Team Natsu's Sleepover (A Fairy Tail fanfic)

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Team Natsu has a sleepover over at Lucy's apartment due to a heavy storm. But this sleepover was unlike any sleepover in history...this sleepover involved fire. armor, tons of ice, a talking cat,
and celestial spirits. Will Natsu, Gray and Happy be able to survive Erza, and Lucy's drunken antics or will Erza and Lucy be able to handle the 3 men revenge?

Submitted: September 11, 2017

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Submitted: September 11, 2017



Chapter 1:

It was late at night at the town of Magnolia Team Natsu just came back from mission in Crocus. It was a pretty long trip and all of them seemed exhausted. Team Natsu walked Lucy to her apartment first since it was the nearest location. Lucy waved goodbye to her friends when it started to rain heavily. The winds blew hard and the rain drops dropped heavily. One raindrop dropped on Happy’s head.

“Ouch! This rain sure is strong” Happy said while rubbing his head.

“Here Happy, use this umbrella”. Lucy said as she handed over a pink umbrella to Happy.

“Thanks Lucy!” Happy replied with a smile. He started to open the umbrella until the springs went off and the canopy fled off the umbrella.

“Oh no! The umbrella broke. I’m so sorry Lucy.”Happy yelled in panic.

“It’s alright Happy, I’ll just buy a new one.” Lucy said.

“Thanks  Lucy, your so kind! For this I’ll make sure all the townspeople reads your novels!”Happy said with a big gleeful smile on his face.

“It’s alright Happy, no need to do that” Lucy replied annoyed. She knew Happy. A lot. A lot enough to know  that he wasn’t kidding about what he said.

It rained harder and Team Natsu had to go inside the building.

“This rain sure is quite stronger then the rest. At this rate we can’t even  go back to our houses neither the guild.”Erza said. as she looked outside the window

 “It’s alright Erza, I can take the rain!” Natsu said as he began to run towards outside the building.

Natsu was about to exit the building until Erza threw a sword at the door causing  Natsu to get startled. Erza then walked up to Natsu and grabbed him by the collar of  his clothing then said  

“You fool! You could get sick if you go drench yourself in rainwater.” she looked terrifying.

Natsu then just nodded his head, changingErza’s expression and let go of his collar.

“That’s better” Erza said.

“But where are we gonna sleep?” Gray asked while yawning.

“You could just stay at my place for tonight.” Lucy said.

Everyone looked at her.

“What, why are you all looking at me funny?” Lucy asked confused

‘Well Lucy, whenever we enter your apartment you’d be all like “GET OUTTA HERE!” or you’d kick us out with your powerful little feet” Happy said to Lucy with a perplexed look on his face.

“Well that’s because you all just barge in without permission! And I’ll take that other thing you said as a compliment thank you.” Lucy yelled at them.

‘It’s not our fault you leave your house unguarded!” Natsu said to Lucy.

“How’s that my fault?! Your the one who always barges in, and I assure you that this side of town is the safest!” Lucy said with an angry expression on her face.

“Now that’s enough you two, there shall be no fighting .” Erza said trying to not start a fight.

Lucy took a deep breath and regained her composure.

“Anyway, do you guys want to stay at my place?” Lucy asked

“YEAH!” Natsu and Happy said in chorus.

“I’ll join in too” Gray said grinning

“Of course.” Erza said with a smile on her face.

Everyone looked and smiled at each other. Team Natsu was about to have its sleepover! But a sleepover unlike any other.....


(Stay tuned for chapter 2 too. This is also my 1st fanfic. Please be patient with what i write)

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