Death is a Gift

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

8 Detectives, 2 Warehouses, 1 Blood lusting serial killer. When a serial killer known as the "Gift Giver" plauges New York City with crime scenes, dead bodies and blood splattered across buildings,
a team of detectives consisting of Veteran Detective Antonio Alderen, Alex Brown, Adam Sestral, Raymond Grey, Maddeline Alcano, Jaxline Blair, Spencer Parrish and Kailey Swanson are called in to
attempt to solve the case. After months and months of searching and gathering clues, they've found his location, an old warehouse complex at the docks. But when they arrive, will they leave with
the killer cuffed in the back of the car, or will nobody leave at all?


"You think we'll get him?"

"I'm sure of it."

"What if he tries running?"

"The department isn't that stupid. They have the SWAT team all around the dock exits."

"He's trained to kill, what if one of us die?"

"We have each other's backs. We'll survive."

"Or we'll die a painful death."



I stared out the window at the sky. It was dark and looked like... it looked fake. Like a black felt blanket laid flat out with spots of glitter scattered across it. I looked at my watch. It was 10:00 PM, so Rose would be texting soon. Rose is my little sister, and she's only 12. She lives with my mom and stepdad still but i wish i could take custody of her. My stepdad Jackson is the worst, and i'm glad he came into my life when i was 16 so i only had 2 years until i could move out. Rose still has another 6. A beep came from down below and everybody looked to my pocket. I pulled out my phone to see the text from Rose.


Rose: Are you coming home to visit tonight?

Me: I can't, i was assigned to catch a criminal

Rose: Omg are you the one who's going to catch the Gift Giver?

Me: Yes

Rose: Are you sure you can do it? He's really dangerous, what if he kills you!?

Me: Don't worry i'll be fine, i'll text you later i'm almost there

Rose: Alright. I love you bro


I hit the lock button and shove my phone into my jacket pocket. The others got out behind me. These people were my team and they were the reason i'm one of the Department's greatest detectives they have. Jaxi and Kailey are best friends and are amazing at catching criminals. Jaxeline is good at setting traps and organizing raids, like that one last year when they raided the drug dealers warehouse. We all call her Jaxi though. Kailey was planning on going to challenge as a makeup artist and clothes designer but now her skills are perfect at making disguises for people going undercover. Spencer is our tech geek and is a trained hacker. When he was in high school he took almost all his electives as coding and computer classes. He was able to catch a cybercriminal a month back who was stealing important information from the department. Adam is a basic cop, well not basic at all. He's a fighter and is known for bringing in the most criminals out of everybody. He usually uses a spiked bow staff instead of a gun though, which many people find weird. Raymond is another tech geek, but he's more focused on gadgets more then coding. He was able to disguise everybody's ip and installed a private unhackable wifi network in the car. Jaxline is my partner and we joined the force together when we met at the Academy. Maddeline is our shooter and is a pro with guns, whether it be pistols, assault rifles, shotguns or whatever. She's also an amazing driver and a perfect liar. Alex, is our sniper. We usually have him stay back and hide in a nearby building in case the killer tries running then he can shoot him in the leg.


We all met in high school except Maddeline and we all went into the police force together, well except Jaxeline and Kailey. I remember when the Chief gave us this assignment last week.

"What!? Are you crazy?  Were all gonna end up dead!" Adam said. "Don't worry, your our best team the Department has. You'll do good. I contacted the Tazader City Department and they confirmed the killer there was different then the one here and their killer was given the death sentence." the Chief said. "Are you sure we can do this? Because we need a little more information then this." Raymond asked. He handed us a document. "This is all you need to know." he said as he walked over to another officer.


"We need to review the document" i said. Jaxi pulled out the folder from her backpack and placed it on the floor. She opened it up and took our the first paper. "His identity is unkown but its confirmed hes male. He doesn't have a preferred way of killing and has shown many methods like stabbing, burning, falling, blowing up and shooting. He seems to be extremely elusive and has never been caught once." Jaxi read. "The reason for the name being the Gift Giver is unkown to many people, but an officer quoted him to say Accept my gift, accept death."


This case was getting creepier and creepier. I looked at my gun. I had to bring him on, i had to avenge all the people he killed.


"Alright lets get ready and go into formation. Adam and Raymond go in front, i'll take middle. Maddie and Jaxi to the sides. Kailey watch our backs and Alex get to the nearby water tower." i said, pulling my pistol out. "Antonio put the Python away. Use the glock, it's more effective. We can't afford to lose this guy because you ran out of ammo." said Raymond as we walked down the side of the docks. The docks consisted of 2 warehouses and huge shipping crates scattered around it. The place was huge though and a shipping boat was nearby. I pulled out the glock and stared at the Warehouses. Something was there. I could hear it when i closed my eyes. It was quiet. Like someone tiptoeing, their feet stepping on the cold hard concrete. "Get ready." i whispered to the others. Adam and Raymond pulled out their pistols and aimed as a small shadow appeared from behind a crate. We stopped and watched as a rat came out from behind the crate. "God dang it Antonio. Let Adam find people next time." Maddeline said as she punched me in the shoulder. "Why didn't they call in the Jade Stranger if all these people are dying!?" asked Kailey. "Just shut up." said Adam.


We walked quicker, maybe at jogging speed, towards the warehouse. "Alright me, Adam, Spencer and Raymond will go in first, you guys stay and make sure it isn't a trap." i said to them. They nodded and we walked over the handle on the door. We pulled it open just enough so we could fit and the 3 of us entered the Warehouse.


It was dark and none of us could see much. There were shipping crates stocked onto each other on the right and scaffolding on the left. "Someone find the lights." said Adam. It all came into view as light flickered into the room. Raymond was standing against the wall, closing the cover of the power panel. The room didn't seem too evil looking, besides one thing hanging in the middle of the room. "Holy pancakes.... is that..."


We all stared into the blank, lifeless eyes of the Police Chief


"HOW!? We saw him less then 20 minutes ago and he was across town. How the hell did he kill him, drag his body across town and hang him from the roof!?" Raymond exclaimed. His shotgun was on the floor and he was holding his head. His eyes were bulging and he looked insane. "Dang.... i played cards with him last night.... i never though he'd end up like this..." Spencer muttered. "Maybe he took the underground." said Adam, pointing at something. We peeked behind the crate and saw a manhole in the floor. "Alright well lets search the crates." said Raymond, gaining his sanity back a bit and grabbing his shotgun. I choose the green crate, Raymond chose the grey, Spencer chose the blue and Adam chose the red. "So Spencer. Did you ask Maddie out? I heard from Andrew you did last night." Raymond said. "Uh yeah... yeah i did. She said she would think about it." Spencer answered. I opened the locked crate with my hachet and stepped back as i stared at it.


"Guys... i think i found Larry..." i said as i stepped back, almost dropping my gun. Adam rushed over and looked inside. His body was stabbed into the other end of the crate with knives in his shoulders, hands, legs and feet along with one in his heart. "I spent 3 hours running around the office calling his name last week..... i thought he just called in sick.... was gonna go to visit him the hospital tomorrow." he muttered as he stared at it. "Alright Raymond... Raymond?"


We ran over to his crate quickly and found it locked still, but Raymond was gone. "NO! Open it!" i yelled. He grabbed his staff and smashed the lock off with ease. I quickly kicked the crate open and we both screamed. His body was lying on the ground and a single knife was stabbed into his heart. "Leave... leave now... i don't want any of you to go like me..." he whispered. I felt like i was going to faint. A knife was embedded into his heart, yet he could whisper. "We gotta go!" i yelled. We ran back towards the door and watched as it closed and the lights flickered off, leaving only the moonlight to illunimate the room. We stepped back into the light and pointed our guns around. A shadow appeared against the wall and we saw a figure in the darkness, holding something. He swung the bat and Spencer hit the floor in pain. "SPENCER!" Adam yelled. Another hit got him in the back and the figure was beating him. Adam tackled the figure into the light, only to have it disappear once it left the darkness.


"You actually think you can win? How stupid of you."


"Guys the scaffolding." he said quickly, gesturing to the window at the top of the scaffolding. We ran over to it and he was about to boost me up when we heard it. The familiar sound of liquid trickling down from the roof. We looked over our shoulders and saw something coming down from the ceiling. "Lighter fluid! We gotta go now!" i yelled. He boosted me up and i crawled onto the top of the scaffolding. I put my hand down and he grabbed it as i pulled him up. I knew i wasn't strong enough to pull him up considering he had one of the heaviest shotguns with him, so i swung my hachet into the scaffolding, securing his safety. I pulled him onto the top and he crawled from the edge. Spencer put his hand out and i grabbed it. "NO!"


A single piece of wood, with a small red light emenating from the tip fell from the roof and onto the cold wet floor. In seconds the darkness was murdered by the light as fire filled the roof. Spencer screamed and we both watched as his hand slipped from mine and he fell backwards into the flames. He screamed in pain and tried to crawl away, and by this time his whole body was in flames. We looked away from the horror and kicked open the window, slipping out into the darkness. We both rushed onto the roof only to see the killer gone. "Jaxi! Kailey!" i yelled as we ran towards a ladder. Jaxi and Kailey looked over to us from the bottom. "Where's Maddie?" Adam asked immediantly. "Why?" Jaxi asked, "Where's Spencer!?"


We heard a scream and saw Maddie running down the docks towards the warehouse. She pulled out a knife. "Guys.... i.... i give up.... i accept your gift." she muttered. I looked at her, realizing in fear what was about to happen. She stabbed the knife into her stomach, crying out in pain as she fell to her knees. She continued cutting through, like it was a C-section. She kept screaming in pain till we started to run and she fell to the ground, her body limp and still. "But... this guy... he denies the laws of time and physics..." Kailey muttered. Jaxi pulled out her katana which she had decided to bring on this assignment and looked around. "I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU NOW!" she yelled, spinning her sword around and accidentally slicing through a wooden fence.


"Such foolery. You don't realize it yet? I'm freeing her, freeing her from the pain of living."


We all stared down at her body. "Tell Spencer.... i... i will never forget him..." she muttered. We all nodded, half of us in tears as her eyes rolled back into her head. "He's dead isn't he." Jaxi asked, the shadows hiding her face. "Him and Raymond. He killed them both, set the whole warehouse aflame. We found Officer Larry and the Police Chief dead inside." i explained. "Damn it. Cmon we have to go. I'd rather not admit it but this guy is too smart for us, we need to tell them to send in the army and the SWAT team." Kailey said. I started to realize something. Spencer wasn't exactly handsome, or charasmatic. Maddie never said she would think about it. She rejected him. Spencer... he didn't just lie.... he... "Alex! Alex get down from the tower. We gotta leave." i said into the radio i had.




That scream is something i knew i would never forget. We all looked to the water tower and watched as a body fell from it, sprawling through the air to the ground below. A sole figure sitting in the shadows was on the top, and he was gone before we could even blink. "Alex!" me and Adam yelled. I ran to where he fell and Kailey followed, looking around with her gun. We came around the corner of the crates and saw it. Alex was lying on the ground and his breath was faint. But there was a slight problem. A long metal rod from the fallen railing from the water tower was protruding through his stomach. "Antonio... An... Antonio.... don't let the darkness consume you. Don't let it consume you like it has me. Remember the light."


Suddenly his eyes turned red and blood dripped from his eyes, leaking onto his cheeks and onto the floor. A dead man was crying blood. I heard a small laugh and we went around the corner. "Jaxi, Adam were leaving!" i said. We ran towards the car that was parked on the end of the docks, with Kailey running faster then all of us. She dived into the seat and her door slammed shut. "Kailey why'd you lock the car?" i asked as i pulled the handle. We all looked at her. She was clutching her neck and her eyes were red like Alex's. "Oh my god... Kailey!" Jaxi exclaimed as she stepped back. I saw something under the car and i knew what was gonna happen even before it came. i tackled Jaxi and Adam to the ground and covered my ears. My back felt like it was burning, as it slightly was.


We all got up and stared at the burnt up car. Kailey was lying on the floor nearby. Her body was all burnt up. "NO!" Jaxi yelled as she fell to her knees next to her. "Jaxeline.... just go... please... i'm useless.... i'm useless...." she muttered. She pulled her pistol from her belt slowly and put it to her head. Jaxi reached for it, but it was too late and her blood splattered against Jaxi's face. "Just run!" yelled Jaxi as she began to cry. We all dashed down the docks towards a boat on the end.


"You still don't get it yet. Think about all the pains in life, everything that you have to go through. Bills, bad relationships, working. Just give up and let me give you the gift of death."


"Don't listen to him!" i yelled as we continued running. I looked up. Suddenly all the stars were gone. The sky was no longer a black blanket, but a dirty old grey one, littered with clouds and smoke.


"Don't you see? I can relieve you of all responsibilities and you can live out the rest of your afterlife in the afterlife."


"Just don't listen to him.... he's a lying criminal." Jaxi said. It felt like we were running forever, despite the docks only being 1/2 a mile long. Suddenly, Adam stopped. "Adam? Adam?" i said as i looked at him. He was standing there, holding his gun. "Antonio... Jaxi... she... she left me..." Adam muttered. I looked at him and then Jaxi. "What are you talking about. Shiela was with you last night and this morning." i answered. "No... no she wasn't. She broke up with me last night. I did drugs... i lost my job." he muttered crazily. "Adam listen to us. Shiela is waiting for you at home and your job is safe, your at work right now." i said to him, looking him in the eyes. His red.... eyes?


"The Chief is dead. Larry is dead. Everybody is dead!" he yelled. He put the gun up to his head. "Please. Give me the gift of death." he said loudly.


"You understand now. You two, watch how he relieves himself of all his troubles."


"ADAM!" i yelled as i ran towards him. He pulled the trigger and fell to the floor. A permanent smile was stricken across his face and a bullet hole had gone through the side of his head. We looked back to the boat and saw the shadowy figure lying feet away. Jaxi swung her sword and it disappeared from her hands and in seconds was in the hands of the figure. I watched as it stabbed Jaxi through the stomach and she fell to the floor. I kneeled by her side. "Jaxi please don't give up. You have too much to live for! Jaxi please!" i whispered to her. Her eyes were flickering. "I'm sorry Antonio. But... i want to see Damian again." she whispered



I felt like crying, i felt like dying. All of my friends, my whole team, they were all dead.


"Don't you see now Antonio. You have nothing to go back to. All of your friends are dead, your job is destroyed and so is your house."


I looked back to the city to hear the firetrucks and the smoke. He had destroyed my house somehow. I pulled out my gun, but not the glock, the Python. "You murdered all of my friends! I am going to kill you!" i yelled. I shot the figure, but the bullet just changed directions when it got near. I wasn't just facing a Mastermind killer, but a full on demon. "What are you!? Who are you!?" i asked. He just stood there. "Tell me or i will kill you!" I said.


"Just face the music Antonio. You have nothing to go back to anymore, so just accept my gift, my offering. Accept the gift of death and all the suffering can be over. Just like all the others who have."


I pointed my gun at the figure. "What do you mean all the others?" i asked. I started to think, there were only about 10, 15 dead officers and maybe 9 dead civilians. Did he mean those?


"You haven't realized how powerful i am have you? All those people who went to hospitals with serious injuries, gunshot wounds, burns, all those painful injuries... they succumbed to my power and accepted my gift. They wanted to end all that pain, so they accepted my gift of death."


I started to realize what he meant. "That's not possible!" i yelled, starting to cry. Did that mean anyone who died from extreme pain accepted his gift? That lady who was rescued from her house with serious burns died shortly after, despite being in stable condition according to the hospital. I stared at Jaxi and Adam's bodies. "Everybody else.... why did they accept." i asked, realizing something. All of them, every single one, they all accepted death, they all committed suicide.


Raymond had let himself be stabbed by the killer in the crate. Spencer let go of my hand and fell into the fire. Kailey didn't get out of the car. Adam shot himself. Jaxi let herself die. The only one who didn't....


"I did have to alter Adam's memories. In his mind his girlfriend left him to be a professional stripper. But Raymond, he was broke and lost his apartment last week. Spencer was rejected and bullied. Maddie rejected Spencer and lost her friend last night. Jaxi lost her whole family last year, all except for her sister. Alex, he was one of the only people who didn't accept my gift. He was murdered. Now you see? You have pain inside you 2. I can relive you of that as well."


I started to think, what was he talking about? My life wasn't that bad, it was pretty good actually. Except..... no.....


"Your life isn't perfect anymore. No job, no home, no friends. All you have left is..."


My phone vibrated. I looked at it to see a message from Rose. "NO! DON'T TOUCH HER!" i yelled. I was in tears at this point. Rose was important to me, probably more important than anything. She was my sister and i would do anything to protect her.


"Why shouldn't i. Maybe you'll finally accept my gift. I really hate it when people deny my presents."


I looked at my gun. "If i accept your gift will you let Rose live?" i asked, trying to hold back more tears.


"I suppose. Accept my gift, end your suffering and Rose will be spared."


I put my gun to my head. "Can i send her one last text?" I asked. The figure nodded and i unlocked my phone.


Me: Rose i won't be coming home tonight. I love you Rose and i wish i could see you grow up and graduate. I hate that i will have to go right now and i won't be able to see you again. But your strong and i know you can go on. Just remember, you are a hero and i know wherever the future takes you, you'll make it.


I looked back at the figure and put the gun to my head. I put my finger on the trigger. I pushed my finger down and my mind was blinded with darkness. Not just any darkness. A flat felt blanket with stars

scattered around it. I was dead, and i accepted it.


Rose: Antonio!? Whats wrong?!

Rose: Please Answer!

Rose: Don't try and scare me please! Answer me!

Rose: I love you brother....


Those were the last things i saw before it happened. I did hear one other thing that made my heart skip a beat.


"Besides. You won't survive whats coming soon anyways. You took that new motrin this morning didn't you?"


The wind was cold and was rushing on my skin, giving me goosebumps. I walked down the sidewalk and towards the bus stop. I then looked down the railing on the side. The shipping docks were right here. I told myself to never do it, but at this point i didn't care. I jumped the railing and ran down, looking around. The next morning i saw it all on the news. 8 Best Officers all murdered by the Gift Giver, Chief of Police and 9th officer found dead as well. It was horrifying. They didn't show any of the bodies, but just like every other crime scene, it was leaked onto the internet. jumped the other railing into the docks area and looked at the warehouse. I opened it a bit with my pocket knife and slipped through, turning the lights on. The room was burnt up and ashes were lying everywhere. I just closed the door again after walking out. I noticed blood splatter every few feet on the concrete. It had been cleaned, but was still just barely visible. A single tear fell from my face as i started walking back towards the railing. I then noticed something on the ground under a shipping crate. I pulled the silver item out to see a Colt Python in my hand. They said on the news report that witnesses saw him committing suicide with the Python.


I was going to let it go when i opened the chamber. I dropped the 6 bullets into my hand. I looked it over and realization started to fill my mind as i felt them in my hand. The report also said several bombs went off around the docks after and by the time the Military arrived the Gift Giver had escaped and some of the bodies were gone. I decided to walk back to the railing, but found myself lying on my back. I looked at what it was and saw 5 other bullets. I picked them up and held them with the others. I realized it then. The bullets that were in the chamber were fake. I stuffed the bullets into my pocket and ran back towards the bus stop, seeing the bus coming down the road.


I got off the bus in a hurry, stuffing my phone into my pocket. Andrew would have to wait till later. The sky was a dark blue and it looked like it would shower later. I walked into the nearby building quickly, pushing open the glass doors. The lady at the desk looked at me as i entered. "Hello. How can i help you?" she asked. "I'd like to join the Junior Detective Program." i said to her. She blinked, looking at me. "Um okay. I'll call in Erin." she said. A girl walked into the room and looked at me. "Hi, i'm Erin. Come back with me and i'll give you a short interview and have you sign some papers." she said. I nodded and followed her into another room. "Name?" she asked.


"My name is Rose Alderen."


Submitted: September 13, 2017

© Copyright 2021 AnikanDarkness. All rights reserved.

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Whoa... What a gripping story! I did notice a few grammatical errors, but it didn't take away from the action. I have to admit, this is one of the best stories in the competition that I've read! Good luck!

Wed, September 20th, 2017 12:19pm

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