A princess tale (tail)

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Casey Baker has a secret. She is a mermaid but how long can she keep it a secret from her best friend. This book was written by Emma-Lucy in 2010

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chapter one - my life as a princess

Submitted: September 11, 2017

Chapter one - My life as a princess My life is so secret that it so secret that not even my best friend Emily knows, I’m telling you this because I trust you. when I wasn’t born the normal way, I
was born a different way because I am a mermaid, but I dress as a princess I don’t want anyone finding out my pervious secret. I live with my mum lily and my dad mike, my name is Casey Lily Baker,
we lived at 24-star lane right next door to my best friend Emily. I have no sisters and no brothers which is quite nice but lonely sometimes. But I get Emily to sleepover. I go to starlight
secondary with Emily. My dream is be a mermaid, I know I am a mermaid but when I go in the water my secret is Discoved and that’s why I wear long dresses and acts like a normal girl. My mum and dad
were shocked when I came out with a mermaid tail, I’m used to be a normal girl. I was getting ready to go when the doorbell rang and I quickly put on my pink flowery dress and ran downstairs to
asked, it was Emily. “Hi Em,” I said, “Hi Case, ready to go?” asked Emily “Yeah I ready” I replied. Then my mum came to the door. “Where are you two going?” she asked us “we are just going to
school Mrs Baker,” said Emily “okay, Casey, don’t be late for dinner,” said Mrs Baker “ok mum,” I said kissing her goodbye. Emily has 2 brothers and 4 sisters, her mum and dad are best friends with
my mum and dad and that’s how I and Emily became best friends. “Are you ready Case?” asked Emily “yeah sure let’s go” I said. 5 minutes later we arrived at school. We walked over to Emily’s sisters
“Hi Becky” I said to Emily’s older sister “hi Case” Becky replied 5 minutes later the school bell rang, we walk to our tutor room, that’s Miss Smith she is nice. She took the register then it was
time to go to lessons. “What have we got today?” asked Emily. I took out my planner from my bag. “We have got Maths, English, History, Design Theology and Physical education” I said We walked to
maths and the day went by quickly and 25 minutes it was home time. We went to Emily’s house and went upstairs then my pervious secret was discoved. “I don’t know what going on but Casey you’re be
acting weird all week” said Emily “well I got a secret to tell you Em” I said I pulled up my dress and show my tail. I looked up at Emily. Why have you been wearing dresses and not be doing
swimming in P.E?” she asked “well I not a normal girl I am a mermaid Emily looked at me and stared. “So that’s why you have been wearing dresses to hide your tail,” said Emily “yes,” I said. It was
time for me to go home, we went downstairs. “You promise not tell anyone,” I said looking at Emily. “I promise,” Emily said. “Ok I see you tomorrow,” I said and I went home. I walked over to my
house and open the front door and went upstairs to my room and by the time it was 9.00 o clock in the evening, I was asleep.
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