A Tale of Two Siblings

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No matter how big the fight. Siblings always cone back to each other.

Submitted: September 12, 2017

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Submitted: September 12, 2017



No ordinary fairytale,

It is without the evil stepmother

But with friends few and fair


No sunny mornings,

The sunshine didn't pour in

There were no heros or shining knights


Only a Beauty and the Beast

Siblings; she loved the monster he was

They were both Beasts


She wasn't quite a Beauty,

There were no happily ever after's

But broken bottles and crushed dreams


She got high off the fine powder

He'd made out of her dreams

And he bathed in fear and misery


Siblings; flickering, dying connection

Her soul wasn't strong enough

She had to take 7 steps back


One, two, three; I want to go back

Four, five; leave, go further heart

Six, seven; I can't do this anymore


In the end, there was happiness

She came running back

Because Beast understands Beast


Siblings; no ordinary fairytale

The tale of two siblings

Who grew far apart and then close again


With loss came heartbreak

But, fixed, their hearts were

For Beast cannot do without Beast

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