembers anything in the morning. Everyone is drunk anyway. But not Aman. He is not drunk. He will remember this. I just hope he never mentions it.

It has started to rain now and I literally have to run to my room. A voice called up from behind. "You are running? I thought you loved the rain." Aman is coming towards this way. Yes Aman, I love the rain. But right now, if I didn't run, I might be in love with something else as well. And that won't be so favorable to you.

"It's getting late", that's all I could say. He is now standing just few steps away. "I know" he said almost in a whisper. It' raining now and we both are now standing awkwardly in the pathway. "Well, let's get to our rooms then." I suggested but none of us moved. I know I want to stand here like this, in the rain, just looking at him, not saying another word, but I don't want to be in trouble. If I stayed a little onger, I might not be able to move altogether. Slowly, I turned back and started to walk. This could be a tough walk girl, but you better not look back. I could hear his footsteps following me. We were passing through the garden when the footsteps behind me stopped. I felt as if I'm leaving something behind and should turn around to pick it up. But I must keep on walking. And you thought he would follow you? These hopes are going to get you in trouble someday girl! "Aman", he called up from behind. "Yeah?" I asked as I turned out.

"I think you forgot something."

"What? I didn't carried anything when I left my room."

"You forgot your dare. You never completed it."

"I know. But the game is over now."

"I know. But I won't mind."

"I know you won't mind. But why should I?"

"Maybe because you want to?"

"Is that how you usually ask for a kiss? I wonder if it ever works."

He covered the distance and stood just an arm's distance away. "Hey, I'm not asking for anything. I just gave you a chance to do something that you wanted to do so badly few minutes ago." He said with a smirk.

"Well, you don't have to worry about what I want or not."

"Alright, your loss."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm soaking now. Let's go."

We both were soaking now and it's getting cold as well. As I tried to walk away, he held me wrist. And before I knew, his lips were on mine. At first it was strange; I know my lips are cold because of all the chilled beer and this weather. He went still for a second, but the next moment I know slowly but steadily he moved his warm lips against my cold ones. I followed his rhythm. He is gentle and passionate all at once. His hand is now at my back pulling me even closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and crushed myself against him. I don't know how long did this go, but when we stopped, we both were out of breath. I want more, that's all I could think of. I looked up at him and I knew he wants the same.

We both started walking to our room, both drenched in rain. I want to hold his hand, but I'm not sure how he would react. I don't want him to think I'm desperate, which I obviously am. None of us spoke another word till we reached our door. He opened it for me, like he always does. I so want to kiss him right now. I went straight to the bathroom, took a thorough shower, scrubbed every inch of my body and applied my most precious scented body lotion. Not that I'm anticipating anything would happen, but it's better to be safe than sorry. As I'm putting on my blush colored Victoria's Secret lingerie, I get a feeling that for the first time, someone is going to notice how much money did I spend on this ridiculous thing. Not that anything is going to happen, but why not be prepared. Wow, I do look good, I whispered to my image on the mirror. This color really suits me. Maybe I should buy more of these. Sexy lingerie is definitely as must-have to boost your confidence girl.

Aman was making coffee when I came out. I joined him and we laughed on how terrible we both were at this simple act. It seems none of us is good at making coffee at hotel rooms. Things took a lighter turn. I am relaxed again, no more tingling toes.

"Do you want to continue the game?" Aman asked as we sat down on the bed, sipping our horrible coffee. "Why not?", I smiled. But we couldn't think of anything, so I switched to the mobile app. After few casual truths and dares later, more complicated things flashed on screen.

"Truth", I answered.

The app read, 'Kiss the player sitting opposite to you', Aman read that out loud. I looked at him, and raised an eyebrow. "Well, I won't mind", he said nonchalantly.

"I'll pass", I said casually.

"Okay, I pick dare", it's his turn now.

'Take off your shirt' I read the dare and tried to hide my blush.

"Okay", and in one swift movement, he removed his t-shirt.

Oh My God, I'm dead. How does he even has those abs? Are those even real? I so want to touch and see if he's actually that fit. Hold your horses, the game has just started.

"I pick dare", I need to show a little courage if I want things to go on the way I want.

'Kiss someone of the opposite gender', Aman read out. Why is this app so obsessed with me kissing someone? "You can't skip this time" Aman added.

"Okay", I said and turned in. Aman raised his hand to cup my face. Just before we were about to kiss, I burst into laughter. There is nothing funny in this situation, but this feels so weird. Aman looks so confused, it makes me laugh even harder. I should stop. I need to kiss this guy. "Okay, I'm sorry. Let's try again", I leaned in one more time. He came closer and as soon as he touched the back of my neck to pull me closer, I started laughing again. And he is blushing and embarrassed. He looks so cute right now. But I just can't stop laughing this time. "You know what, let's skip this for now", I had to skip this one.

"Okay, I pick dare", it was Aman's turn.

'Seduce the player sitting opposite to you', Wow, this sounds interesting.

"I can do this if you let me", Aman said. "Okay, just don't tickle." I said.

Aman started by moving his index finger on my wrist, all the way up to my shoulder. This feels normal. Then he put his hand on back on my shoulder and laid me down a little on the pillows. His other arm supporting my lower back as I lied down. I can ask him to stop right here, right now. But I don't want to. "Are you high" he whispered in my ear. "No", my voice barely coming out with him so close to me. "Good", he softly nuzzled his nose on my neck. My toes are beginning to curl. I don't even remember the last time I felt this way. I want him to come even more closer. My fingers found their way to his neck and I lazily held onto him. He pulled me up, closer, and our chests were touching now. Kiss me now, please. His lifted his face and caressed my lips with his fingers. All the while looking hungrily at my lips. Kiss me Aman, I beg you. He brought his lips closer to mine, but did not touch. Our breaths collided for few seconds. And slowly he lowered onto me. His lips softly touching mine and his body falling onto me. I felt like I was waiting for this happen since eternity.

I was woken up from my sleep with kisses all over me. Aman noticed that I had woken up and immediately took possession of my mouth. I never knew morning kisses can be so effective in waking you up. We stayed in bed for a little longer until the phone rang. "Good Morning mam, the driver is here", the receptionist spoke cheerfully. "Can we come down few minutes late", I need more time. "Madam, it would take more than three hours to reach the airport. And we are expecting heavy traffic today. I would suggest you leave at the earliest", he was serious. I looked at Aman. He didn't show any reaction. "Okay, we'll be down in fifteen minutes", I hung up. I don't want this end so soon. Please stay a little longer.

Aman's Hong Kong trip had been cut short because he needs to get back to work sooner than he intended. However the only flight he could get at the earliest was having a long stopover in Colombo. He decided to stretch his stopover further and booked the next available flight from Colombo. This way, he could visit Sri Lanka as well. I would like to believe that he did this to see me, but I'll never be sure. He has to return back to Singapore today.

"I'm going for shower", Aman slipped out of bed. And suddenly, it felt so cold. Fifteen minutes later, he was ready to leave. I want to say so much, I want to ask so much. But I can't. What do I do? Should I ask him what do we do next or should I just pretend nothing happened last night?

Before I could say anything at all, he lifted up his bag and pulled me for a quick hug. I don't know what to say. I'll miss you? I don't want you to go? That I'm hopelessly in love with you? What the fuck should I say? "I guess I'll go now. I don't want to miss the flight. You enjoy rest of your trip", he spoke as if he is saying goodbye to a stranger. I am frozen. Say something girl. But I can't. All my energy is diverted to let my eyes not to show what I'm feeling right now. I need to stand strong. There's no need for drama. Aman spoke after a pause, "Bye, will see you again, someday", he waved his hand. I said nothing, nothing at all. But I did arrange my face to offer a smile. A fake, non-revealing smile. A smile that you offer a stranger when you pass by. He smiled the same smile back and left the room. And just like that, he's gone. Again. But this time, I didn't run back to see him one last time. There was no need for that. I know I will see him everyday, everywhere. I know what he meant by 'someday'. We are not together, we never were, we never will be. He was having sex, and I was making love. That's it. There's nothing more to it. He left this time taking away everything I had. And I can't blame him. I let him. I wanted to be with him, and that's where I was wrong. I let myself to fall so hard that I forgot how difficult it is to rise again. How did we end up here girl? Girl, but please stay strong. Don't worry, I'm here with you. I know it's hard for you, I'm sorry he didn't love you, ever, but I do love you. I'll always love you.

There was a text from Manav on my phone. 'This Aman guy is your husband. Is that true? You're married?'

Be strong girl. The game has just begun and we need to learn to live with the loss here.


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