In Remembrance Of The Fallen Prophetic Hero

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Title says it all.

Submitted: September 09, 2017

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Submitted: September 09, 2017



Here lies the one, whom during his lifetime was called “The Hero of Prophecy”

Yet, the rest of history will call him “The Terrible”.

But that is only because they will not know the real man.

Whom I mourn over on this day.


No. He was not a man. He was just a boy,

Misled by the myth of prophecy.

His ego inflated by the lie of fate.

His mind broken by impossible expectations.

How could he be anything but a mad tyrant?


Even if the prophecy was true,

Then the emperor couldn’t have been human.

He would have to have been a ruler without flaw.

Who but a god could achieve something like that?


And I alone know, that when he came to his final stand.

When all went against him,

He never let go of his sword.

Just like how he never let go of the destiny he wished for.


That destiny which can no longer come to reality.

But will rather remain in the hearts of those who desired it.

And the one who predicted it.

Who now stands accused as a traitor for lying to his nation.

Nay, he did not simply lie.

He dabbled in that which is impossible.

To predict the future with upmost certainty.


And I pray that our hero will find happiness in the afterlife.

For the deities who dwell in the heavens will know of his true self.

Which is to say, what could have been.

The man who could have walked amongst us, had he been born in another time. Another place.


May he rest in peace.

The one who was a villain to the people.

But was a hero to me. 

© Copyright 2019 C.B. Wilder. All rights reserved.

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