Prometheus' Garden Episode 12

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Submitted: September 11, 2017

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Submitted: September 11, 2017



Prometheus’ Garden

Episode 12




Up in the sky, Alpha 00 launches into the air and heads west. Juan looks down and spots the Minotaur rampaging in the streets, throwing a man outside his taxi cab, ramming a car through a brick wall, and furiously roaring. Watching the destructive footage, Juan is genuinely horrified and nervous at the sight of his upcoming enemy. Taking a gulp, he braces himself as the mecha hovers and lands.

Extending his left arm, the arm breaks off and makes way for an armory of bullets firing at the creature, the giant bullets he fires sending the Minotaur flying back. The creature stumbles as he tries to regain his footing, but eventually falls on the ground. Deciding on instinct, the mecha rushes towards him and lands its fist on the Minotaur.

 Moments of silence pass until Juan his feels the fist being pulled upwards by a still conscious Minotaur, who struggles to push off the fist. Juan is anxious as he realizes that the circuits are being messed with. With noteworthy strength, the Minotaur yanks off the arm, and grabbing the arm like a baseball bat, leaps and slaps the robot’s face with the arm, sending it smashing onto a building.

 POV Shot, as Juan is knocked unconscious for a moment, images and sounds fading in and out of sight. The Minotaur jumps at the screen and throws a punch at the robot’s face, cracking some glass. Juan quickly turned on the electrical circuits and let out an electric zap, electrocuting the Minotaur and sending it dropping onto the ground.

 The Minotaur rolls on the ground, furiously growling. As he struggles to stand up, he observes his body and realizes that the damage is taking its toll, as some blood is pouring from his veins. He looks up at the mecha, and finds himself being shot at once again. He grabs a nearby lamp post and throws it at the mecha, who ducks and catches it, then bats the Minotaur with it, sending it flying in the air.

 The mecha flies off and grabs the creature and slams it onto the ground, then goes for another zap.

 The minotaur, though beaten, still manages to jump out of the way as another fist lands on him, and punches the mecha in the stomach, sending it tumbling down. As it attempts to get up, the Minotaur leaps on it and starts tearing it to shreds before the knee cap bursts some flames that sends the Minotaur crying in agony and running about in pain as it tries to put out the flames by rolling on the grass and beating himself. This gives the mecha time to eject a missile from its shoulder and shooting it at the Minotaur, causing a burst of smoke from the explosion.

 The mecha’s hatch opens and Juan jumps out. He is damaged, but able to walk. He looks about, and pays close attention, but doesn’t hear or see anything beyond the smoke. A crowd calms down and gathers. And then…

 The rough sound of footsteps, marching forward. A hulking shadow running forward.


(to the crowd)

Everyone get out!

 The Minotaur runs at Juan and swings at him, though he misses when Juan evades the punch. He tries to slam the young man, and Juan uses the stuck fist to slide away and stands up, then runs into a construction site. The Minotaur chases after him smacks into the site, bringing it all down as he chases after Juan, who manages to get out of there in the meantime, though the impact does make the young man’s body scatter about.

 As the Minotaur stands over him, he presses on a switch on his wrist and flashes a blinding light onto the creature’s face, drawing it back.

 In a moment, a motorcycle flashes by and grabs the youngster before speeding off into a highway.


What the…?


You alright?


Wait! Get out of here!


Too late.

 She nods at the figure behind them, and the Minotaur is chasing after them. Sicarius loads his shotgun, and as the creature leaps forward, he goes for a shot and has the creature back off and roll on the ground before standing up and immediately running back at them. The creature jumped at them and attempting to hit the motorcycle, before Yoshiko and Sicarius slash at his arm ad shoot him in the face, sending him cracking into the ground.


The motorcycle racing on the highway.

JUAN (to Sicarius)

Hey! I know you!


What a surprise.

 The highway ahead crashes open as the Minotaur smashes through, attacking them. CUT TO:

The motorcycle flinging in the air and the bodies of the trio on the ground. In the chaos, a POV shot as Juan looks up and sees the Minotaur leaning over him, raising his fist, and going for a punch.



Father Borg grins for himself. CUT TO:


The Minotaur pulled away and softly landed on the ground from an empty area. Confused, he stands up and sees the figure of Sol standing a few yards away. She stands composed, both on the defense and yet allowing some air of space between them. She walks towards him.


Do you understand me?

 He stands ready.


I am here to help.

 The Minotaur runs at her and goes for a punch, only that he is stopped by her grabbing his fist and quietly pushing him off. She walks towards him and grabs him to fly off at a rooftop and submits him on the roof. He struggles, and grabs a fragment of the rooftop and smacks her head with it.


I don’t want to hurt you!


The Minotaur grabbing her arm and smacks her on the roof and jumps on her, driving them down to the ground. The Minotaur moves quickly and grabs a stool, and smashes Sol’s head with it. He grabs her, bangs her on the wall, and goes for several punches on and on till she stops the last throw, her head bleeding.

 She looks up and glares at him, her ponytail tied hair loosening, this figure silently floating in the air, much more imposing than one has ever seen of her, so much that the Minotaur does quietly step back. She grins at him, and attacks him.

 She punches him, and we follow her as she flies off and punches him again, sending him flying, flying off to where he was to reach by punching him again, sending him flying to the other direction. She reaches and upper cuts him, sending him floating above, reaches there, and slams him down to the ground, leaving a crack in the ground.


 Her gently floating down and laying on the ground, taking deep breaths. There is some regret on her face as she has let herself cut loose, but there was nothing else she could do.

 Suddenly, the Minotaur’s hand grips her throat and smacks her into an ancient building.


 The Minotaur sets a stone, then grabs another and smacks her with it. Lays more beats on her, having her cough blood. He sets her on a pedestal stone. He sets her throat, and goes for the kill, only for lights to flash on. They are S.Y.M.P.A.N. helicopters. One lands and Elizabeth walks out with a laptop in her hand. She opens it and showcases to the creature. He stares, and slowly walks towards her. He gazes even more as he closely stands over her. He eventually goes on his knees, surrounded by helicopters. Elizabeth runs in and knells beside her friend.


Sarah! Are you alright?


(breathes and faintly smiles)

 The chaos has finally come to an end. CUT TO BLACK.


© Copyright 2017 ahmad ehab el hefny. All rights reserved.

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