A strange visitor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Are there such things as Leprechauns? Who was my visitor.

I got one up one morning long time ago now. I went outside to look around, it was a cold frosty morning in January.
The fields were white with frost, it was scenic but cold.
I live in rural Ireland, very quiet, nothing but green fields, except that morning they were White. 
By the side of the house there is a large Stone, that's nothing unusual, Ireland is full of large Stones.
Some stones are unusual, well said to be Fairy Stones, unlucky to move them or disturb them, thought to bring bad luck.
What was different with this stone this morning, someone was sitting on it.
What appeared to be a little man, as I went closer, it was a little man. 
He was not anyone I knew, he did not look like he was of this time, he wore funny clothes.
He looked to be freezing, well it wasn't very warm that morning.
I asked him if he was ok, he didn't reply.
I asked him if he was hungry, no response.
I asked him into the house to warm himself by the fire, I went in before him, left the door open behind me.
After a few moments he came in, stood at the door, looked around, looked at the open fire.
I pulled up a small stool in front of the fire, he came up and sat down by the fire.
I made him a cup of hot tea, some baked bread, few biscuits.
He sat there and he seemed to enjoy his tea, but still not a word from him.
If I believed in Leprechauns, id say he was as close to one as I would say who was one.
Why was he sitting outside my house, did the missus throw him out ha ha.
I chatted away to him, didn't ask any questions, I just chatted about this and that.
After he had finished his tea, I took his cup from him, asked if there was anything else he would like, he smiled, then there was a knock at the front door, I opened it there was no one there. 
I closed the door, turned around to speak to my little visitor, he was gone, the stool was empty. 
Where had he gone?? there was only one way out, that was past me by the front door.
I thought now that's weird, am I dreaming, that did happen??
The stool was still in front of the fire, must have be real.
I noticed something was on the stool, something shiny, I took a closer look, it was a gold sovereign.
I have only ever seen a sovereign in photos, that's how I knew what it was.
I still have that Sovereign, I'm afraid he might come back looking for it :)

I have often since wondered about what happened that morning.
Only for the Gold Sovereign Id say it was a dream.

Was he a Leprechaun? well I believe so, do you??

Submitted: September 10, 2017

© Copyright 2021 wjm hardy. All rights reserved.

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Of course he was! Nicely done!

Tue, September 12th, 2017 6:15pm


Thank you.


Tue, September 12th, 2017 11:34am

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