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continue of THE CHILD TERROR after few minutes she saw a boy of 13 years he taken her to his home and she said about her past and he joined her were he was working after 5YEARS she saw her father
on that village.........

Submitted: September 10, 2017

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Submitted: September 10, 2017



A family visits to a village named mohanpur which was 10km far from their city they visited waterfall and a famoush temple. A girl from that family was very interestedto go,She enjoyed a lot. After coming to the home. All were tired .Her father get a phone call from his friend and listened that their business has closed from last five hours.Her father says to her mother about the business.At that time girl listned .And thought about new business and said to her father her agreed her idea and started with their whole profits from their previous business.After few days By unlucky that business also fails.and started loss.she saw the news and thought cops will take her to the she decided to leave the home and go far from that .At evening without telling anybody she went out from her home . she had decided to go that village .she dont know what was the name of that village but she ask like (a big falls and a famoush temple) she consulted a driver and he said about a bus which goes to that village.she took her seat . By morning 5.00 bus departures from that city and arrives at morning 6.00 .without giving money she she took seat and come down and also that driver didnt ask money to her.she wanted to go near the falls and asked someone he said it is so far from the village.By walking too long distance she has been senseless and fell near a well.

One boy of 13 years sees her and went there and toucher her see slowly opened her eyes and saw a blur face of that boy .and again senseless .the boy took her to his home and sprinkled some water on her face after suddenly she stood up the boy sees her and says take some water.and giver some food .she eat and again ask some more food .the boy gave his food to her.After eating.The boy ask her some questions about her past and she replied all of her past answers.she asks to the boy see some work for me .the boy replies ok i will take you where i am doing work .next morning she woke up earlier and freshup and wered the boy dress .the boy asks her why did you wear my derss .she replied him i didnt bring any dress from my home.ohh then wait i am going to send a letter to your father about your dressand he will send ur dress.she tells no please .today by woking you will get some money you use that money to buy clothes for yourself.she replies ok i will buy today itself only .first day of her working she did not do her work well so she got less money she said to the boy can i get your money for some days i will promise i will return your money very soon .he says ok . she continued her working daily .


In between that five years her father search her a lots at last he stopped searching her.Her father works some were and started a new business .in that business he got lots of profits.Their family decided to go trip of mohanpur village to visit a famous temple.When they entered into a temple .At the same time the boy and the girl also went to the temple.THE GIRL SAW TO THEIR PARENTS.................................................TO BE CONTINUED


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