Albert Reads To Victoria

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a promotional trailer for my forthcoming book - "Life Cycles - Relationships". Since Albert and Victoria are featured among many world-famous love stories, I have decided to add a fictional
discussion between them as a way of letting readers know a little of what to expect. As always, my work is totally original and different. You've never seen relationships defined like this before.

Hi there. The finishing touches are being put to the Revised Edition of the new book ‘Life Cycles - Relationships’. I’m looking for early readers, who would like to see a couple of chapters in PDF format, as a free offer and to comment on.

Meanwhile back at Buckingham Palace………………………

Gentlemen time to don your morning suits and ladies your best apparel with a strong bodice, for we are about to meet with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the Royal drawing room. Bow and curtsy and sit only after their Royal Highnesses have taken their seat.

“We are very playsed to tell you that my dearest Albert has been reading passages to me from this new book called ‘Life Cycles - Relationships’ that feature ourselves. We both declar it to be a just and fair account, don’t we my love?”

“Yes my interest in all sorts of new ideas has whetted my appetite to learn more about such a factual and scientific system as Mr. Killion has presented. I may be able to get a small discussion included in the forthcoming Great Exhibition of science and industry.”

“Hyas but Albert seems to have gotten a strange idea about contact with future unborn members of the Royal Family, also in this book. He talks to me of this couple William and Catherine, who meet some 150 hyars in the future. Eh hear that she’s a commoner. I’m not sure if I approve of such a match.”

“Well my love I’ll read to you about them tomorrow evening. But remember you had a special announcement to make.”

“Oh hyas. It is may pleasure to confer a Royal Warrant upon this new philosophy and that hinceforth it shall be known as ‘The Royal Victorian Life Cycles Revolution’.”

Oh, oh. I’ve just seen John Cleese approaching and he’s looking madder than a cut snake.

“Look here Killion. This is all very, very silly indeed! After all the good work you did on my life in the book and now this……..why it, it makes the Dead Parrot Sketch look like a Shakespearian play!!”

“Oh great John you’ve just given me another idea. Thanks mate.”

“May dearest Albert has jist told me that the correct title should be ‘The Royal Victorian and Shakespearian Life Cycles Revolution’.”

Tell me if you want any more Royal audiences? Or more John Cleese? Or, let’s face it there’s over 100 all-time famous couples and celebrities in ‘Life Cycles - Relationships’, that provides overwhelming scientific support for the first and only true Cycle Theory of Life.

Meanwhile a reader from England called Norman corrects my use of Royal Titles and I respond.....

Not at all Norman. Nice to meet and thanks for the correction…..lad from the colonies like myself isn’t as up to the mark on Royal protocol as I should be……..uh oh, here comes John Cleese again…….

".Look Norman that’s all well and good, but remember at all costs we mustn’t ENCOURAGE HIM!!….next he’ll be thinking he was in Monty Bleedin’ Python!"


Meanwhile, back at the Palace......

"You know my love, I've never read anything like this before. Unlike that other book I read to you 'Vestiges of The Natural History of Creation', this fellow Killion really tries to be as scientific as he can."

"H'yas darling, but can you playse get to the part devoted to ourselves, so I can bask in the glory of our relationship"

PS. Did you know that 'Vestiges of The Natural History of Creation' was published anonymously in 1844 and also advocated a theory of natural selection, before Darwin ever released his work. Yes, it was widely read by all sections of society including Albert reading to Victoria.

However, it was amateurish and had little real proof, causing it to be ridiculed by the Church and by other scientists. It caused Darwin to become fearful of what might happen to him and he is on record as saying, "I feel as much ashamed of myself as the author of 'The Vestiges' should feel of himself." It took him another 15 years to get up the courage to publish.

Who knew any of this??..........see what I mean about 'even a fraction of the in-depth knowledge.......I am going to expand the biographical knowledge of all readers exponentially'.

"Ahem, as i believe as I was saying!"

"Sorry your Royal Highness, please go on."

.....If you know even a fraction of the in-depth knowledge, about the famous and not-so-famous people I cover, I’ll be very impressed. I am going to expand the biographical knowledge of all readers exponentially. In fact towards the end, I am literally going to deluge you with facts, so unnervingly accurate, you will be left in no doubt whatsoever about the authenticity of my evidence.

I am now an established theoretician, in that my hundreds of blog articles, two books and over a decade worth of research, are both well-received critically and catalogued in a range of databases. I openly challenge any skeptics or interested academics to prove my evidence is incorrect, something no-one has yet undertaken.

Yet I am a radically different thinker and not part of mainstream scientific/rational wisdom, which asserts all coincidences are merely statistical anomalies to be falsified with a large enough sample.

I welcome you to the living, breathing world of “Life Cycles Theory”; so new that I often conduct my research on an ad-hoc basis as I am writing. I publish to spread the word and to get you excited about looking with fresh eyes at your own life and the lives of others and the many miracles that may be contained therein.


Ever since Book Two, The Life Cycles Revolution , was published right at the end of the 2012 year, I began to see a continued trend in the critical success of what I was doing. A high average in my professional reviews and a couple of finalist awards culminated in receiving the Silver Medal in the Philosophy/Religion section of an international contest. Even more satisfying was the timbre of some sections of the reviews. Comments such as,

1. “This book is extraordinary. Reading it has the power to change someone's life completely.”

2.“A must read for anyone who wants to understand the meaning of life.”

3. “The book puts together enough evidence to make Killion's thesis credible.......

Don't forget to ask if you would like to read more........"Life Cycles - Relationships" will feature over 100 of the most famous people and couples in history. Everyone from Antony and Cleopatra to Brad and Angelina.


Submitted: September 14, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Neil Killion. All rights reserved.

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