Jackson Ville

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when finally being reunited with her long lost twin brother monica and jackson are separated will they ever see each other again?

Submitted: September 13, 2017

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Submitted: September 13, 2017



The boat rocked back and forward. Regret rushed thru my body i never should've left. I took a deep breath “it’s a fresh start Monica”  i repeated over and over in my head. I looked back my tiny island home, it was barely visible . “it’s gone all gone” my confidence boosted. I walked across the deck and into the cafe.

“Can i get a fresh mint soda” i asked, the creepy older man at the counter.  his boots click clocked over to the fridge he opened the door grabbed my soda then slammed the fridge door, so hard the sound was ear splitting. The chairs were old the pillows tied to the back of them worn. I sipped at my soda the fresh mint ran thru my veins a smile slipped across my face.

24 hours earlier

“YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MONICA ! IT’S NOT MY FAULT” my ex best friend Eleanor screeched.

“OH I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING YOU LIED TO HIM AND NOW HE'S GONE” i screeched back. I spent three years tracking down my long lost twin brother. When finally one day he showed up. He spent the night at my apartment. We grew closer over the week he was with until Eleanor scared him away, i don't even know what she said but now he's gone. I threw my possessions in a duffel. And stormed out the door. I went to the dock and hopped on a boat, i don't even know where i am heading i just know it's not P.E.I.

Current time...

Slowly i laid my head  down on the table. My eyes shut and my world of dreams opened vivid dreams entertained me on my journey for 3 hours until the boat horns blowed and it was time to get off. A sign stood in front of me as i stepped onto the dock “WELCOME TO NEWFOUNDLAND” i grinned nodded and off i was. I didn't take long to find a apartment. I may have been ratty but i fixed er up.

My closet was scarce, but it held enough for each week. My fridge carried only the essentials milk, apples, ketchup, pickles and yogurt. My freezer possessed one item… frozen chicken nuggets.  

I found a job as a waitress at the apartment cafe so i basically never left the apartment. I didn't call eleanor or my mother because if i did they would be trying to get me home in seconds.  Work was easy bring coffee and muffins to tables and the rest of the time count the money in the tip jar.

Life went on every week the same. Until one week i got bored, so i decided to get a pet. I went to the humane society and  looked at all the cats kids swarmed the cute little kittens. And at the very back corner curled in a ball was the one.-My cat- her name was jubilee.

She was 6 and lazy perfect for me not much work already trained and i was basically her only chance. The employees easily handed jubilee over.  I gave her food a litter box and a bed she happily shared my apartment and i left her alone,  she left me alone.  

I did however try once a day calling my brother. No  matter how many times i tried he never answered. I could only pray he would track me down again.

3 weeks later…

I stepped off the elevator and down the hallway, i stopped at room 214  and unlocked the door. Jubilee slowly walked to greet me and I noticed a new magnet on the fridge.  I walked to the fridge it was a magnet from jacksonville florida, my jaw dropped jackson - i whipped around “JACKSON” there he stood smiling my feet hit the floor i fell into his arms.

“You came”

“Of course you're little friend didn't scare

me away” “he replied his voice slowed my

heart beat my brother was finally with me

and he will never leave.

He will never leave. Never . ever

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