Green Arrow a failure in the family

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Green Arrow is about to go up against his biggest threat yet but what happens when there a failure on his team? His team will feel the burden, feel the anger, feel the confusion. And at the end one
will leave, one will die and one will never be the same.

Submitted: September 12, 2017

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Submitted: September 12, 2017



"Star City you have to love it, it's cold nights, it's luke warm days, hey sometimes I think need a sweater but I wear short sleeves all the time. Oh look at me just rambling on about nothing, sorry let me get into the story. My name is Oliver Queen and I am the green arrow, I work alongside my most trusted friend John Diggle the most beautiful girl in the world Felicity Smoak, the bravest woman I know Laurel Lance, who is actually Black Canary. Also on my team I have Wild Dog, his name is Rene. And finally John Andrews, he dawns a mask that looks like a skull and goes by Firecrake, true the name needs work. But I trust my life with him, I trust my life with my entire team and you see that's were it all went wrong."

"It opened up just like any other night, there was some petty thugs me and John took care of them then we were off, but something didn't feel right about it, they were caught to easy even for us. So we questioned them and asked who they work for and they both just stared at me and diggle and said" "you know who." "I didn't like the answer so I grabbed a arrow out of my quiver and stuck it into his shoulder, he screamed bloody murder for about three minutes then his friend gave up the bosses name." "He goes by a name" his voice sounded all hoarse like he was talking through a weed wacker. "The name he goes by is Dark Archer. But listen to me if you want to stop him, it's gonna take more than you two, he has a body guard named Brick" "I looked at him, I believed him. So I punched him in the face and he went to sleep for about three hours." 

"When I got back into the arrowcave, it was dark nobody was waiting for me like they usually do. I heard footsteps then out of the shadows came a hooded man he was about 6 feet tall, covered in head to toe with black with a green vile around his neck." "Green Arrow." The hooded man said. "So I looked up at him and said yes, you are in my cave, what do you want anyway?" All of a sudden a Arrow came flying at Oliver and he dodged it just in time, when he looked back up he was greeted by a fist in the face. He stumbled backwards the man kicked his knee so he feel to the floor and Oliver looked up and the man said "I'm here to kill you and everyone you love." TO BE CONTINUED. All rights go to DC comics. 

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Green Arrow a failure in the family

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