If You Are...

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To be or not to be. This could have been better...

Submitted: September 10, 2017

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Submitted: September 10, 2017



If you are mine,

Faithful is divine,

A heartbeat as well,

And a hand to held.


If you are a flower,

In the morning in bed,

A tray of water and powder,

With a kiss to your head.


If you are a kitten,

Scratchpost, I'll be,

Meow, I'll listen,

Purring next to me.


If you are a singer,

My ears are yours to have,

A ring on your finger,

I'm yours to command.


If you are a dream,

Pills may seem dark,

You are my Queen,

May you rend my heart.


If you are poison,

I'll become addicted,

Submissive husband,

Sorry to be afflicted.


If I was your human,

I would be made of rubber,

Molded to be better than,

A man who makes you shudder...



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