Watch out

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Submitted: September 13, 2017

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Submitted: September 13, 2017




“Hey!” I screamed at the top of my voice “Who do you think you are?!” I started sprinting in an effort to catch up with the thieves but began to slow to a stop when I realised I had followed them into their side of the town. Had I really been running that long? Dad never let me go here. He had told me I was never allowed. Ever. That they were bad people. I turned around and started to head home since I had lost sight of them anyway, when a voice stopped me. “Leaving so soon beautiful?” A guy’s voice. “Shit” I mumbled to myself. “Shit indeed.” A female voice echoed from the other side of the street. They were surrounding me. “I believe my friend here asked you a question.” A deeper voice than the first spoke. How many were there? “Um...” I laughed shakily trying to calm my nerves “Actually, I was just leaving, so...” I jabbed my thumb in the direction I came from and began to back away slowly. The first voice chuckled “Not so fast sweet cheeks.”

I turned and ran, but didn’t get very far as I was stopped by to large hands grabbing me by my shoulders and pulling me back. I kicked and screamed to get him to put me down. And he did, but almost as soon as he had I got slapped round the face and fell flat on my ass which caused his friend to break out in hysterics. I scowled at him as I got to my feet. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said still laughing “but wow, Jack, that was a bit harsh don’t ya think?” “Just shut up Chase. Oh, yeah, and, for the record, don't call me Jack if you want to keep your balls intact.” she mimicked doing an impression of his voice when she said Jack. “Well I’m sorry.” he replied sarcastically. Right. This is my chance. While they are distracted. I turned around but had forgotten about the massive guy who was also with them. “And just where do you think you’re going?” he questioned in his gruff voice. His two friends were still arguing behind me and it was then I realised that none of them were really that much older than me, a few years at most, maybe early 20s for the big guy but the others were all teenagers. Like me. “Umm... uhh... well...” before I had to give him an answer another boy came running around the corner “Guys! Run!” He shouted breathlessly. “But what about the girl?” the big guy asked. “What girl?” he stopped to turn and look at me “Forget about her, we have bigger problems. NOW RUN!”

I stood in a daze as all four of them ran away, shortly followed by someone who looked a lot like one of the boys, but bigger, and older. He gave me a questioning look as he passed me but then shook his head and kept running anyway. Almost as soon as he had rounded the corner, a man appeared from where they ran from holding a baseball bat- presumably to attack the thieves- shouting. “Oi! Get back ‘ere!” Just as I was about to turn back and head home he turned to me and growled angrily “Where did they go?” I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out, I wanted to tell him but something in my mind was telling me not to. “I’m not sure... Sorry” As soon as I had said it I wanted to face palm myself, it was obvious I saw where they went, he wasn’t that far behind them, he must know that... Mustn’t he? Before I had to dig myself out of that hole a voice I recognised made me turn my head “They went that way” she answered pointing to the left. The man gave me a look of disapproval and thanked the girl before taking off after them. “Thanks for that by the way” It was only when I got a closer look that I realised where I had heard that voice from before. “Sorry about earlier, how about a clean slate? Friends, yeah?” I nodded so she continued “My name is Jacqui, and you are?” I cleared my throat “Shelby... I’m Shelby” I smiled. “Well, Shelby. How about you head back with me, my place is closer than yours from here and, if you’re lucky, I might even be able to convince the guys to give you your stuff back. Some of it at least” She chuckled. What do I say to that? It’s starting to rain now and if I get home drenched I will get shouted at anyway, plus I have a chance to get my stuff back and, if I find out where they live, I could tell the police. Maybe. “Sure” I replied “Why not?”

As we were walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor, I looked at the discoloured walls, creaky floorboards and occasional hole in the ceiling and wondered how this place was still standing.  “So you guys really live here?” I questioned my thoughts aloud. Jacqui chuckled before speaking “Yeah, well they do anyway, my place is a little more… Practical.” “Practical, meaning what?” I queried. “Well, let’s just say there is a bigger chance of this falling down in a week than there is my house falling down in a year” Yeah, I bet. I thought to myself. As we reached a door on the right, she stopped and walked in, gesturing for me to follow her.

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