Here for You

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Submitted: September 12, 2017

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Submitted: September 12, 2017



Sitting in front of the hotel staring at her car in front of room 37.  My gun is sitting in my lap and a bouquet of roses lying across the passenger seat.  I wanted to surprise her at work for our 3rd year anniversary.  I had the whole thing planned out.  I was going to pick her up take her to the restaurant we went too on our first official date.  Then we were going to head down to the river walk, she always loved going there.  We never got to go as often as we liked.

'I just wanted to make this day special.'I think to myself as I look to the small ring box sitting on the dashboard with the engagement ring.  I was going to propose, but she does this to me.  What did I do wrong?  I treated her like a princess.  Even when we fought it was usually me who gave in because I hated fighting with her.

Now I just can't stop thinking about when I pulled up to her work just to see her and another guy get in her car and drive off.  At first I thought nothing of it.  She was always the nice person offering to give people rides home.  I just ended up just following them till they pulled up to this shady looking motel. 

Apparently they planned this ahead of time because they didn't even have to stop inside to get a key.  They both got out and made their way up to room 37.  Then to my surprise they kissed just before stepping inside. My heart sunk in my chest as I exhaled a deep breath.  This was probably the worst pain I have ever felt seeing them kiss, and I have broken a few bones.

The anger is slowly rising inside of me the longer I sit out here.  It had to be about 45 minutes since I saw them walk in.  I look down picking up the hand gun from my lap again checking to see if it’s loaded.  A tear runs down my cheek as I am about to lose this fight and end up doing something that will end me up in jail or worse.

Suddenly my cell goes off startling me making me jump in my seat.  My heart is racing now as I snap back to reality checking to see who is calling.  The caller ID says 'Gumdrops' the nickname for my best friend Maya.  Gumdrops is kind of an inside joke between us.  When she gets cold or aroused her nipples become very visible through her shirt and sometimes even her bra depending on what type it is.  I always made fun of her saying they looked like small gumdrops poking out.

We have been friends since elementary school.  Even though we were best friends we were completely different.  She was always the popular jock slash cheerleader.  She would spend her weekends partying or on dates.  I was a geek and a nerd.  My weekends consisted of video games and dungeons and dragons.  But at the end of the day we would usually spend it talking on the phone mostly about some drama she had to deal with.

There was a brief period where I had a crush on her but I could never pursue it because she was my best friend.  Also I knew the type of guy she liked.  She likes to dumb jock type ones that she could easily control.  She was usually the dominate one in all her relationships.  But every relationship she got into with these meatheads she quickly got bored with.  She said the sex was good but she hated talking to them.

Maya was actually the person who introduced me to my girlfriend here.  They were both taking Tai-chi and Yoga classes together.  Erin my girlfriend, was like Maya and always dated the wrong type of guys.  Except most of hers were scumbags and abusive assholes.  Maya introduced her to me because she really wanted a nice guy for a boyfriend.  But I guess being the nice guy isn't good enough.  I look at the phone for a second debating if I should answer.After about 4 rings I finally answer.

"Hello” I say in a low weak voice,

"What's up scrub are you busy?"  She says in her always cheerful voice.

"I-I don't know" Again saying in a quiet weak voice.

"Oh shit, have you already picked her up?  Crap I totally forgot what today was.  How is-"

"Maya” I try to interrupt her but I guess my voice was too weak she didn't hear it.

"-everything going.  I can't believe you are actually-"

"Maya!" I say louder this time closing my eyes tightly as more tears run down my cheeks.


I look down at the gun in my shaking hand I say with a wavering voice,

"I need to come stop me."

"Stop you?  Stop you from wha-"

"If you don't come now...I...I don't know what I am going to do."

Now there is a bit of concern in her voice,

"What's going on?  Did something happen?  Did she say some-"

"She's cheating on me..." I cock back the hammer on my gun as I say "She is in there with him now"

"Woah woah wait, was that your gun?"

"If you don't come stop me I am going to do something stupid"

I was actually picked on a lot in school but most of the time Maya was there to take up for me.  I always kept my emotions and frustrations bottled up inside till I eventually just blow up.  For some reason with Maya I always felt comfortable enough to vent my feelings out too.  I can hear her shuffling around now on the other side of the phone,

"Okay I am coming where are you?  Just stay where you are?"

"Knight's Inn around back."

She actually stays on the phone with me the whole time on her way over to me.  Trying to talk to me, to calm me down, but it's not really working very well.  About 15 to 20 minutes go by then I see Erin walk out holding this guy’s hand.  They kiss again then he starts walking towards the front office I am guessing to return the key.

I just watch the guy wondering why him.  I mean he looks taller than me and kind of has the grungy look of a biker or mechanic.  Again I can't figure out why him and what did I do wrong to make her cheat.  Then I look back at Erin seeing her leaning against her car waiting for his return.  She is smiling looking at her phone texting.  A few seconds later I get a text message from her,

"Hey I am not feeling well.  I am just going to take a bath and lay down.  Love you"

Reading that just hurt and enraged me more and I am about to start texting her back telling her how much of a liar she is.  Then I see the guy running back.  I figure its best to confront them both.  I snatch the ring off the dashboard and the gun as I get out of the car.

My hands are shaking, my face is hot with anger, and there are the tears running down my face.  I slide the ring in my pocket and I get maybe 3 steps towards them when Maya's car comes to a screeching halt in front of me blocking me from them.  She gets out barefooted and wearing nothing but pajama pants and a tank top.  She glances at the gun in my hand then back up to me as she takes a step towards me saying,

"James get in the car."

I just stare past her at Erin who is now looking our direction hearing Maya's car screech to a stop.  Her eyes widen as she sees me looking her direction.  The guy follows her gaze to me as well.  I take another step towards them tightening my grip on the gun saying,

"I need to know why.  Why she would do this-"

Maya steps forward taking hold of my hand gripping the gun blocking my view to them.  She is about the same height as me so she can look me right in the eyes which she does.  She says,

"No, you need to get in the car.  Let go of the gun."

Erin starts to walk towards us,

"James why are-"

Maya closes her eyes as she shouts interrupting Erin,

"Erin shut up!"She looks back at me trying to pull the gun from my grip "James let go of the gun and get in the car."I just look past her to Erin as I can see the tears forming in her eyes now.  Not sure if she feels bad, if she is afraid, or just upset she got caught.  Maya grabs my face with her other hand forcing me to look at her."James look at me, give me the gun."

I finally give in loosening my grip on the gun as she pulls it away.  She holds me close then puts me in the back seat of the car.  I lean forward rubbing my face with my hands not wanting to look at Erin anymore.  Maya closes the door and looks over her car to Erin who is just looking back in shock.  Maya scowls at her saying,

"What the fuck is wrong with you?  And with this guy, really?"

She shakes her head getting back in the car setting the gun in the passenger seat.  She takes off burning out her tires as she drives away.  As she is driving she growls out gripping her steering wheel tightly saying,

"That slut how could she do this to you?  And on your anniversary.  Fucking bitch!"

My eyes close tightly in pain still wondering what I did wrong.  The whole time Maya is up there raging about what happened.  Threatening to kick Erin's ass if she ever catches her alone or not alone she doesn't care.  She looks back at me through the rear view mirror,

"James she is a bitch and doesn't deserve you.  We will find you someone better."

"I just want to go home and be alone.  I am going to drink till I pass out or I get alcohol poisoning whichever comes first."

"There is no way I am leaving you alone right now.  You can get as shit faced as you want, but I am going to be there to make sure you don't do anything stupid."

I lean my head against the window thinking she is over reacting,

"I am not going to kill myself, if that's what you are worried about."

"No, but you might try calling and talking to her.  Knowing you, she will convince you to forgive her."

"I will have to eventually talk to her you know."

"Not tonight you aren't.  Hell just in case she tries to show up I am taking you to my place tonight."


We get to her apartment and make our way inside.  As we walk in her dog Meleek a pure white Siberian husky with icy blue eyes barks greeting us at the door wagging his tail.  He comes up licking my hand as I absentmindedly  pet his head walking by.  Maya points to the couch,

"Go sit down while I go get our drinks and some ice cream."

"I don't want ice cream, lactose intolerant remember?"

"The ice cream is for me, now go sit."


I make my way over to the couch seeing it paused on some TV show.  There is a a blanket tossed to one side of the couch like I interrupted her show.  I sit down at one end seeing the show paused on two people in the middle of kissing.  Not wanting to see something like this right now I grab the remote saying,

"You mind if I find something else to watch?"

I hear the clinking of dishes as she is getting our glasses and her bowl for the ice cream.  She says,

"I was watching something funny if you want to watch that?"

"Actually I was thinking of a horror movie or something.  I am kind of in the mood to see some happy people getting killed at the moment."

Slight hesitation her voice,

"Um, alright"

I begin flipping through the stations while she is in the kitchen.  She says to me from the kitchen.

"How did you find out she was cheating at the hotel?"

"I went to surprise her at work.  Then I saw her leaving with that guy.  Of course I didn't think nothing of it at first.  I mean she is always giving people rides home.  Till they pulled up to that hotel and I saw them kissing as they walked inside."

"She is such a bitch.  God I want to kick her ass!"

She walks in carrying our glasses in one hand with her fingers through the handles.  In the other hand in her bowl of butter pecan ice cream, her favorite.  She hands me the glasses as she sits down next to me asking,

"Do you want me to kick her and that guys ass for you?"

I give her a slight smirk at her comment.  What's kind of funny is she could probably do it.  Other than being a full time physical therapist she kept her body in peak condition taking martial arts classes and yoga.  She has one of those slim tight bodies that intimidates most guys.  She also has tattoos on various parts of her body making her look like a sexy bad ass.

She has short dark brown hair cut in a bob cut.  She is actually one of the few females that can pull it off and it actually looks good on.  I am actually more of a long hair guy and I constantly tell her she should let hers grow out. 

Like I mentioned before we were pretty much opposites.  I have a slim average build.  I am not rocking muscles and I don't have a six pack but I don't really have any fat either.  I have curly brown hair about like Will Ferrel's and I wear glasses covering my baby blue eyes.  I take a big drink of the strong alcohol feeling it warming my throat and chest.

"I just want to know why.  What is wrong with me; this shit always happens to me."

"James there is nothing wrong with you. She's a slut, she doesn't deserve you.  I am sorry for setting you up with her."

I take another large drink and groan at the bitter taste saying,

"No it has to be me.  It's not just Erin, everyone leaves me.  No matter how hard I try.  How much I give them and treat them like a princess.  They always leave me."

"James you-"

"I was going to propose” I reach in pulling out the ring case from my pocket showing it to her."I had the ring and everything."

She takes the case from me opening it to look at the ring.  Her eyes widen recognizing it then looking back to me asking. 

"You bought this one?"

When I decided to buy this ring we were out shopping buying Maya's mother something nice for mother's day.  Her parents always treated me like one of their own.  They were like a second family too me.  She saw this engagement ring and thought it was so beautiful saying if she believed in marriage she would want a ring like it. 

"Yeah.  Well I might as well throw it away now.  Hopefully I can get my money back on it."

She just looks at it then me obviously thinking about something.  I reach over taking the ring box back looking at it again saying,

"Maybe I should be like you and say screw marriage.  Why be tied down to one person.  I am going to live my life frivolously like yours for now on never settling down."

She looks to me slightly offended by my statement,

"James that is not you.  You fall in love way too fast, you need the companionship.  And my life isn't that great."

"But you have what 2 or three guys you can call on any time to have sex with and you don't have to deal with all the emotional garbage."

"Wow you make me sound like a slut."She turns towards me on the couch crossing one leg under the other as it hangs off the side.  "Look James yeah I have a couple of guy friends I can sleep with.  But that is all there is.  It can get lonely not having the emotional connection there."

"Then why don't you try dating them going for more?"

She chuckles glancing at the TV then back to me,

"Come on, these guys might be good in bed but their intelligent conversations involve which places has the cheapest drinks or which UFC fighter will dominate the next pay per view event."

I smirk,

"Kind of sounds like you"

She pushes my shoulder with a chuckle,

"Shut up” Then her face goes back to being serious "But anyways, James you are a great guy.  You are smart, funny, faithful, and you are hot.  Any female would be lucky to be with you."

I give her a disbelieving smirk,

"Yeah now you are lying out your ass just to make me feel better.  If I was half of the things then why do people keep leaving me and doing this shit to me."

"Erin is an idiot.  She will realize her mistake if she hasn't already."

I can feel myself getting emotional again like the tears are going to return,

"But it's not just her its everyone I have ever been with.  They are always the ones who leave me and break up with me."

"It’s because you always date bitches"

"You realize you’re the one who set me up with Erin?"

"And I apologized for that."

I reach up rubbing my eyes with one hand fighting back the tears,

"But you are right, I fall in love easy.  I really thought she loved me, I thought I found someone who actually 'loved me' for once.  And not just me falling for them.  God I sound like a fucking girl...  I... I just... I just want someone to love me back."

She scoots towards me taking my hand away from my face leaning forward looking in my eyes,

"James, I stand by everything I just said.  Any female will be lucky to have you."

I sigh looking down at her hands holding mine as she rubs her thumbs across it,

"Yeah I get it.  And you’re going to tell me that I will someday find this person and I shouldn't give up hope there are plenty of fish in the sea, blah blah blah.  How many fish do I have to go through till I find the right one."

"Maybe you are just fishing to far out in the ocean?"

I look up to her with confusion as she just stares into my eyes,

"What?  What does that even mean?"

"God, you are so stupid sometimes."

"I have an 147 IQ score.  I'm pretty sure I'm a genius."

She smirks,

"Yeah you are very book smart.  But damn it, if you don't understand the simplest things I say to you."

"Well that's because you talk in riddles half the time.  You are worse than Yoda."

She rolls her eyes with a silent chuckle,

"Fine let me say it a little different.  Maybe the fish you are looking for has been swimming around you the whole time.  Waiting for you to catch her."

I just look at her in confusion still unsure what she means.  It almost sounds like she is saying she likes me but I have asked her a couple times over the years only to be shot down every time.  She said she always saw me as a friend and nothing more.  I sigh setting the drink down,

"Yeah still don't get it."


I cut her off as I stand,

"Maya, I think I am not ready to talk about this.  Thank you for bringing me over.  I am just going to take a shower and go to bed.  Can you please just have a pillow and something for me to cover up with when I get out."

She says in an almost defeated voice,

"Alright, fine."

"Thank you"



A couple days later I am lying on the couch in my apartment binge watching different shows on Netflix trying anything to take my mind of Erin.  She has been trying everything to get ahold of me and I have been doing everything to avoid her.  She ends up texting me,

"James please talk to me.  Quit ignoring my phone calls.  Please we need to talk"

I finally build up enough resolve to text her back saying,

"Erin I don't want to hear your voice right now.  --- Why did you do it?  What did I do wrong?"

She tries calling me again and I decline it.  Then she immediately texts,

"James please just talk to me on the phone.  I don't want to do this through text messages."

"No!  --- Now tell me why?"

"I don't know.  I guess I wasn't getting enough attention from you and Hootie was there giving me the attention I was looking for."

"Hootie?  You cheated on me with a guy named Hootie? --- How was I not giving you attention?  We talked almost every night on the phone and spent every day off together."

"I don't know I needed more than that I guess."

I sit up on the couch now getting even more irritated,

"You couldn't think to fucking talk to me?"

"James please don't cuss at me."

"No I am fucking pissed off.  You are lucky Maya showed up.  You don't know what I was thinking about doing."

"See that's another thing.  When we are together and Maya is there.  You pay more attention to her than me."

I growl and clench the phone in my fist.  She is trying to turn this around as my fault.  Also she always brings up Maya, saying there is stuff going on between us when there isn't.  I text back,

"No I don't.  OMG are we doing this again?  Maya is just my FRIEND.  We have known each other since elementary school."

"I don't think she liked us together."

"She set you up with me.  It was her idea for us to start dating."

"Well I am sorry can we please meet up somewhere so we can talk.  I want us to make up.  Please James I love you."

My eyes close tightly after reading that.  Can't believe after this she would still say that to me.

"Don't say that.  --- Don’t say you love me.  Erin I am done."

"Are you breaking up with me?"

I take a deep breath fighting back the tears as I text,

"I figured we broke up after you put Hootie's dick inside you."

"Baby please don't do this I'm sorry"

She tries calling again and I immediately decline it sending her straight to voicemail.  So she texts again,

"James please give me another chance.  Please talk to me.  Yes I messed up.  I will do anything to make it up to you --- Please I love you James Michael Fulton." I just continue to read her texts without responding as tears do begin to escape streaming down my face.  "Please I'm crying so much right now.  Please don't leave me."

That last text breaks through my resolve as I rub the tears off my face and text her back,

"Erin stop"

"Please I love you"

"I really can't do this right now."

"Do you not love me anymore?"

"Of course I love you.  But you crushed my heart Erin.  So I can't do this right now."

"Please baby don't leave me."

"I need some time to think.  Just give me some time."

"I will give you all the time you need.  I am so sorry."

"Alright well I am going to go to sleep."

"Ok I love you so much.  I am sorry please forgive me."

"We will see --- Bye Erin"

"Goodnight James I love you.

Another few days end up going by and we still haven't talked.  She wants to talk to me more than anything but I said for her to give me time.  She begins to worry she will never hear from me again and lose me to someone else.  She figures she will go with a different approach and texts Maya.

"Maya please talk to James and tell him I am sorry.  I know I messed up bad please."

Almost instantly she gets a response,

"Why would I do that for you?  You crushed him.  You made him cry.  James never cries. --- You are lucky I haven't beat your ass."

"I know I am so sorry.  I don't know what to do to prove to him how sorry I am."

"You just need to leave him alone.  Quit talking to him.  You don't deserve someone like James."

She thinks that Maya just wants them to break up so she can be with me and texts,

"Neither do you"

Maya hesitates reading that already knowing what she is getting at.  I have told her about the arguments we have had over our friendship.  She texts back,


"I know you like James.  Even if he doesn't see it I do.  I see how you look at him.  You can't even look at us when we kiss."

Unable to admit it to her letting her win this argument, Maya lies texting her back saying,

"You are delusional.  He is like a brother to me.  Plus I have rejected him, twice when he told me once that he liked me."

"You can deny it all you want.  I know how you truly feel you are shit at hiding it.  ---  Well just so you know I am not giving up on him.  I love him."

"You come near him so help me."

"See that's what I am talking about."

"You are pissing me off with this.  J is my best friend and you hurt him.  Did you know he was going to propose to you that night?  I helped him pick out the damn ring."

Erin was stunned by reading that never thinking I would ever propose to her.  Almost a minute goes by before she finally texts back,

"He was going to propose?"

"Yeah and you fucked that up.  So I am not going to let you hurt him anymore."

"I gotta go talk to him."

"Don't you dare.  He is at work and still hurting.  Stay away from him." She doesn't respond and Maya texts again "Erin don't go near him” She stands up out of her bed texting "I'm not going to let you near him."

They both end up racing down to where I work.  Erin arrives seconds before Maya pulling into a parking spot.  While she is getting out Maya races up and screeching to a stop blocking in Erin's car. 

She jumps out of her car blocking Erin from going by.  They both get into a very heated argument which quickly turns physical.  Maya quickly gets the upper hand in this confrontation till security shows up breaking them up.  The police eventually show up and surprisingly neither of them want to file charges against each other.

Later on that day I over hear that there was a fight that broke out in the parking lot by two females.  It wasn't till I was getting off work I heard from one of the security guards that one of the females looked like Maya.  I begin to worry hoping it wasn't true also hoping she wasn't mugged or something.  When I get home I waste no time and calls her but it goes to voice mail.  So I text her as I'm is getting out of my work clothes,

"Did you come to my work today?"There was no response so I text again "One of the security guards said he thought he saw you fighting with another female outside my work. --- Maya are you there?  Are you okay?"

She walks out of her restroom and seeing her phone flashing with messages.  She brings up her phone seeing my messages and texts back,

"Yes that was me"

"Holy crap really?  Why were you fighting?

She hesitates typing her text deleting it once then retyping it saying,

"I got into a fight with Erin --- She was coming to your work to beg you to take her back."

I look at her text in a bit of shock.  I can't believe it was them fighting at my work.  Then I begin to worry about Erin knowing that Maya has been trained to fight.  I text back,

"Wait did you hurt her?"

"I couldn't let her hurt you again."

Starting to get little mad seeing she is avoiding my question.  I repeat my question.

"Did you hurt her?"

"Maybe a little. --- J please understand I did it for you."

I sigh rubbing my face in frustration then text back,

"Damn it Maya.  She isn't a fighter like you.  I was handling things I didn't need your help."

"She was coming to your work.  I didn't mean to fight her.  I just didn't want you to get sucked into her shit again."

"I WAS HANDLING IT! --- It's my relationship Maya stay the hell out of it."

She looks at my texts in offense seeing me getting so upset at her when all she was doing was trying to protect me.  She texts back,

"Are you seriously getting fucking mad at me for trying to protect you?"

"Maya I don't need your damn help.  Damn it now I need to see if she is okay."

She growls as her eyes begin to water from me getting so upset at her.  She angrily texts back,

"You know what fuck it!  Go ahead and screw up your life with that slut.  I'm done trying to help you. --- Oh and yes I am fine thanks for asking.  Like you give a shit if I am hurt of not” I don't text her back and after a few minutes she texts one last time "Whatever just ignore me now.  Ignore your best friend.  Fuck you J"

I don't even read her last couple of texts too worried about Erin now and text her,

"Erin are you okay?  I heard about the fight"

I immediately get a response from her like she was waiting for me to call or text her.  It says,

"James she really hurt me.  My lip is busted and I am sure I'm going to have a black eye.  It's really swelling up."

"Erin I am so sorry.  I never wanted things to get out of hand like this."

"Maya is psycho.  All I wanted to do was talk to you."

"She just thought she was protecting me.  Don't worry she won’t bother you again.  I just got done arguing with her for what she did."

"James please give me another chance.  I love you so much.  I know what I did was stupid.  Please I'm hurting so much right now"

"Erin I am trying.  It's going to take a bit before I can look past this."

"But you still love me right?  Maya said you were going to propose."

"Yeah I was.  I had everything planned out.  I just don't know if I can trust you right now.  You cheated on me and on our anniversary. You don't know how bad you hurt me."

"I am so sorry"

It gets quiet for a second both of us typing stuff and erasing it.  Then I have to ask,

"So why him, why Hootie?"

It takes her a while before she finally sends me a response,

"I don't know.  We just ended up talking a lot at work.  He was very sweet and flirted a lot with me and I kind of fell for it.  I don't know he kind of reminded me of some of the men I use to date."

I hesitate reading that.  All the men she told me and Maya about were scumbags.  I text back asking,

"The ones who treated you like shit and abused you?  --- Is that why you cheated because I don't hit you?"

"No it's not.  I love that you treat me so good.  I'm just not use to it.  It just seems so unreal.  I can't explain it."I read her response unsure what to really say.  Then she texts "Please can you just call me so we can do this not through text messages?"

I figure it would be easier to understand her and voice our feelings better over the phone.  I can feel myself missing her but I am still not sure if I am ready to forgive her.  What if she does this again?  I give in texting,

"Okay I am calling."

Several days pass after that incident.  Again we decided to keep things friendly and just casually talk on the phone.  I am so confused about my feelings and what to do.  Erin agreed to keep things friendly till I am ready to approach our relationship again. 

I can't talk to Maya because I know what she would say and she has been avoiding my texts and calls.  She won’t even answer her door if I come by even if I know she is there.  Till one weekend...

"J  ---  Jjjjj  ---  JAMMMMESS!  --- U hat me now dont yu" 

These multiple messages from Maya come back to back in my phone waking me up.  I grab my phone seeing its a little past 3am.  I groan and swipe my phone and text back,

"No I don't hate you"

"J I misssds u  --- I ned to see u"

It takes me a bit to read her messages and I figure it’s because I am so tired.  But then I realize she is just texting words really bad.  I message her back,

"Why are you typing like a weirdo?  Are you drunk?"

"Mabe I had some drinks"I smirk rubbing my eyes thinking I am to tired to deal with a drunk Maya.  I guess I took too long to respond as she messages me "JAaaammesss --- Talkkkk to me!"

"Maya its 3am can we talk tomorrow?"

"Nooo I wanna talk to u I mis my Jbear ---  I want t see yoy"

"You can see me tomorrow.  You're drunk you should sleep."

"Im comin over"

I sit up thinking she isn't going to let me sleep.  I also don't want her doing something stupid like driving over here while she is drunk.

"No Maya you are too drunk to drive.  Just stay home."

"Im not at home.  I cant fin my key"

I hesitate wondering where she is at 3 in the morning.  Hopefully she is with some of her other friends.

"Okay where are you?  Is someone with you?"

"On the grond. Im alone I miss my j"

I hesitate unsure where she might be at.  I begin to worry thinking she is out somewhere alone like this.

"What?  Maya how did you get the drinks?"

"Obrians but ther closed now --- J i am sorry for hittng her --- Dont hate ne"

I stand up out of my bed thinking I am going to have to go get her.  I text her back saying,

"I don't hate you Maya.  Are you out front of O'brians?"


I quickly slide on a shirt and text back saying,

"Okay I'm coming to get you."

"Yaaaaa my hero"I begin quickly slide on my shoes and grab my keys.  As I am walking out the door another text comes in from her "J I dont like erin j you wanna know why"

I text her back as I am heading to my car,

"We can talk about this when I pick you up.  I'm on my way."

She's too intoxicated to care as she texts back,

"I has to tell yoy --- J she don deserv you i do --- I desere you. I love yu Jams --- Jemes --- James --- We shuld be togethr.  I wouldnt cheat on u --- JAAAMESSS TALK TO MRE!"

I finally hit a red light and am able to respond to her many messages with "Can't I'm driving"before the light turns green again.

"Oke"Is her intoxicated response.  Not but a few seconds later more messages come in "J I hateher because she has u and becase you lobe her --- Love --- I just wan u to love me becaise i love you"

I get stuck a little longer behind another light right before O'brians allowing me to read all these new messages and I chuckle texting her,

"lol Maya you are so going to regret everything you have said to me tomorrow."

"Nooo I wont becase its true I alwaya loved you J --- HEEY I SEE YOU J IS HERE!"

I pull up seeing her trying to stand up from the curb and falling back down.  I smirk getting out of the car and making my way around to her.  I have seen her drunk plenty of times but never this inebriated.  She looks up to me with a drunken laugh.

"J beear!" She slurs out.

I give her a slight smile which is mixed with a bit of amusement but mostly with worry. Her makeup has begun to run her cheeks are stained with dark streaks from her tears that have been rubbed away multiple times.  There is a small pool of vomit beside her with bits on her heels and dress.  I crouch down in front of her taking her hand,

"Damn girl how many drinks did you have?  Come on let's get you home."

She begins to stand and stumbles falling against him with another chuckle. 

"Oops” She looks up to me as she starts to stand again.  She pets the side of my face bringing her face close to mine saying,  "James you know I love you right" 

I turn my face slightly away from her as smelling her alcohol potent breath mixed with the smell of vomit. 

"Yeah I know.  You've told me that quite a bit tonight.  Come on."

I eventually get her in the car and decide it might be best to take her to my place since it is closer.  A lot of the ride she keeps apologizing to me and telling me how she feels about me.  Eventually she leans her head against the window and falls passes out.

I just look over at her thinking about everything she said to me.  Is this for real?  She has always kept me at a distance and rejected my feelings for her every time I brought them up.  Why is she saying this now?  Do I still have those feeling for her?

I mean we do know pretty much everything about each other.  We know each other’s dreams, aspirations, fears.  We have seen each other at our worst. 

Damn it!

Katie, I feel I truly loved her.  Do I still love her?  I mean I was going to propose.  I was ready to spend the rest of my life with her.  Does she really love me like she says? 

Does Maya love me like she says?  Or is it just the alcohol talking.  Maybe she is just afraid of losing me as a friend.  If I did marry Katie I am sure we couldn't hang out as much anymore.  We would slowly begin to distance ourselves from each other. 

Maya would finally find someone to settle down with, someone for her to marry.  She could end up moving away, getting married.  What would happen to us?  Can I live without her in my life?  Maya why do you have to make things difficult.

Damn it!

We eventually make it to my apartment.  I try my hardest to wake her up but she it completely out of it.  I end up having to carry her inside and lying her on my bed letting her sleep the rest of the night away.

The next morning she wakes up with a horrible hangover.  It takes a second before she realizes she is in a bed that isn't hers.  As she sits up she also notices all she is wearing is a guy’s t-shirt and her panties. 

She rubs her head with a groan looking around as she begins to recognize the room as her best friend James' room.  In her groggy state she begins to make her way through the apartment.  She calls out to me as she enters the living room,

"James are you here? James” She grabs her head with a groan "Oh god my head.  Damn it what happened last night?" 

She finds her purse sitting on the coffee table with her heels set beside it.  She picks up her purse pulling out her phone and texts me,

"James where are you?"

I am just getting out of the car after making a couple of stops and grabbing some coffee and food for us to eat.  She might not be feeling well enough to eat yet but she will definitely need some coffee.  Just as I close the door my phone buzzes with a message.  I set the bag of food on the car and look seeing its a message from Maya.  I smirk seeing she finally woke up and text back,

"It's about time you woke up.  How are you feeling?"

"My head is throbbing.  How did I end up here?"

I slide the handle of the sack of food around my wrist and carry the cupholder with the coffees in the same hand.  As I am walking up to my apartment, with my free hand I text her back,

"You really don't remember anything from last night?"

"Not really did something happen?"

I figure I could mess with her and give her a vague answer saying,

"Quite a bit happened"

She sees my response and begins to worry that she might have said or did something stupid.  Then she remembers all she is wearing is my t-shirt and not much else.  Her face reddens a bit as she texts me back asking,

"Please tell me we didn't sleep together did we."

At this time I get to my door and I set the bag down on the ground and figure I could mess with her a bit longer.  I lean against the railing setting the coffees next to me as I text back.  I grin as I text back,

"Define sleep together lol"

"James did we have sex?"

I almost bust out with a laugh right there alerting her that I am outside, then I reply,

"lol No Maya we didn't have sex.  --- But I did find out some interesting things about you."

She looks at his text curiously and asks,

"Like what?"

"Go back and read the text messages you sent me last night."

I reach over grabbing my coffee to take a drink while I wait for her to read the messages.  She immediately replies,

"Oh god don't tell me I drunk texted you."

"Just read them lol” I text back with my free hand then take a sip as I wait.  Quite a bit of time passes without a response.  I can picture her face so red with embarrassment.  She probably is probably beating herself up now.  I text "Don't get all shy on me now.  You were very open with your feelings last night lol."

Now she immediately responds,

"OMG I can't believe I said all that stuff to you.  --- I was drunk you can't believe what you read."

I chuckle and text back,

"Believe what?  That you are in love with me and you hate Erin because she is with me? lol ---  You do know it was you that set us up together? lol"She doesn't respond and I am just having too much fun with this so I text "Aww cat got your tongue?  So tell me what is it that you love about me? lol"

"Shut up! --- OMG I am so embarrassed.  I can't believe I did that."

I glance down at the sack of our food with a single long stemmed pink lilly sticking out the top.  Her favorite flower.  I was going to surprise her with it when I brought her breakfast in bed if she wasn't awake yet.  Then I text her,

"Tell me the truth.  Is any of what you said to me last night true?"

It takes few seconds but she responds with,

"Do you remember the talk we had at my place the day you found out Erin was cheating?"

I take another sip texting back,


"You asked me why this happens to you and why does everyone leave you or cheat on you.  You asked why no one you love ever loves you back like you do with them."

"Yeah and you went on about all the fish in the sea and said some vague reference I didn't get"

"What I said was maybe you are fishing too far out.  The fish you truly want has been swimming around you all along."

I understand the reference now and I feel dumb for not picking up on it the first time.  It was so obvious.  But I want to see if I can get her to say she loves me again so I decide to play dumb again saying,

"Yeah that... huh?"

"lol OMG really?  --- James I know you don't think about me like that and I know it's probably going to make things weird between us.  But you aren't unloveable in fact there is someone who loves you more than anything.  --- They will show you the love you have been looking for and would never leave you or cheat on you."

I smile thinking this is getting really sappy.  She has never shown her emotions like this and I never really thought she had them in her.  I text her back asking,

"So are you saying you love me?"

"Can we talk about this when you get home?  Where are you?"

I set my coffee back down and text her,

"Open the front door"

She reads my last text and quickly heads over to the door and opens it.  She sees me leaning against the railing outside.  Sitting beside me on the flat part of the railing is the cupholder with 2 cups of coffee.  She sees me finish standing with my phone in one hand and her favorite flower, the single pink long stemmed lilly in the other.

I smile seeing her hair all bedraggled from just waking up.  She still has the remnants of her smeared make up from last night still on her face.  And only wearing one of my t-shirts barely hanging past her waist.  Even with all that she is still so beautiful to me.  I hold out the flower to her saying,

"I think we have a lot to discuss about with you and I"

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