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really whatever thing good or bad that happens to a man is his fault. Monica's actions would either destroy or make her and home...

Chapter 7 (v.1) - chapter 5

Submitted: September 20, 2017

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Submitted: September 20, 2017



I stayed an extra three week at Atlanta attending social events and savoring the business world of America. I was making my way to the top finally. And my dreams to start my own company would soon materialize. I was really loving it until two days before my departure and the closure of one of our biggest business deals yet.

I was to meet with my client, Mr Richard Whitefield on that faithful evening at his suite. dressed professionally in a red turtle necked knee-length dress one of my favorite dresses. I always had that dress at my important appointments. according to aunt Nonye, it belonged to my mother. she'd worn it at my thanksgiving and baptism years ago. to me, it was like she was always there and close through that dress. I got to Richard's suite and met his secretary Darlene. she was a small red haired woman, probably in her mid thirties . the suite was large with different compartments. the kind only fit for a man of Richard's caliber and person. the sort of suite I wanted Uzor to have. I was forlorn at the thought of Uzor. my only wish was that he would understand, I really loved him but he had hurt me deeply. I perked up when Richard walked into the room where Darlene had left me. a broad smile lite up his long face. Richard was a man in his late fifties, tall and well built. "Monica" his deep baritone called softly. I stood up quickly and shook hands with him. we both sat done after we exchanged pleasantries. things were going well until he had to sign the deal. a waiter came into the room with a bottle of French wine in an ice bucket and champagne flutes. after he served us, he left with Darlene. while we drank, Richard began to leer at me. I became uncomfortable for a bit. I just had to put up with it until he signed the papers.

I didn't put up with his flirtatious looks too long before I booked the next flight that evening back to Nigeria. I had only just landed at the airport all broken and disgusted when my boss called me up. "I want you back on that plane and back to Mr Richard's suite. now! " he'd said. I was dumbfounded and practically switched off my phone to assimilate what I had heard. I was almost crying all the way home. I got home later in the evening after getting stuck in the traffic a long time. I quickly flew into the house, ready to fly into Uzor's arms and plead with him. when I walked in, I heard soft voices in the living room. I stopped myself from just walking in when the female voice said "I just can't hide this anymore, Uzor" she said. "I never said you should, but Monica can't find out about this. you should know I love her too much to hurt her" uzor said. "and I love her too. "she said, "she's my sister. but I can't bear this shame" he sighed, "look, I would support the baby... " I cupped my hand over my mouth and let the tears roll.

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