Ulu, the nation of many languges

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it would be fantasy or poetic short stories. simple yet profound. simplistic words sometimes can carry deep sense of life understanding..

Submitted: September 13, 2017

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Submitted: September 13, 2017



the nation of many languages 

Ulu is the nation of many languages. 

Same things can be called different ways, but nobody seems to be confused here. 

Because they already know what is what. 

Spoken words is rather a sing of tunes or drum stick beats in the nation of Ulu. And they do not carry much meanings. 

What important is carried by unspoken way. Nobody can deceive people with unspoken words they believe. 

It takes longer time for Ulu people to master their unspoken language. Some people cannot even master it till they cross the door step of the last day in life. It's difficult becuase it is not a matter of how intelligent they are, but it is rather how true you are. 

Ulu babies mastered it in their mums womb. But they quickly forgot the unspoken words skills as they grow up and learn aother necessities of survival. And it is nothing they can relearn it when they become adults. 

Learning language in Ulu is rather regressive process. 

In Ulu, the nantion of many languages, the spoken words does not carry any meaning with it. They are just rythms or tunes of singing to upbeat their presence of togetherness. 

As a matter of fact, they could use any words flashed into their minds as far as they like the tones or the way it sounds. Because it doesn't mean anything in the end. 

In Ulu, the nation of many languages, there's no languages spoken. They believe anything spoken out immediately lost its truth and deteriorated. And it's not necessary to remember them at all. 

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