Accidental Relationship

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This is a story of how an embarrassing text message sent to the wrong person can lead an unlikely friendship and more.

Submitted: September 12, 2017

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Submitted: September 12, 2017



I finally sit down in front of my computer with a deep sigh of relief.  It has been another long day at work.  Now I just want to strip down to my boxers, lean back in my chair and binge-watch these next few episodes of Game of Thrones.  I begin, as I am getting comfortable and covering my legs with my blanket, my phone on my bed buzzes with a text message. I glance at the clock on my computer seeing it's almost midnight.  I groan asking myself, Who the hell is texting me this late at night?

Just as I bring my legs down off my desk and roll my chair towards my bed to get the phone, it buzzes with another message.  When I look at my screen I see they're from one of my students, Sierra Acosta.  I roll my eyes and groan not wanting to respond to her messages now.  She is probably asking me some stupid question she could easily find the answer too in her book.  Or, she is going to give me some lame ass excuse for wanting an extension on her paper.  I swipe the lock screen away to read her messages. 

[Sierra Acosta] Hey baby u up?

[Sierra Acosta] I have been thinking about u all day.

I begin to type my response, letting her know she has accidentally texted the wrong person, and a third message comes in from her.

[Sierra Acosta] Last night was amazing.  No 1 has ever made me feel so good.  My body was tingling all over.

I chuckle and type swiftly now before she goes into any more detail embarrassing herself further.

[Me] Wow um...

[Me] Ms. Acosta you might want to look at who you are texting.

I lean back in my chair, thinking she is probably going to be embarrassed now after she realizes who she texted.  She wastes no time responding back saying,

[Sierra Acosta] OMG Professor Richards I am sorry!

[Sierra Acosta] That was totally meant for someone else.

I laugh and text her back,

[Me] I kind of figured that.

[Sierra Acosta] Wow I feel so stupid.  Ur name is above a friend of mine in my phone.  I accidentally texted u instead of him.  :(

[Me] It's okay.  You really don't have to explain, it happens.  Well not like this I don't think. lol

She doesn't respond and I figure she must have moved on, so I end the conversation with one last text.

[Me] Anyways, congratulations on such a talented boyfriend.

I turn back to my computer with a smirk thinking it’s over but she quickly responds.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh he isn't my boyfriend

[Sierra Acosta] He is just someone I talk to when I am in...  U know the mood.

I chuckle again at how honest she is with me about what she does with this guy.

[Me] lol Again you don't have to explain

[Sierra Acosta] Sorry

She actually stops talking for a bit.  I grin, setting my phone on the desk and figure its the ends of that.  But not maybe five minutes later my phone vibrates with another message.

[Sierra Acosta] Um Professor Richards u aren't going to report me or anything for texting you that?

[Sierra Acosta] I am really sorry

I find this humorous she feels so scared about sending me that.  It's also funny she thinks I am actually a professor or whatever.

[Me] lol No I am not going to report you.

[Me] And I am not a professor.  I am just an online tutor.

[Sierra Acosta] I knew u were a tutor but I thought you were a professor also.

[Me] Not yet, I'm actually just a student like you.  I just tutor people online for a little extra credit and a bit of money.

[Sierra Acosta] So how old r u?

[Me] 23

[Sierra Acosta] Wow I always pictured u as an overweight balding middle aged guy with glasses.

I laugh at how detailed and slightly offensive her mental image is of me.  I sit forward in the chair as I get more invested in this conversation.  I reply back,

[Me] lol No I have all my hair but I do wear glasses.

After that, she doesn't text back.  I figure she must have already gotten bored and went back to talking to her "Friend" with benefits.  I'm guessing that's what he would be from what I read.  I try to get back into the show but curiosity gets to me.  I've heard of people doing stuff like she is doing with her "Friend."  I've never really seen or experienced it in person.  I'm kind of wondering how it all works.  Without thinking I text her again,

[Me] So how does it work?

[Sierra Acosta] How does what work?

[Me] You and this guy.  Your friend with benefits.

[Sierra Acosta] lol Oh

[Sierra Acosta] It isn't like you are thinking.  We don't meet up and have sex.  We just talk through text messages or on the phone.

[Sierra Acosta] We have never met each other.  It's just phone sex.

It confuses me to think she can just do this with a random stranger.  I admit it would make things a little easier and you wouldn't have to worry about as much.  Also, if she has never met him, does she know what he looks like?

[Me] So you have never met this guy?  Do you even know what he looks like?

[Sierra Acosta] lol No.  We both decided to keep that part a mystery allowing us to picture who we want too while we do this.

Well, that's kind of interesting and kind of scary at the same time.  You never know who you are truly talking to.  I chuckle and text her back,

[Me] lol What if he is some middle aged fat balding guy with glasses? 

[Sierra Acosta]  lol He could be.  We have sent some pictures but we pretty much cut or block out our faces.

[Sierra Acosta] Iol I can't believe I am talking to you about this.  This isn't like your work phone that they can check your messages on?

Now I have given up on watching whatever show I was planning to watch. I am more interested in this conversation.  I stand and make my way over to my bed to get more comfortable while texting.

[Me] lol No it's my personal phone.

[Sierra Acosta] So you just give out your phone number to just random people you don't know?

[Me] lol You are one to talk, Ms. Phone sex.  I just figured it would be easier for all the people I tutor to get hold of me if they had any questions.  I can't be on the computer 24/7.

[Me] Also I guess they all figure I am some fat middle aged balding professor with glasses so they don't really text me. 

[Sierra Acosta] lol

[Me] But if the school did find out I was talking to one of the people I tutor about phone sex, I could get in trouble I guess.

[Sierra Acosta] Hmm so I could possibly use this against you.  What should I get my tutor to do for me?

I laugh and I immediately think of all the different things I would get her to do.  Most of them I would be too embarrassed to tell her.  She probably has other ideas on what she would do though.

[Me] lol Resorting to blackmail?  I'm not going to do your homework for you.

[Me] Just remember I have this conversation on my phone as well.  Don't make me show it to your professor.

I see her typing a message, then she stops.  I assume she decided to go with her second message as it comes in.

[Sierra Acosta] *Gasp* You wouldn't!

[Me] lol No I probably wouldn't

[Sierra Acosta]  Haha You are actually a lot different than I imagined you to be.

I start to respond with a comment about her phone sex and how she imagines what that guy looks like, and now she is imagining me.  But again I decide to just keep things funny and safe.

[Me] Are you upset that I'm not a balding fat middle aged guy?

[Sierra Acosta] lol No.

[Sierra Acosta] But I do have you in my phone as Professor Dick.

That makes me laugh but I'm not really sure why she called me that.  Have I been a dick to her?

[Me] lol Professor Dick?

It takes her a second to respond again.

[Sierra Acosta] Yeah you never sounded like you were in a good mood and you always talked to me like I was a child.

I smirk thinking about it.  I guess she is right.  People like her, being lazy or asking stupid questions all the time did kind of annoy me. 

[Me] Oh lol 

I figure I needed to justify my actions towards her.

[Me] Well, to be honest, you did irritate me with some of your questions and excuses you made.

[Me] lol

[Sierra Acosta] HEY all my excuses were valid!

Again she makes me laugh.  Her excuses were pretty sketchy at times.  She was probably out partying or getting drunk at some club.  I decide to pull out the worst one she has ever told me.

[Me] You told me you couldn't do your work because your cat vomited all over your laptop.

[Sierra Acosta] IT DID!!

[Sierra Acosta] The vomit was disgusting and it smelled.  I didn't want to touch my laptop for a couple of days.

I laugh again. I guess it could have been plausible but I'm still not sure if I totally believe her. 

[Me] lol Suuure.

[Sierra Acosta] lol Dick

[Sierra Acosta] I guess I can change my name in my phone to Tutor Dick or just Dick now since I know you aren't a professor.

[Me]  lol If you want but my name is actually Alex

[Sierra Acosta] Okay Alex the Dick.

[Me] lol Whatever

We continue talking for a while joking with each other back and forth.  Before we knew it almost two hours have gone by.

[Me] Shouldn't you be talking to your "Friend" right now?

After I send that, I wish I could take it back.  I am really enjoying talking to her and now she might actually decide to go talk to him now.  It takes a few seconds for her to respond and I figure she might have just dropped me to go talk to him now.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh he is out with friends he will message me when he gets home.

A brief bit of joy hits me knowing I could get to talk to her longer.  I begin to respond but her next message comes in before I could finish.

[Sierra Acosta] But I am kind of hungry.  I think I am going to get me something to eat. Let me let you go.

I guess all good things have to end.  Even though our conversation started because of an accident, I was hoping maybe there will be more.  But knowing my luck this would probably be just a one-time thing. 

[Me] Alright have a good night.

[Sierra Acosta] You too Alex bye bye

I smile seeing her actually call me Alex and not Professor Dick or just Dick.

[Me] Bye



The next few days go by and it's all back to normal between us.  We really only talk when she needs help with her school work.  Now, most of my time is spent either in class, working, tutoring, or hanging out with my friends.  Usually, on the weekends my friends and I would play disk golf, watch the latest Marvel movie, or just hanging out playing cards. 

Late one night I'm lying in my bed watching TV and my phone buzzes with a message.  This time I actually figure its one of my friends messaging me with what I should bring for all of us to snack on tomorrow.  But to my surprise when I pick up my phone it's a message from Sierra.

[Sierra Acosta]  Alex I'm bored!

I smirk wondering why she is texting me.  I'm sure she has friends she could hang out with.  There is also a big frat party going on at the moment.  Why isn't she there?

[Me] I'm sorry.  It's the weekend and there is a pretty big party going on at the Phi Delta house.

[Me] Why aren't you there?

[Sierra Acosta] I would be but I ended up getting a horrible case of pink eye.  It's disgusting looking.

[Sierra Acosta] Are you at the party?

I smirk at her question.  She must think I am cool enough to go to one of those parties.  I'm also not very good at being around a lot of people and loud music. 

[Me] I'm not really a frat party kind of guy.  I'm more of the geeky dungeons and dragons type.

[Sierra Acosta]  lol Aww you are one of them.  Let me guess you're a virgin too.

How did I know she would make fun of me after I said that?  And why do folks always assume people who play dungeons and dragons or other games like that are virgins.  I mean I am a virgin, but that isn't because of that game.  It's just really bad luck on my part.  A few of my friends play dungeons and dragons and have girlfriends and get laid all the time. 

Her comment almost offended me and I almost went off on a rant saying that's just a bad stereotype. I decide to delete it at the last minute.  I guess she saw me do that through the messenger program and sends another message.

[Sierra Acosta] OMG Really?

[Sierra Acosta] Aww

Now her taunting actually started to bother me.  Me being a virgin is actually a touchy subject for me and my friends know it as well.  They have made jokes saying they are just going to buy me a prostitute to lose it.  Kind of wanting this conversation to end now I say,

[Me]  Why don't you call or text your phone sex buddy.  I'm sure he can entertain you.

[Sierra Acosta] He is already asleep.  He works in the morning.

Well I was hoping that she would have noticed that the virgin thing bothered me but apparently she is slow at picking that stuff up too.  She then asks,

[Sierra Acosta] So why haven't you had sex?  You have had a girlfriend right?

I scoff at that comment now she is thinking I am too much of a nerd to even get a girlfriend.  I didn't want to tell her I only had 1 girlfriend in my 23 years of life.  She would probably make fun of that too.  I just type back,

[Me] Yes I have had a girlfriend.  We just never got that far.

[Sierra Acosta]  How far have you got?

I rub my face in frustration really not wanting to talk about my sex life with her or the lack there of.

[Me] I really don't want to talk about this with you.

[Sierra Acosta] Whatever

I guess she finally got it through her head that I found this conversation uncomfortable.  I could have phrased that last sentence a little more kindly.  She begins typing something then erases it and does it again only to erase that one too.  Then she finally asks,

[Sierra Acosta] So what was she like?

[Me] Who?

[Sierra Acosta] Your girlfriend.

Not sure if she is trying to catch me in a lie.  Maybe she thinks I was lying about having a girlfriend. 

[Me] Why?

[Sierra Acosta] Just curious... Like I said I am bored.

I debate on whether I should answer her or not.  Like the virgin thing, this is a touchy subject for me also they pretty much run hand in hand.  My relationship with my ex really hurt me a lot which is why I am too nervous to jump into another one.

[Me] She was a good friend of mine I knew since middle school.  She was nice and very pretty.  She also liked all the same stuff I did.

[Sierra Acosta] How long were you two together?

[Me] Over 3 years

[Sierra Acosta] 3 years and you 2 never did anything?

I sigh knowing it would come back to this

[Me] We did stuff just not sex.  She said she wanted to wait till we were married.

Again she goes through the motions of typing stuff and erasing it a few times before she actually asks the question I was hoping she wouldn't

[Sierra Acosta] So what happened between you 2?

I almost pains me to write,

[Me] She ended up sleeping with my roommate while I was at work.

[Sierra Acosta] Wow that bitch

Seeing that comment actually makes me crack a smile and I just respond with,

[Me]  It's whatever

[Sierra Acosta] Well you will find someone better I am sure.  Want me to hook you up with someone?

That makes me chuckle.  Like any of her friends would want to date someone like me.  They are probably into the meathead jocks or the assholes who will treat them bad and end up cheating on them in the long run. 

[Me] lol No thanks.  Not really looking and I am not sure I am your friends type anyways.

[Sierra Acosta] How do you know?  You don't know my friends

[Me] lol I am pretty sure I am not, if they are anything like you.  You already made fun of me for being the geeky type.

[Sierra Acosta] Actually I think you being a geek is kind of cute.

That kind of catches me off guard I didn't expect her to say that.  But then again I kind of feel she is just being nice to me to make me feel better about myself.  Unsure how to really respond to that I just say,

[Me] Whatever

[Sierra Acosta] Fine send me a picture of you and I will tell you what I think.

Now what she just said really stunned me.  She might make fun of me more if I send her a picture.  She could even quit talking to me all together.  But what if she actually likes the way I look?I guess I took too long thinking about it and she ends up sending another message

[Sierra Acosta] Come on please

Still hesitant I just type back,

[Me] I don't know

[Sierra Acosta] How about I send you one of me?

Now that question actually wins me over.  I have been wondering what she actually looks like.  I wonder if she looks anything like I have pictured her.  I have been picturing her as a blonde haired blue eyed preppy girl.  She was probably homecoming queen or a cheerleader in highschool.  She is probably really hot and way out of my league.  Again I fight with myself for a second about to type "I don't know" again but I end up erasing it and say,

[Me] Fine

[Sierra Acosta] Yay hold on, let me take one real quick.

The picture she sends me leaves me breathless but is also quite amusing at the same time.  The one she sends is her lying on her back wearing nothing but a long grey sleeping shirt.  She just barely lifted her shirt up showing off her pale skin and flat toned stomach.  But not high enough to reveal her breasts to me.  On the right side of her ribs traveling down just below her belly button is a tattoo of an hourglass with a dragon wrapped around it. 

With her shirt raised  it also shows off her white and red polka dotted panties and her and the tops of her smooth shaven thighs. There is also the hint of a tattoo down one of her thighs as well.The humorous part of the picture is she has a crazy sticker or whatever covering her face not allowing me to see what she looks like.  I can barely make out from behind the sticker that she has red hair. 

I guess I ended up taking too long to respond kind as I just stare at this sexy and totally surprising picture she sent me.  She ends up texting me again

[Sierra Acosta] lol Are you there?

The buzzing of her message snaps me back to reality.  I quickly save her picture thinking this is way too hot to let go of then text her,

[Me] Wow that is hot.  I love the tattoos.  So am I not allowed to see your face? lol

[Sierra Acosta] Nope lol

I chuckle shaking my head,

[Me] Whatever lol

[Sierra Acosta] Now send me yours

[Me] Fine hold on

I begin looking through my phone at the few pictures I took of myself when I was thinking of putting myself on a dating site at one point.  Then I thought of something funny I could do.  I began searching the web for "Hot selfies of Men".  I find one of a muscle bound guy wearing glasses showing off his body in his restroom.  He kind of looks like Superman taking a selfie in the restroom and forgot to take off his Clark Kent glasses.  I send her that one and laugh as I wait for her response.  Her response is almost immediate as she says,

[Sierra Acosta] Haha lmao that is so not you.

Her comment makes me laugh again. 

[Me] lol How do you know?  I told you I wear glasses

[Sierra Acosta] Shut up lol

[Sierra Acosta] Come on send me a real one of you.

[Me] lol Fine hold on.  I need to put a shirt on so I can take one.

I start to stand but her almost instant response makes me stop.

[Sierra Acosta] No wait!

[Sierra Acosta] Take it without the shirt on.

I smirk thinking she can't be serious.  Also I would feel weird doing it anyway.

[Me] lol Uh no

[Sierra Acosta] Chicken

Now my ego or what little one I have takes over.  I can't let her get away with calling me a chicken.  She wants me to take a picture like that I will.  I mean, I guess my body is decent.  My body is slim with a bit of muscle definition but not really rocking a full defined six pack but you can kinda see a hint of one there. 

[Me] Okay fine hold on

[Sierra Acosta] lol

Again I try to be humorous with it and lie on my bed trying to mock the same position in.  I use my arm to cover my chest hiding my nipples from her.  Also I edit my picture placing sticker covering my face just like hers.  I guess I took too long and she messages me

[Sierra Acosta] Damn boy it's just a picture.  You're looking up more pictures on the net aren't you?

I finally send the picture and say right after I send it,

[Me] Since you blocked your face out.  I did mine too.

[Sierra Acosta] lol That's not you either.

[Me] No that's actually me

[Sierra Acosta] Really?  Wow you have a nice body.

I smile actually seeing that.  I think my ex was the last girl to actually see me without my shirt on.  I am one of those people who like to go swimming with their shirt on. 

[Me] lol Better than the guy in the first picture?

[Sierra Acosta] Actually yeah

Again I almost feel like she is just trying to be nice to me.  Then she says,

[Sierra Acosta] I don't really like big muscles on a guy

[Sierra Acosta] You should really let me set you up with one of my friends

I chuckle again.  It would be awesome to be in a relationship again.  Being around my friends with their girlfriends made me really want one.  But again I am too nervous about getting hurt again.  I am too scared to put myself out there to end up getting rejected or worse.

[Me] I don't know I am not really looking for a relationship  I am still not really over my last one.

[Sierra Acosta] Aw okay.  I know they would probably like you though.

I smile and begin to thank her for suggesting it.  But her next message comes in before I could hit send.

[Sierra Acosta] Wow that is a good picture.  Totally saving that for later.

Again she makes me laugh as I understand what she means by that statement.  I seriously doubt its true but again it makes me laugh.

[Me] lol

Now I try and play dumb acting like I don't know what she means.  Maybe I can get her to tell me exactly what she would be using it for. 

[Me] Saving it for what?

[Sierra Acosta] What do you think?  Use your imagination if you have one.  ;)

I chuckle at her imagination joke.  She probably knew what I was trying to do and is trying to be coy now and teasing me some more.

[Me] lol I play D&D that's all about imagination.  But I would rather hear it from you what you will be using it for.

Again I hope I will be able to draw it out of her.  She has phone sex and talks dirty with a stranger.  Maybe I could get her to do a bit of it with me.  Again she shuts me down with,

[Sierra Acosta] Maybe some other night.

I realize she still doesn't see me like that.  Or maybe she is just staying faithful to the man she already has.  Either way I decide to jab at her one last time saying,

[Me] Tease lol

She doesn't respond right away and I almost feel like maybe I did something wrong by asking her to do that.  Just as I am about to say something one of my friends begins calling.  I quickly text her,

[Me] Give me a bit one of my friends is calling.

[Sierra Acosta] Okay hurry up.

I smile and answer the phone.  My friend begins going on about the Phi Delta party.  He begins talking about how crazy it was.  A fight even broke out between 4 or 5 people.  The police ended up showing up to break up the party.  They also found some underage kids there drinking getting drunk as well.  Apparently Sierra got quickly got bored waiting for me and texts,

[Sierra Acosta] Well I am taking a bath since you are ignoring me now.

I groan looking at her comment wishing I could tell my friend I need to go.  The only problem is he wont stop talking for a second to get a word in. My friend just continues on talking about how lucky we are that we didn't show up.  I figure she has already put the phone down and went to take her bath.

I decide my conversation with her is probably over now and join into the conversation now.  We eventually get on to a different topic talking about a new game coming out for the Playstation.  I don't know how long we continued to talk for on the phone but it felt like quite a while.  For some reason as we continued talking my mind wanders away as I start thinking about her in the bathtub.  It's almost like she was reading my mind as my phone buzzes with another message from her.

[Sierra Acosta] Well it's getting late I'm going to bed.  I will just leave this with you to show you what you missed.

She ends up sending me a picture of her in the bath.  It was a picture of the lower half of her body now. Her feet were propped up on the water faucet showing off her smooth toned legs and feet with nicely manicured toes.  This allowed me a better view of the tattoo on her upper thigh.  It was a mermaid with flowing purple hair wrapped around her body hiding her breasts all the way down to her fish-like tail.  The bubbles in the bathtub pretty much hide any chance of Sierra revealing anything else to me.

[Sierra Acosta] Sweet dreams (of me) Alex

I groan again seeing that picture.  Now I am more determined than ever to get off the phone.  I quickly interrupt my friend talking saying I really need to go.  He lets me go and I quickly begin texting her hoping she hasn't fallen asleep already.

[Me] Sorry about that he wouldn't shut up

Of course she doesn't answer and I cuss myself for answering his phone call.

A couple more weeks go by and we actually begin talking off and on.  We do a bit of playful flirting back and forth but that's all it really is.  I can pretty much feel myself sinking into the friendzone with her.  I actually never expected more than that with her anyways.  I actually don't mind being just her friend, she is fun to talk too.  Unlike me who is scared of getting into a relationship she just doesn't want to be in one.  She thinks they are too much trouble and she likes her freedom to do whatever she wants.  She is just too focused on school and having fun to complicate it with a relationship.

I've kind of learned a bit about her and what days she usually talks to her "Phone Friend with Benefits".  She would try and explain to me the stuff they talk about.  Sometimes she tries to have a normal conversation with this guy like she does with me.  He just doesn't seem too interested in normal talk and quickly changes the subject to something more sexual.  One of those nights I figure she is busy with him but to my surprise ends up texting me.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex I need your help!

[Me] Sierra the type of help you need only those friendly men in white coats can give you.

[Sierra Acosta] What?

I chuckle realizing she didn't get what I was talking about.  It just flew right over her head.  As I begin to explain she texts again.

[Sierra Acosta] Oh shut up lol

[Me] lol

[Me] What's wrong now?

[Sierra Acosta] Paul wants us to meet.  He wants to have a real relationship with me.

I hesitate unsure who this Paul is.  Is it her phone sex friend?  In all the times she talked about him I don't remember her ever saying his name.

[Me] Who's Paul?

[Sierra Acosta] The phone sex guy

Well I guess I was right.

[Me] He wants to meet you?

[Sierra Acosta] Yeah and he wants to actually start dating.

[Sierra Acosta] Ugh I can't believe this is happening

I've kind of figured something like this would eventually happen.  Who can keep doing stuff like that and not eventually want the real thing.

[Me] lol You can't believe that some guy wants to actually have a real relationship with you?

[Me] I mean you two talk pretty much every night.  I can't blame him for wanting more.

[Sierra Acosta] I talk to you every day and you don't want more.

I hesitate reading that.  I have actually thought about wanting more with her but I know how she feels about relationships.  Also I know she doesn't see me more than just a friend so I just pushed all those thoughts out of my head.  I start to respond then her next text comes in.

[Sierra Acosta] Fuck why did he have to mess things up.  I don't want more with him.

Again I start to respond with a long text on why she should just be honest with him and tell him how she feels.  If he can't handle it then maybe they should stop talking.  But again she interrupts my typing with another one of her texts,

[Sierra Acosta] Noooo he just told me he thinks he is in love with me!

I laugh thinking this is getting crazy.  How can he love someone he has never seen or even met in real life.  I figure this isn't a good time for one of my jokes to lighten the mood and just go with what I was going to say earlier.

[Me] Wow um I don't know.  I guess you just need to be honest with him telling him how you really feel.

[Me] I've never been in a situation like that so I don't know what to really say.

She doesn't respond to me after a few minutes and I figure she went back to talking to him so I say,

[Me] I guess you are talking to him now.

[Me] Well good luck with that

[Sierra Acosta] Wait

[Sierra Acosta] I'm telling him we should stop talking for a while.

I smirk thinking she must have been reading my mind. 

[Me] That's just what I was thinking.  Good luck lol

[Sierra Acosta] Give me a bit.  I will message you when we are done.

[Me] Okay

Over an hour goes by after she left to go talk to him.  I figure they must have worked something out and jumped back into their normal routine.  I guess a bit of jealousy hits me as I start to hope that she doesn't work things out with him.  That would give her more time to talk to me.  Also I guess if she ever got in the mood maybe she could look to me to help her out.  But like this guy I don't know if I could keep myself from wanting more.  I already know deep down I have some type of feelings for her.

As I wait for her message I end up dozing off on my couch with my cell lying on my chest.  Just as I start to fall into a deep sleep my phone buzzes startling me back awake.  I jump causing my phone to slide off my and hit the floor.  I reach over grabbing the phone seeing she has messaged me a few times,

[Sierra Acosta] Ugh I'm such an idiot.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex are you there?

[Sierra Acosta] Did you fall asleep?

I finally text her back saying,

[Me] Sorry I'm here.  What happened?

[Sierra Acosta]  Well where to begin.

My brief sleep made me quite thirsty.  So as I wait for her response I head to the kitchen and pour me a glass of iced tea.  As I am pouring it I hear my phone buzz on the counter with her message

[Sierra Acosta] Well I ended up calling him.  While we were talking we kind of got into a heated argument.  He even started crying on the phone.

I don't know why I find it funny but I laugh when I read he started to cry.  He must like her a lot more than I expected.  Or she really ripped into him during their little "lover's spat".

[Me] lol He started to cry?

[Me] Damn girl what did you say to him?

I walk back over and sit on the couch with my legs stretched out across it as I wait for her next message.

[Sierra Acosta] I just told him the truth.  I didn't want to meet him or be with him.  I don't want a relationship with him or anyone else.  Then I told him we should stop talking for a while.

[Me] Oh and he took it that bad and started crying?

She takes her time texting this one.  It's almost like she is hesitant to say anything.

[Sierra Acosta] Well there is something else

[Me] What?

Again she seems too nervous to say anything.  Normally she can text so fast I can barely keep up.  But this small sentence seems to take forever for her to write.

[Sierra Acosta] He is only 15.  I was having phone sex with a 15 year old.

Again I don't know why but that makes me bust out laughing.  I guess its just something I never expected.  Even though I know this is probably bothering her a lot and it's wrong.  But its also funny to me at the same time.

[Me] lol

[Sierra Acosta] It's not funny

[Sierra Acosta] I could get in trouble if his parents find out and....

[Sierra Acosta] It's disgusting

Still chuckling on my side finding this situation humorous.  I know if I was in her shoes I wouldn't find it funny.  I try to be serious now

[Me] Sorry didn't mean to laugh

[Me] What are you going to do?

[Sierra Acosta] I don't know I feel sick to my stomach.  I am going to have to get a new phone number.

[Me] Well at least you never showed him what you look like.  Did you give him your real name?

[Sierra Acosta] No I said my name was Amber.  Alex I feel like I want to cry.  15 WHAT THE FUCK!

Now hearing her say that she wants to cry I know this is really serious.  If anything I don't want her to cry.

[Me] It will be okay just calm down.

I hesitate thinking maybe if I say something funny it will make her feel better.  I write something then erase it unsure if it will make things worse.  Then go ahead and type it again

[Me] Just think of it as you starting your cougar career early lol.

[Sierra Acosta] OMG shut up!  I hate you.

I chuckle knowing she didn't mean it.  I know I had to at least get a grin out of her and want to keep it there so I say.

[Me] lol No you don't

[Me] Sierra he doesn't know what you look like or even your real name.  It's going to be okay.

[Sierra Acosta] I think I need a drink or 7 of them.  I am never having phone sex or sending naked pictures to anyone ever again.

The last part of her sentence caused me to hesitate. 

[Me] Wait you sent him naked pictures?

[Sierra Acosta] Yeah I am an idiot.  He sounded so much older.

Wow this boy is lucky.  He got to see naked pictures of her.  Well her face was probably cropped out or covered up but still.  Maybe she didn't and used someone elses body.

[Me] Were they actually pictures of you?

[Sierra Acosta] Yeah...

[Me] Wow now I am actually jealous of a 15 year old.

[Sierra Acosta] lol Shut up

Yes, I actually got a laugh out of her.  It means what I am saying is working.  Lets keep this going.

[Me] What do I have to do to get some naked pictures.  Or am I too old?

[Sierra Acosta] Alex if you don't stop I will find out where you live and kick your ass.

After that her mood really changed and she didn't worry as much.  We continued talking for almost 2 more hours before we decided to go to sleep.  The next morning I am woke up by another text this one is from a number I don't recognize.

[567-555-0132] Alex!

I rub my eyes looking at it for a second trying to place who it might be.  Then I text back,

[Me] Um hi? Who is this?

[567-555-0132] I can't believe you forgot me already

[567-555-0132] It's me Kelly

My heart stops considering the only Kelly I have ever known is my ex.  If this is her, how did she get this number and why is she texting me now?

[Me] Kelly?

[Me] How did you get this number?

[567-555-0132] Your mom gave it to me.  Alex I have really missed you.

[567-555-0132] I wanted to see how you've been doing.

Still unsure why she is texting me out of the blue.  Last I heard she was still with my roommate.  I doubt he would like it if she was texting me again.  I doubt she just texted me to see how I am doing.  I save her number in my phone and text her back.

[Me] Everything is fine with me.  What is it you really want?

[Kelly] Well I am in town for spring break.  I was hoping I would be able to see you while I was down.

Why would she want to see me?  It's not like we broke up on good terms.  She cheated on me and ended up staying with my roommate even after we broke up.  Are they still together?  I hope she isn't trying to get back with me now.

[Me] Yeah I don't think that is a good idea.

[Kelly] I just want to talk to you and apologize for what I did to you.

I don't think I can do that even if she was apologizing and really meant it.  I loved her and just talking to her now is already bringing some of that pain back to my heart.  I am afraid if I do let her talk to me I might give in to her and those feelings I had for her will return.

[Kelly] Alex please.

[Me] I don't know

[Kelly] Please Alex I miss you.  I screwed things up and I want to make things right again.

[Kelly] I talked to your parents already telling them how stupid I was.  I told them I would do anything to make it up to you.

[Kelly] I just want you back.  I want my best friend back and the only guy I ever really loved.

My eyes close as I feel more pain from reading that she loved me.  How could she do what she did if she loved me.

[Me] Kelly you slept with Jason while I was at work.  You cheating on me tearing my heart in two.

[Me] I don't know if we can ever go back to what we were.

She begins writing something and deletes it then begins writing again.  Eventually she sends her next text saying,

[Kelly] Please just give me a chance.  Your parents already invited me over for dinner this weekend.

[Kelly] They said you were going to be there.

I sigh with frustration.  Yes I did tell my parents I was coming home for the weekend.  I can't believe she got my parents into this.  I wish they would have at least talked to me before inviting her over.  Now I don't know what to do.  I really don't want to see her right now.

[Me] What the hell Kelly!

[Kelly] Please!

[Kelly] I will do anything to get you back in my life.

[Kelly] I love you Alex

I rub my face again with frustration.  We were so close before we even started going out and I do miss that so much.  We were pretty much inseparable growing up together.  Just now I am not sure if I can do it.  How can I ever trust her again

[Me] I can't do it

[Kelly] Please Alex

[Me] I can't!

[Kelly] Why?

[Kelly] Tell me why can't you just give me one more chance to prove myself to you.

I realize no matter what I say she wont let this go she will keep begging and begging till I finally give in.  So I decide to lie saying something she can't argue with.

[Me] I have a girlfriend.

It takes her a second to type her response.  I guess my answer stunned her.  She wasn't expecting that from me.

[Kelly] Really?

[Kelly] When I asked your parents they said you were still single

Damn it of course she would ask my mother that.

[Me] They haven't met her.  I haven't told them about her yet.

[Kelly] You're not just saying this to hurt me are you?

It's pretty obvious I am, but I figure I started this lie might as well not back out of it now.  Let keep it going and add a name to this fake girlfriend.  Maybe add a little back story to it.

[Me] No I am not lying.  Her name is Sierra and we've been dating for a few months now.

I figure that would end it there as it takes her a while just to type this little word.

[Kelly] Oh

Then she begins typing, erasing, then typing again.  Again I think I got her with this one and hopefully she wont show up now.  Then I can just make up something to tell my parents why she didn't show up.  But of course nothing ever happens how I want it.

[Kelly] I'm still coming to the dinner this weekend.  I still want to see you.  I miss my best friend.

Damn it she just wont give up!

[Me] Kelly no!  It would just make things awkward if you did.

[Me] Sierra will be there.  I'm bringing her to meet my family.

[Kelly] Good I want to meet her too.

Now I am getting more angry that she just wont take the hint.  I squeeze my phone tightly in my hand and I just want to throw it across the room.  I figure I will have to be blunt with her now

[Me] NO!

[Me] I don't want you there!!

[Kelly] too bad I already promised them I would

I shout out many cuss words in frustration.  It was so loud the dogs in the apartment next to mine begin barking.  She continues to text me

[Kelly] I told you I am going to make things right.  If I can't have you back as my boyfriend.  I still want you back as my friend.

[Me] Damn it why can't you just listen to me?


[Kelly] So you don't miss me at all?  Even though we have been friends since middle school.  You don't think about me at all anymore?

[Me] Kelly yes I miss you as my friend.  I just don't think we can ever go back to that.

[Kelly] Just give me the weekend please.  That's all I am asking.

I sigh realizing I can't win with her.  Even when we were together I could never win with her.

[Me] Fine whatever

[Me] God I always hated arguing with you.  Even now I never win.

[Kelly] And you never will :)

[Kelly] So tell me about your girlfriend Sierra.

Even though it was quite awkward we continued talking.  I told her pretty much everything I learned about Sierra over the months we have been talking.  Then I had to start making stuff up about our fake relationship, like how we met, and some of the dates we have been on.I can tell it was kind of bothering by her 1 word texts but she still said she wanted to meet Sierra.

Eventually we stopped talking.  Most of the day I was trying to think of what to do.  Now Kelly thinks Sierra was going to be there.  I could just say Sierra got sick and couldn't come.  But then Kelly would probably think I was lying about our relationship the whole time.  I actually call my friends asking what I should do.  None of them really cared for Kelly too much so they were suggesting things to hurt her or get back at her.  They also suggested to not even show up which I did consider.  I even was thinking of asking one of them to borrow their girlfriend for the day letting her pretend to be Sierra.

Then one actually suggests that I should just ask Sierra to pretend to be my girlfriend.  I was super hesitant about that.  I knew Sierra, I doubt she would even go for it.  Actually I pretty much knew she wouldn't.  Plus we have never met each other.  We have only ever talked through text messages. 

I really didn't know what I was going to do.  I'm pretty sure Sierra could come up with a good suggestion.  But how could I bring it up to her that I told my ex that she was my girlfriend.  A couple days were left before it was the weekend and I would go visit my family.  I still had no idea what I was doing.  I started to panic a little and against my better judgement I decided to text Sierra.

[Me] Hello are you awake?

[Me] I need your help with something. Please text me if you get this.

She doesn't answer after a while.  She is usually pretty quick to answer me back unless she is busy or sleeping.  I glance at the clock seeing its a little past 11 pm.

[Me] I guess you must be asleep

Again she doesn't answer and I fall back on my bed tossing my phone beside me.  I just lay there in frustration trying to think of what to do.  Kelly is going to figure out I have been lying and she is going to take that opportunity to try and win me back.  I am not really sure if I could resist the temptation if I did see her again.  Almost 15 long minutes later my phone finally buzzes with a message.  I quickly grab my phone and to my relief if is Sierra and another buzz goes off with her second message

[Sierra Acosta] Hey sorry was in the shower and left my phone on my bed.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex are you there?

I sit up and quickly message her back,

[Me] Yeah I am here

[Sierra Acosta] What did you need?  You found a guy you like and want my opinion on what I think about him.

I smirk at her gay joke,

[Me] Ha ha and no lol

It takes me a bit wondering what I should actually say to her.  But I decide to go with the most difficult question

[Me] You will probably say no but I have a favor to ask

[Sierra Acosta] I already told you I'm not sending you any naked pictures.

I chuckle reading that then the nervousness takes back over.

[Me] No that's not what I want.  Well I do want those but that not what I wanted to ask.

I start writing down exactly what I want to ask and delete it multiple times not liking the way I worded it.  I also knew deep down she would say no anyways.  I guess she could see my reluctance and types,

[Sierra Acosta] Ok what are you so scared to ask me?

[Sierra Acosta] Omg don't tell me you are asking me out

[Sierra Acosta] lmao that would be so funny

I slowly type my response to her then nervously hit send,

[Me] If I did would you say no?

[Sierra Acosta] lol No really what do you want?

Of course she would think its a joke.  I have joked about it many times asking her out.  Again I begin to type my response only to delete it again realizing this is stupid.  I already know her answer.  I should just give up now.

[Sierra Acosta] Omg is this for real?

[Sierra Acosta] Alex you know how I feel about relationships.

[Me] I know

That's the only response I could come up with.  There is more I want to say I just cant bring myself to say it.  But she has no problem speaking her feelings

[Sierra Acosta] Alex I like what we have.  You're a good friend.  I just don't think I could ever see you as anything else.

For some reason even though I knew that about her it was still like a knife in the heart to read it.

[Me] I kind of figured that

[Me] It was a mistake anyways for lying to her.

[Sierra Acosta] What?

Of course she wouldn't understand why I said that and its probably best if she didn't

[Me] Nothing just forget it.

[Sierra Acosta] What aren't you telling me?  Who did you lie to?

I sigh and give in.  I guess she might as well know.  Maybe she will find it funny.

[Me] My ex texted me the other night.  She wants us to get back together.

[Sierra Acosta] The ex that cheated on you?

[Me] I've only had one ex yeah.

[Me] Apparently she has my parents supporting her and they are having her over for dinner this weekend.

[Sierra Acosta] Wow really?  Do they know that she is the slut that broke your heart.

I don't know why but seeing her say that makes me smile.  It's nice to know she hates that my ex did that to me too.

[Me] lol

[Me] Well my parents were close with hers and we kind of lived next door to each other.  They treated her like she was their daughter.

[Sierra Acosta] So what does this have to do with me?

I start to get a little worried as I type out my next text.  Hopefully she will find humor in it and not get mad or hating me for it.

[Me] Well I kind of told Kelly that I had a girlfriend and she was coming to meet my parents this weekend.  So it would be better if she didn't come. 

[Sierra Acosta] Why did you do that?

[Me] I don't know I panicked.  It's okay though I will make something up.  I was kind of hoping you would come and pretend to be my girlfriend.  I know its stupid of me to ask you to do something like that.

[Sierra Acosta] Can't you just ask one of your other friends?

[Me] You're the only friend that I have that is a girl other than my friends girlfriends or wives.

[Me] I also kind of said my girlfriend's name was Sierra.

[Sierra Acosta] Are you serious?

[Me] Yeah

A moment of silence happens with neither of us talking.  Now I really think she  is upset at me.  I really screwed up this time and don't know what to do.  But of course she is the one to break the silence asking,

[Sierra Acosta] Why me?

[Me] I don't know like I said you are really my only female friend.  You're also the first name that popped into my head.

Also I do kind of have feelings for her but I am not going to tell her that.

[Me] But don't worry I will make something up or just tell her I lied.

She starts typing something and immediately erases it.  I feel bad for putting her in this position.  I shouldn't have said anything to her.

[Me] I'm sorry

Now she isn't responding and its really starting to make me worry.

[Me] Are you still there?

[Sierra Acosta]  So you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend?

[Me] It's okay it was stupid to ask you.

It takes a bit for her next response but it leaves me speechless when it finally comes in

[Sierra Acosta] I'll do it

I had to read it a few times to actually believe it was real.

[Me] Really?

Now I almost feel like she might feel pressured by me.  I really don't want her have to do something she doesn't want to do.

[Me] You don't have too.  I know you don't believe in relationships and all that.

[Sierra Acosta] No I just don't want to be in one right now.  What we will be doing won't be real it's just pretend.  All we have to do is fool your ex right?

[Me] And my parents yeah.

[Me] You're really going to do this for me?

[Sierra Acosta] I'm thinking about it.

Now for some reason I can't stop smiling.  Is this actually happening?  I never thought she would even think about agreeing to something like this.

[Me] Why?

[Sierra Acosta] Because Alex you are my friend.  Also I want to see the look on that bitches face when we show up together.

[Me] lol Thank you

[Sierra Acosta] So what did you say about me and our relationship?

[Me] Not much really.  We have only been together for a few months

[Sierra Acosta] Okay we need come up with a story about how we met.  Also I will need to know some stuff about you just in case they ask.

I laugh at how much thought she is putting into this now.  I still also don't believe its really happening.

[Me] lol You are really getting in to this.

[Sierra Acosta] lol I just want it done right with no mistakes.  We have to make it believable.

[Sierra Acosta] First things first.  We have never seen what the other person looks like.  You should send me your picture.

[Me] Are you sending me yours?

She almost immediately responds with a picture of her.  Beautiful doesn't even do her justice.  Her hair is red like I thought that is barely long enough to hang to her shoulders.  Her eyes are a bright emerald green and even though its a picture I can already feel myself getting lost in them.  Last is her succulent rosy pink lips that I would do anything just to kiss.  I type back

[Me] Oh wow.  You are gorgeous.

[Sierra Acosta] lol Thanks now it's your turn.

After seeing her picture it makes me even more nervous to send mine. 

[Me] Alright but don't laugh

I take a few pictures of myself.  While I am trying to take one that doesn't make me look silly my kitten Luna climbs into my lap.  I figure the kitten could add a bit more cuteness to the photo.  I hold it up and smile at it as I take the picture.  It was actually pretty good so I send it to her.  I wait anxiously for her response

[Sierra Acosta] Wow so cute

I chuckle.  Cute wasn't really the response I was looking for but again she could be talking about Luna.

[Me] lol Me or the cat?

[Sierra Acosta] Both actually.  You look totally different than I expected.  You're actually kind of hot.

Holy crap did she call me hot?  That gorgeous breathtaking girl just called me hot. We end up spending the next couple of hours coming up with a game plan.  I tell her everything I told Kelly about our fake relationship and she had fun embellishing on that.  It was pretty much the story of our friendship.  I was her tutor and some how we ended up talking about more than just school work.  Over time we became really good friends that eventually turned into more.  It wasn't much later I actually built up the courage to finally ask her out.

The dreaded weekend of the dinner with my parents finally comes.  It started out quite awkward with Kelly being there and my "Fake Girlfriend" Sierra there as well.  Both my parents and Kelly were pretty much grilling us with all sorts of questions about our relationship and why I haven't told my parents about her.

Most of the questions came from Kelly who still seemed a bit skeptical about us.  Sierra handled it better than I did playing it off.  She was quick to jump in answering the questions for us.  The good thing was how well she got along with my parents.  They seemed to grow to like her rather quickly.  Of course I could tell that my parents actually liking Sierra frustrated Kelly even more.

Towards the end of the night things got a little crazy and unexpected stuff happened that made our "fake relationship" take a different turn.

[Me] Sierra are you still awake?

[Sierra Acosta] I'm awake.  Did you make it home already?

[Me] Would it be weird if I am still sitting outside your apartment in my car?

I glance up at her apartment and see one of the shades of her window get pulled back.  She looks down to the parking lot seeing me still in my car looking up at her. 

[Me] I was hoping we could talk about what happened tonight.

[Sierra Acosta] Hold on let me get dressed I'm coming down

She lets go of the shade and I quickly text. 

[Me] Can you just stay up there for now and just talk to me about what happened.

I can see her shadow through the shade as she texts back,

[Sierra Acosta] I'm sorry for hitting her.  I don't know what came over me.  I can't believe she said that shit to you pretty much blaming you for her cheating.

[Sierra Acosta] Actually no I'm not sorry.

[Me] I'm not mad about that. 

[Me] Actually I thought it was kind of hot how you stood up for me like that.  Knowing me if you weren't there I wouldn't have said anything and just took it.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex if she loved you like she said she wouldn't have cheated.

[Me] I mean it did make sense I didn't give her the attention she wanted.  I was too focused on my studies and my work to notice how she felt.

[Sierra Acosta] Then she should have said something and talked to you about it.  Not jump on the first available dick around.

[Sierra Acosta] God she is such a bitch.  She makes me so angry just thinking about her.

I smile thinking about how upset Kelly made her.  It was just amazing when she stood up to Kelly for me.  I always figured the guy was supposed to be the protector.  But today it was the other way.

[Me] lol Calm down.  That red headed temper of yours is showing again.

[Sierra Acosta] Grrr sorry

[Me] lol It's okay  It's just one of the things about you I find so attractive.

[Sierra Acosta] lol

Now I have to change the subject back to the real reason I wanted to talk.

[Me] But what I really wanted to talk to you about was what happened after your fight in the dining room.

[Me] When you were sitting on the table while I was trying to calm you down.

[Sierra Acosta] Again my emotions took over

[Me] What's to be sorry about?  Do you know how bad I wanted that to happen?

She comes back to the window and lifts the shade looking down at me as she texts,

[Sierra Acosta] I thought I messed things up when I did that.  You stopped talking to me for a bit and it scared me.

I chuckle and text her back

[Me] lol Well I was in shock.  You literally took my breath away when you grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in for that kiss.

I look up at her  seeing her smile down at my comment then text me back,

[Sierra Acosta] Sorry the bitch walked in behind you when we were talking.  I wanted to hurt her in a completely different way that time.

[Me] And what about the second kiss after she left?

[Sierra Acosta] Well that kiss was more for me :)

We both look to each other with a smile.  I know this seems so real but I know how she truly feels about relationships.  I just have to know what's going to happen after this day.  Are we going back to just friends again?

[Me] So what does this mean for us?

After I send the message I look up to her seeing her read it as it hits her phone.  She looks down at me briefly almost like she is hiding another smile then texts

[Sierra Acosta] What do you mean?

Now I know she is messing with me as she turns her attention back to me awaiting my answer

[Me] I think you know?  That kiss with you, I was really hoping there would be more of them in the future.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex what are you saying?  Tell me what you really want?

I take a deep breath knowing I am about to ask her the question I have been wanting to ask her for a long time.  Now I am not so sure if she will say no or not.  But my nervousness still rises with each word I type.

[Me] I was hoping that maybe you would go out with me.  I was hoping you would be my girlfriend.

[Sierra Acosta] I thought I already was :)

[Sierra Acosta] Unless you lied to your parents and your ex.

Now I'm not sure if she is playing with me.  I look up at her to see if she is laughing or I can tell if she is messing with me.  But this time she is just staring back at me awaiting my response.

[Me] lol Is this for real?  I thought you didn't want another relationship?

She reads my text with a laugh and steps away from the window.  Just as her next message hits my phone the door to her apartment opens.

[Sierra Acosta] Alex stop texting me and come inside.

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