the demon of death

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a story about love, a sense of belonging and how far you would go when desperate . part one

Submitted: September 11, 2017

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Submitted: September 11, 2017




Tick . Tick. Tick . Clatter. Clatter. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh . This was all he could hear as the clock ticked away happily , the clattering of the branches as they embrace the window and the screaming swooshing from the trees outside as all three hormonise in motion a melody that to, Declan Collins, had a mocking tone , as if to say ''Beg more , but we know the outcome, we've seen it all ''.

4 hours of sitting in the waiting room of the hospital , the dull, depressing, stale, greyish blue and tinge of yellow that can only be found on care facility walls with a hint of ammonia kissing the air , caressing people while they prayed for hope it prayed on them . hope...that was the key word for today as the waiting room turned into '' last hope '' room , as Declan heard one of the orderlies refer it as 3 hours ago passing to clear a bed pan , it truly was for everyone in that room all nervous to hear news of loved ones , for today , like every other day for the pass 5 months , Declan was one of those anxious loved ones , the love of his love Scarlett , today might be her very last hope. The very last hope for both.

Scarlett had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer , everyday since Declan felt himself in a whirling nightmare vortex , like quicksand sinking deeper and deeper , empty on the inside but still everything she needed , his world was her , everything else didnt matter.
Pacing up and down ''last hope '' room , to get rid of the latic acid pulsating through his legs as well as his hips which felt as if they had been in a iron vice for 4 hours , his heart racing like Usain Bolt ready to jump out of his chest and run around the nurses . His five o'clock shadow becoming filled with knives as the stuble penatrates the callouses on his fingers , which now have a reddish yellow shade were his nails were and his hair that resambled a desert , so soft and thick now felt like a drenched mop . his eyes as blue as the ocean , now covered in golden hard blankets from sleep deprivaton , he thinks back to the day their lives changed forever:
''There's really no easy way to tell you this Mrs Collins, but after a few tests you have stage 4 lung cancer ''  Dr Zephler informed , his voice croaking and the rim of his glasses hiding back a tear .  Declan squeezed her hand cuddled into her , her long golden hair weaving into his body .
''It's okay , it's okay , whatever happens we'll fight it together , army of two always and forever baby ''  Declan assured Scarlett as much as he was trying to assure himself .
'' but how?? how could I have this ??  are you sure its not TB ?? I had a cough for weeks and I been coughing up blood and been really fatigued lately are you sure?? '' Scarlett exclaimed as she pleaded with Dr Zephler , eyes now gushing with tears ,down her porclain white face trying to frantically grasp for any bit of hope, her diamond blue eyes mirroring the ocean filled with emotion .

''I know this is alot to take in and yes , you're right they do present similar symptoms but if you let me show you both''  Dr Zephler gestured to his computer .
''As you can see here, this was your lungs in stage 2A ,the cancer slowly reached your lung causing a partial collapse '' he nervously indicated as he showed a dark shadow splash on an x-ray showing Scarlett's lungs . He flicked through 3 more x-rays of the damaged lungs before eventually showing her lungs at stage 4 , to which they saw an image of the splash of dark shadow caked around both lungs. ''Theres alot of fluid round the lungs and heart , it may already be affecting your bones , liver or brain '' Zephler described . As Scarlett bravely took in all the facts that this doctor was coldly, in Declans eyes , delivered , he observed that the man giving them this vital news , couldnt even bother  to wear a clean shirt to tell them this for coffee grounds stained his appearance , a day old from the looks of it, his balding head clutched in sweat and a toothpick nestled between his teeth  , his tongue kissing its back as it juts in and out of his mouth like a whack-a-mole fair game while speaking . All these factors were too much for Declan, the incompetent doctor, the sense of feeling useless not being able to protect his sweetheart  , the fact that he should have stop her from putting those 20 pack a day round her lips . Filled with sorrow , his throat becomes like glass as if permeated with knifes, the jaggy, sharp lump engulfing his larynx puncturing him silent . Memorising his wife's face , the way her diamond eyes stilled twinkled when sad , the way her nose crinkled whenever she laughed , the way her eyes smiled with her beautiful ivory pearl teeth and the way her plump ruby lips tasted on a night of making love , that reminded him of that actress , Angie Jolie , god how'd he get so lucky? He needed to remember it all , for pretty soon ...for pretty soon it would be all gone. Fury surged through Declan over this last thought, like lava erupting through him , he snapped:

''So what you saying doc ?? theres nothing you can do??!! If its all the same to you we'll get a second opinion from someone who can actually dress themselves !''  He lashed out standing up , causing the chair he was seated in to fly across the room.
'' honey please , calm down please please !" Scarlett pleaded , eyes puffy red like a lobster from crying , freckles on her hands doing there version of a twerk , as shes shaken from shock.
Slowly Declan wrapped his tree trunk like arms round his wife to comfort her.  ''I'm sorry doc , its just there has to be something ...there has to be, anything at all?'' Beseeched Declan with exhaustion , eyes clinging with desperation waiting to wake up from this nightmere .
'' It's okay , people take the news in many different ways , I've seen everything from complete denial to spouses wanting redecorate my office with their fists, after 30 years giving the prognosis  never gets easier . The doctor soothed with now a gentle sincerity to his voice while handing them more tissues : As for treatment , there are a few; chemotherapy, we can try drugs that are designed to target the cancerous cells, freezing the tumor also known as cryotherapy , radiotherapy both internal and external treatment , placing a stent , which is a rigid tube to keep the airway open . Lastly laser and light therapy ''  Zephler detailed , as he waded away the sweat beading down his fat cheeks with a cloth.
''So there is a chance ?? Scarlett exhaled , the twinkle in her eyes coming back to life as her grip on the hand of her husband grows tighter , awaiting the response.
''There are possibilities yes but I should let you know , obivously the earlier we catch this , the higher the survival rate. Caught sooner we would have had a 54% chance , in most cases at this stage it goes down 4% A stabbing searing pain enter Declan's chest , melting him from the inside out from the haymaker that had just been dealt.
In my time as a doctor, I believe there is always hope .. the key is not to give up.'' The balding physician stated , although Declan could sense even he wasn't buying what he was selling.
''Whatever it is doctor we'll do it , whatever is needed ''.  Scarlett proclaimed defiantly . That's one of many things Declan loved about his sweet wife, Scarlett Collins , wonder woman till the end .
'' The road is long and hard ahead but its the fighting spirit that we'll need throughout this war . Zephler  beamed with one of those smiles that say ''oh you're so brave'' whenever somebody finds out you have cancer , guess after 30 years of practicing in Oncology he forgot to tell when he was being patronising to patients . '' Now Mr Collins , obviously your wife will need all the support she needs and yourself as well naturally, is there any way you can take time off work? is there any family that can help with treatment appointments etc?  The Oncologist quizzed the young couple
''I can get time off work I worked in construction is not problem, we have no family we left high school and it's been the  two of  ever since, I would like to take care of my wife on my own'' The lumberjack sized construction worker explained while scratching his beard in frustration . His beard was orginally blonde but after years of hauling construction , it always seemed to have a brownish red tinge to it now, he looked down to his steel toe capped boots that were once blue when first bought  , had now a orange /beige tone to them , due to the different types of dust exposure in construction.  After 10 years in construction he knew that was 3 different types of dust exposure ; Sillica dust, non -Sillica dust and of course, the always common word dust. Art , the site foreman , who could easily win a Danny Devitto lookalike constest hands down , would talk about the dangers of too much exposure and make Declan go with him to seminars on dust exposure and danger to lungs . '' danger to lungs'' Declan couldn't help but give out a sadistic chuckle to himself at the irony of that , given the current perdicament he and Scarlett now faced.
''Art, Declan's boss at the site has been real good letting Declan take as much time as he needs cause he just insists on being there for me , I just feel so bad Dec really needs to get back to work...our bills need to be paid and I try to do shifts at the dinner but I'm just too exhausted in the mornings...''Scarlett told as she held back a whimper and her voice began to croak .
'' Sweetie , you are my world , the only priority to me is you and we have savings , that's why people have savings . I'll talk to Art first thing Monday , you're all that matters , all that ever mattered''  He proclaimed as he leaned into her again , kissing her cheek .
''Baby please can we just talk about this at home baby please ''  She replied as she fell into his chest and floods came pouring out her tearducks.
Dr Zephler silently handed a new batch of tissues to his distraught patient . ''Let me give you a number to a financial aid company that are experienced in helping families in situations such as yours .  He informed looking through the jungle of paperwork for the number .  If not for anything else they could possibly help with dealing with hospital bills, unfortunately they pile up thick and fast , wish I had control on the matter but the admin department, well they're vultures if you excuse my bluntness . And let me give you a leaflet on how to contact respite care assistants for families , remember Mr Collins you're no good to her if you try to take on everything by yourself.  The leaflet was one of those stereotypical super positive leaflet with young people smiling with people hooked up to IV drips , wheelchair bound smiling with the young people as they do activities together and a generic cartoon sun in the corner with a saying like '' day by day the fight is ours ''  would the overbearing positivity help ? Declan didn't think so .
Dr Zephler handed the number and leaflet over to Declan .'' I know it really doesnt seem like it right now but these two things in your hand Mr Collins can prove to be the most vital tools for facing what you two are about to .  This battle is just as much mental as it is physical , so if you need to speak to someone call them they've got some good people and they can help you get into contact with a spouses of cancer group . if not for yourself , Scarlett may find it beneficial to talk to others going through the same, as might you . After being diagnosed , some find it easier to talk with peers of the same diagnosis than spouses of fear of upsetting them . Its all I'm saying ''.  He urged the husband .
He handed the information to the devastated spouse who's hand was still uncontrollably shaking , with a look on his face that's digesting each statement Zephler said carefully , agonisingly taking in everything he said , as if every word that was uttered was yet another nail thrusting itself into his wives coffin .
Declan just cleared his throat, swallowed down hard the jaggy pineapple grenade of heartache that nestled itself for now  and simply whispered : ''Thank you doctor ...most helpful ''  They both gave each other a nod of appreciation , the doctor's had a whiff of sympathy.
''I've left my number in amongst the rest of the information and numbers of councilors that specialize in helping cancer sufferers and their families , weather it be filling out medical treatment forms , best ways to pay medical fees or even just a sympathetic ear to listen for both of you . He stated as he handed the details to the solem couple.  Most of the volunteers there have been through what the two of you are about to go through , either a relative, spouse ,or they themselves have been diagnosed , which is why we find they have such a success rate in helping people cope the first few weeks after the diagnosis . Not to say that anybody will just see you as ''the diagnosis'' from now on Mrs Collins , just they do great work they... really do'' . Zephler retracted as he set his heavy framed back in his beige/brown half broken swivel chair  and the inside foam padding showing from the slowly worn away leather outercoat, nervously play with his moustache the only sound audible the  creak. squeeze. creak . of the hanging swivel ball of the chair and the purring hum turning into the choke melody of the cheap office air conditioning  as the couple both sat in a daydream of silence, eyes spellbounded by the floor.
''As for my number, please if there's anything about the diagnosis you have any further questions , call me day or night . He offered , his pink tongue carressing his sand paper lips with moisture breaking the deaf. '' Much from what I stated before this is just the beginning, we will use every weapon in our disposal to give it hell. With that being said, we're gonna need to start fighting back as soon as we can , so Mrs Collins I'll call you in again next week to see what weapon we wanna use first and get you booked in for the first round of treatment. The Oncologist soothed to his patient as he reassurely patted her shoulder . I'll leave you two alone now , please take as much time as you need . Again I am so sorry , for the news , there is denying that had we caught this sooner, the chances would have been better, but you have alot to fight for, you both seem like a lovely couple  . The key is not to give up , miracles happen all the time , especially in medicine , I for one believe in miracles , just like the miracle on ice ..we just need a little miracle magic ''. His voice boomed with hope.
''Thank you for everything doctor''  Scarlett broke her silence taking the doctors hand in appreciation , her hands still shaking but managing a firm grip . Her eyes still drying from the monsoon that just erupted within and her sand dune locks snuggling into her cheek .
''Yes thank you doctor , I'm sorry for my outburst before''  Declan concurred , mimicking his wife in appreciation , almost inaudible like if he spoke higher , the emotional grenade in his throat would go off .
''It's quite alright I understand , I'm here to support you as much as I am for your wife Mr Collins . We're all in this together .''  Doctor ''sand lips'' retorted as the two men embraced each other , hands clasping , the yellowish/white tinge of Declans fingertips from embedded wood dust particles and the yellow/orange of Zephlers nicotin stained figertips entertwinning.
And just like that , doctor stand lips was gone. Quicker than a flash he had come and gone like some sort angel of death , claiming Scarlett for his inventory and then away to collect other claimed souls to feed his inventory , ''Probably doing that as we speak ''  Declan pondered to himself .  Scarlett and Declan just sat silently in the Oncology office , letting the news sink in like an anchor diving to the pitts of their stomaches tearing through them like glass through rice paper.
Sitting there , Declan wanted every detail of that office : He wanted to remember the 20 year old pealing half torn duck blue wall paper , that was now turning yellow due to Zephlers secret nicotin love (''stupid bastard'').  He wanted to remember the foam interior of the swivel chair oozing out of the leather and the one ball wheel still attached to keep it classed as a swivel chair. He wanted to remember the clink, clank ,hum harmony of the broken air conditioning vent . He wanted to remember the oak desk of the MD with the maghogany finish to it , the spillt ink from the scattered fountain pens that drowned themselves on what used to readable documents and the chocolate stains kissing the side of the desk as a result of the doctor being seduced by temptation and flirting with diabetes . He wanted to remember every detail. Every detail . Every detail about today because one way or another , today was the day his life changed forever. But that look of the face of his wife , the face of whom ,the only future he could comprehend having with , the look of defeated, deflated horror masked behind a unrelenting plastic smile that..well that was too much to bare.
Declan took his wife by the hand , leaned in , gently squeezed her hand , stole a kiss from her porcelain smooth cheek and simply whispered : ''I love you baby . No matter what happens , you are my eternal .''
Outside had fallen to night as Scarlett and  Declan made the way to the parking lot of the medical offices . It had turned baltic as the snow blanketed thickly on the ground , snowflakes falling to bed the ground , the sky becoming like the abyss of space and the tiny gleam of the stars embedded in the abyss winking the two lovers to safe passage . The truck was up 3 spaces from the entrance and the snow raised to just above his feet , his watched his wife her breathe was already starting to form icicles , like she were a majestic snow dragon and her lips were turning blue : '' Hang on darlin' , I''ll carry you , you'll get trapped in snow otherwise''  he motioned to her as he picked her up newlywed style and began trudging through like a lumberjack snowman.
''Well my my Declan Collins , if I knew that all it took for you to gain some chivalry , I would've got diagnosed with lung cancer ages ago for this service ''  She jested , letting out a smirk as she tried to catch the decending snowflakes with her tongue
''Uh-huh and if you dont stop wriggling around from my grip I'mma drop you like our weddin' day at the door '' He winced as every footprint in the snow went crunch.crunch . crunch .
'' Aw that's right, baby you should have let me carry you over the door ''. Scarlett teased him and she winked and kissed him on the cheek .
All of a sudden , Declan fell backwards , the thick snow penetrating him like sharp knives, he had Scarlett on top on him ,after a look they both stared and fell into one another laughing hysterically .
''Aw baby , what are we gonna do ?'' Scarlett quizzed .
'' Well first I think we gotta get up off the ground ''  Declan resulted.
''No. Baby what are we gonna do ?''  She repeated her tone stern and serious now .
''I dunno . what I do know is what I told you in that office , army of two baby . Always and forever'' He affirmed
With that they passionately kissed each other, the snow blanketing them as it fell .

So here we were , exactly 4 and a half months , 3 agressive treatments and 8 cancer fighters and spouses meetings on from that fatal day . Team Scarlett was to use the last weapon in the arsenal for this biological war that had its fingers wrapped around her life . She was in surgery, the idea was a last ditch attempt of vaccumming the fluid around the lungs and partially remove a piece of lung with the larger sized cancer growth , making it easier to laser the remaining smaller cells shrunk from previous treatments.
The waiting room had got busier now as Declan made his way to the vendor machine keyed in F5 and out came the chocolate. Nervously pacing he studied the buzzing room , the man with a crimson streak sprinting down his arm as a result of coming in 2nd place in a bar fight where the theme was first vs knife , the middle aged man ZZ top beard in all sporting a bright gapping smile as if the wound were a badge of honour . The baby who kept crying in confusion  as snot melted down his nose as his mother was getting more irate with the receptionist by the second over waiting times . Lastly the twin boys who managed to lodge a marble the opposite nostril of one other , yet still had the energy to empty their mothers purse out on the floor everytime she just made her purse whole again.
Declan slouched back in the indentation marks he had made in the chair after hours in a fixed position awaiting news from Dr Zephler about the surgery. He could barely move from exhaustion, little golden specks of sleep started to engulf his eyes.
Observing the environment surrounding him Declan watched as the nurses were scurrying in and out of the sardine can that the waiting room had become , like crazed little worker bees. The hospital equipment cheerily making .bing sounds simaltaneously in conjunction with the reception phones response of Burr burr burr as if the two machines were fish wives on a coffee morning, gossiping about who will check into the hotel dela hospital permanently . The rain and thunder pelting down massaging the leaves of the trees echoing , now playing the percussion act of the tree branch and wind concert Declan noticed earlier .  The embrace and the holding of hands from an elderly couple, let his thoughts drift to Scarlett . She had been so incredibly brave since the diagnosis, a true spartan in every word ''Army of two''  He would hear her sooth him, she even started to council others on best to handle the first few weeks of being diagnosed . People always told Declan how great they both were at dealing with the situation , the truth was she was being the strong one , she was keeping him together . ''Please , this has to work if there is a God , I'll do anything . It's our last chance . '' He prayed .
The nerve shaken husband couldn't imagine a world without her, so much so that the thought of not getting to see her eyes again was so difficult to bare , it took all his willpower not to crumble on the hospital floor. ''She's my everything , it must''  He willed. Then , standing in front of him was Dr Zephler, the surgery was over.
''How is she doctor? Everything go okay? can I see her ?? '' Declan leapt up from the chair, his mind racing a mile a second interrogating the surgeon .
The heavyset physician was wearing lime green scrubs that made him look like a human peppermint stick and smelled of a cross between soap and bleach. '' Please , Mr Collins , take a seat '' Zephler advised in a calm , yet sombre tone , visibly exhausted , weather that was physically or emotionally it was about to come clear . ''Now as you know Declan , this procedure was a long shot , as did Scarlett , but we all agreed to swing for the fences on this one.  He started as he adjusted the glasses up the bridge of his nose .  ''The surgery began well, we managed to clear most of the fuid away, however... His voice broke fighting back a sob. However the tumor cells were alot larger than what first came up in the X-rays , it just wasnt what we anticipated , I'm sorry. ''  He finalised , eyes beginning to swell with tears.
Declan felt as though his heart had been ripped apart , shreded , scooped out of his chest cavitity with the world's smallest ice cream scooper slowly , blended and served to him as a smoothie as it deflates to the pit of his gut . ''What does that mean ? There, there must be something we can do?? there just has to be Brad!! '' He persisted franticly .
'' I wish there was I really really do , that was are hail mary shot ...sometimes she doesnt answer , all the procedures that could be done have been done . Brad Zephler explained holding on to the distraught husband , tears now escaping down his own cheek .  Even if we could do something, Scarlett has already been through so much, I don't think the body could handle another operation , I'm surprised it held out for the one just carried out . He conceded .
''What , what am I suppose to do without her ?!! '' The broken man schreeched out a devastating yelp as his legs gave out in despair , falling into the doctor .
The only thing anyone can do , stay by her side in these moments . Let the moments be about love with her husband , not anger or sadness or regret. We've made her as comfortable as possible , I promise when the time comes she won't feel a thing . Brad comforted , voice breaking through crying of his own . '' You're wife is one of the most remarkable women , one of the strongest fighting spiriting i've ever seen. I'm so very deeply sorry , you should go sit with her now .  He expressed his condolences and just like that Dr Zephler was gone in a flash.
Declan entered the room which was the last room, his wife was to be alive in , trying to think of all the things he needed to say to her , there was just too many. '' Hey baby , how's my girl doing huh ? ''  He greeted , trying to hold back a tidal wave of pain.
''Just peachy..keen darlin' , although I do need my make up , I bet I look awful and have..have a date with Captain America''  Scarlett teased letting out a chuckle through wheezing and coughing by doing so .
Declan moved closer to his wife's side : There were monitors beeping all around her, an IV drip locked in her arm and medical tubes wrapped her chest and nose like a gang of silthering snakes . He took her hand that was as cold as a bag of ice , fingers long and artistic that had become frail and bony over time. Complextion once porcelain, now a cold stone grey shade, emphasizing the ginger freckles that sat opon her skin. Wearing a cap to keep her bald head warm after all the chemotherapy treatments ,and although her eyes were heavy, barely open and pinpointed from the morphine that still had that sapphire sparkle in them.
''You look as beautiful as ever baby . Her lover assured her, letting out a croaking whimper as he let in to kiss her.  ''And ask for that pretty boy Captain America, he'll have to fight me for your hand first my fair maiden'' He declared.
 ''Oscars it is for me then...same old Declan Collins, always fighting for my honour , just like in high school . She reminisced . You've always been my rock Dec, my world . Always my shinning armour, especially now. You're the love of my life and I wouldn't change it..for anything in the world , for you made my little slice of life perfect . I love you, my sweet Declan'' She opened her heart for the last time, eyes flickering open and shut like curtain blinds,tearducts moistening .
''I love you too baby, life with you has been more amazing than I ever thought possible .You have and will be my eternal guiding light . I love you always and forever, army of two .'' Declan exploded with emotion , lip quivering , water engulfing down his face streaming like a river as he kisses his wife .
''Army of two. Always and forever .''  She replied dreamily as she closed her eyes. Next was the sound of flatlining monitors , Scarlett exhaled her final breath. Just like that , Scarlett Collins' grueling battle was over . She could rest pain free eternally .

Two months had pass since they lay Scarlett to rest , she was managed to be buried in a cemetery overlooking the Statue of Liberty , which was ideal as Scarlett said that the statue was one of her favourite world monuments .On a sunny afternoon , the turn out for scarletts' goodbye was outstanding , Dr Zephler and the nurses taking care of her in her final days , colleagues from when she used to waitress at the diner , Declans' construction crew and even some members of her cancer fighters group got up to say a few words.
Declan resigned to being in a constant drunken stooper , from which is was just waking up from. His eyes slowly peeling open , gaze unsteady , looked around the room he had used the couch as a bed again . Next to him the coffee table was cluttered : 5 empty bottles of beers , mail that had been left unopen for weeks, possibly months  , stacks of pizza boxes filled with cold half eaten pizza beginning to mould . Looking passed the coffee table Declan seen a man sitting in the kitchen , drinking coffee , head engrossed in a newspaper.
'' The fuck are you..and how did you get in my house ? ''  Declan quizzed still adjusting his eyes, realising he was in his boxers a white vest with stains of pizza and beers.
''Ahh Declan, you're up, good.  The mysterious man acknowledged without breaking gaze from the paper. His complextion was that of a sleketon but with a greyish twinge , bone thin and peroxide hair . He wore a black suit , with a red lepel in the jacket pocket and shiny shoes , the kind you wear to go swing dancing. How I got in , that's really not important and why my dear Declan , I am from a place you would not believe''.  He continued to be vague, tongue making a raspy hissing sound when he spoke .
'' You either tell me who you are and what you're doing here right now or I'll call the cops .'' Declan demanded , swaying , baseball bat in hand .
'' 1 , the cops wouldn't be able to do anything even if they tried . 2, to put it bluntly I am from above and not to sound like Liam Neeson or anything but I have certain abilities and lastly you called me here '' . Thin man explained .
''Wait , what?? I haven't spoken to anyone since..since I buried my wife two weeks ago .''  The widow trailed off sad and reminded of Scarlett .
'' That's when you called me, two weeks ago! Black suit exclaimed excitedly. You were sitting in that awful waiting room at the hospital and you prayed for help with Scarlett , well here I am , I'm here to help with Scarlett . Oh I do love a good crossword '' He concluded gleefully marking the paper out .
''Don't dare say her name !!'' Declan screamed angerly and swung lunging for the suit . The suit just evaporated through Declan sending him tumbling into the microwave . By the time Declan turned around , the suit was standing on the other side of the living area .
''Now that wasn't very nice , considering I've come all this way. I do suggest you here my proposal Mr Collins ''  Suit advised with mild irratation. For the first time he met gaze with Declan, his eyes were blood red with the tiniest black dot for pupils and for a spilt second , Declan could swear this beings tongue went from human tongue to fork tongue right back to human tongue again.
''Are you, are you like...G-God? He stuttered , trembling petrified at the figure.
''Haha can call me an Angel I guess if you wanna put a label on it, I'm somewhat of a facilitator of sorts above . For now you can call me Lokan ''  He bowed his head with a sinister long grin just like that character in those batman comics who wears the purple suits.
''Okay so how can you help me?? Scarlett ..she's already gone . '' He pondered to Lokan carefully sitting back down .
'' I thought you'd never ask dear boy , haha thought you'd never ask . The well dressed angel elated . Please allow me to demonstrate and then we can talk details about my proposal ''  With one click of his bony fingers, a bright light spread across the house , not unlike when you see a flashbang go off , then there it happend . It was Scarlett.
''W-where am I? Dec?? Declan is that you??  Confused but beamming she ran towards her husband . How ?? Why?? Oh who cares , I'm back . I love you so much ''  Delighted by the touch of her Declan .
It really was Scarlett she was back . It was her back to her old self before she became sick : her porcelain skin , her golden weavy locks , her shapphire eyes , even the way she used to smell of coconut . It was all back . '' I can't believe it baby , I've missed you so so much . Oh god I love you too ''  He rejoiced in the reunion , letting out tears.  All of a sudden Lokan clicked his fingers again , a fireball engulfed Scarlett incinerating her in seconds . She was gone again .
''No!! Why would you do that ?? you bring her back!! you bring her back right now!!! please , please. The desperate man begged still hugging the air .
''That was just a taste my dear boy , an enticment , selling point if you will ..also I consider myself a romantic , I love seeing love reunited ..except for Kate and Leo, that ship such a tragedy.  Lokan explained almost reliving a bad memory cleaning his nose with a hankerchief . ''Don't worry Declan you'll see your lady love again , I'm rooting for you both , I just need you to do something for me first ''.  He continued.
''What is it that you could possibly need my help with ?? '' Curiosity fusing with desperation in Declan .
''Well you see in order to do my magic act and bring someone back, especially someone as lovely as your wife it takes alot of power and the way it works is, its kinda a out for a pound in for a pound instead of a out for a penny in for a pound, you follow? Everything must have equal value , a cosmic balance thing . He lectured grabbing a cigarette out of his pocket.  Listen, I've been looking around here and the cosmic balance is all wrong. Personally , I'm sick of seeing good people such as your wife being taken too early, while rapists , theives and murders get away punishment free. The justice system and police are letting the order descend into chaos and my hands are tied due to a cosmic rule I must follow '' Lokan concluded , spitting venom with the words he believed.
''So you want me to kill people?''  Declan replied bluntly soaking all of what he heard in .
'' Think of it as bringing a right to the cosmic balance . Look the only way I can bring Scarlett back is if I have a qouta to take back with me so other families don't have to go through what you did . Its the only loop hole around the rule . I need you Declan The dapper angel levelled with him. '' If its not you it'll be someone else, its just you could have another 40,50,60 years with Scarlett and I remember you saying you'd do absolutely anything to get Scarlett back , you would, wouldn't you?? Help me get rid of some scumbags , you'll get your life with Scarlett'' Lokan pleaded.
Declan was having a war between his heart and his morales , but in the end it was a no brainer . Okay for Scarlett , what do I do first??'' He agreed .
''Oh this is so exciting . Lokan started dancing around the room . All in good time, I'll send you a list in good time . First , when working for me  you must have an alias. You must become the demon of death.

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