High Five

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Issues in the workplace

Submitted: September 13, 2017

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Submitted: September 13, 2017



I must take a stand. I must stand firm in what I believe
I have been working at this firm for three years
And my boss insists we have a meeting every morning
And this ritual has produced a habit I can no longer
Tolerate. As soon as an employee enters the conference
Room she is standing by the table with her hand up expecting
Everyone to give her a high five. She is so fake with her
Annoying laugh and her half assed attempt
At boosting morale. Yesterday she laid off
Six employees and stood there smiling giving everyone
of them a high five. I refuse to give in, I will not, no, I shall not
give her a high five. I purposefully fill my hands with items to
make it impossible. I am carrying an iPad, a clip board, folders
and a cup of coffee. I approach the conference room her
assistant walks in and gives her a high five. I make my way in
walking swiftly, I pass her by motioning that my hands are full.
Out of the corner of my eye I see her reaching for my coffee cup.


She says, “I need my high five.” I am holding my cup even tighter
Squeezing it until the top pops off and “accidently” splashes her
Hand. I fake concern while her assistant acts as if she has a third
degree burns. I take my seat smiling on the inside. She didn’t get a
high five and her high five hand is injured. At the end of the meeting
I walk pass her and she calls my out my name. I turn to see her
Non-injured hand in the air, she says
“I never got my high five”

To Be Continued…..

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