Chapter Prologue : Prologue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Taylor was just starting his freshmen year of college at Liberty University. That's already pretty scary, granted, but what made it even scarier was the fact that he had moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia. He knew absolutely nobody. For some people, that wouldn't be a big problem, but Taylor was very shy and he didn't have the first clue what he was going to do. Although he was a pretty easy guy to get along with, it was hard for him to strike up conversation. At first, he thought he could find people within his field of study and make friends with them. That would be easier, because at least he would have something in common with them. That's when he remembered that his major was Zoology. No one majored in Zoology anymore. He then decided that maybe a club would help, so he joined the Biology Club. It would be a room filled with like-minded people. It would be a great time. He was wrong, as usual. Everyone had a great time. They were all joking and laughing together and making plans for the next day with one another. All except Taylor who sat in the corner by himself, alone.

Since making friends with his peers obviously wasn't working, he decided he might as well try to make friends with some professors. The day after the club fiasco, he went to see Dr. Campbell, one of the zoology professors. He had heard some of the kids from Biology Club talking about how he was working on an experiment that no one seemed to want to help him with. They never said exactly what it was, but if no one wanted to help him with it, that meant that it would just be him and the professor. He'd be a captive audience, in some sorts. Taylor shyly poked his head in Dr. Campbell's office. "Hi, Dr. Campbell," he said.

Dr. Campbell looked up from the paperwork on his desk and was stunned to see someone else in the room. "Don't sneak up on me like that! You scared me half to death. What can I do for you?"

"I heard about your experiment," Taylor started. "I was wondering if I could help you out with it."

"Really?" he exclaimed. "You're the first person to volunteer. I've been looking since the summer. It's actually almost finished, but I do need someone to help me with tests. Would you be up to it?"

Great, Taylor thought. So I don't even get the pleasure of several months. I'll get several days if I'm lucky. It was already better than every other opportunity presented so far, though. "Yeah, I'm up to it," he said.

"Wonderful! Meet me outside of the Zoology lab room in 30 minutes and we'll proceed with the tests." Taylor walked out of the room and headed over to the lab. There wasn't anything for him to do, anyway. He didn't have much homework to do and he had no one to hang out with. He pulled out his phone and hoped his 38 percent would hold out until Dr. Campbell arrived. Finally, Dr. Campbell arrived as his phone shut off.

"I'm so glad you agreed to this," he said. "It's finally the day I get to test my experiment." He unlocked the door and walked in, with Taylor not too far behind. When inside, Dr. Campbell went into one of the closets. He pulled out what looked like a full-body suit. It was gray and metallic. The helmet had a design like one you'd wear on a motorcycle and the body part had an armored look to it. It definitely wasn't built for comfort. "What is this?" Taylor asked.

Dr. Campbell looked at him, confused. "This is my experiment!" When Taylor was obviously still not understanding, he continued. "It takes the animal's DNA inserted in it's back, reads it, and gives it the power of the animal. The wearer can be as fast as a cheetah, as durable as an elephant, as strong as an ant, and camouflage like a chameleon. Anything is possible with this suit."

"So what do you need me for?" Taylor asked.

"I'm too old. The strain the suit causes could possibly kill me. I need someone as young as you to test it for me."

"Okay," Taylor said. "I guess I can do that. How safe is it?"

"There's no way of knowing for sure until a test is done of it's full limits, but from what I know so far, it's rather stable. Just a few minor quirks. You'll be fine." Taylor looked at him skeptically and finally conceded and put the suit on, slowly.

"Okay, now, to turn it on, press the button on your left glove," said Dr. Campbell. Taylor pressed the button. The suit jumped to life for a second, and then immediately started shouting warnings. All Taylor heard before the explosion was the suits warnings, Dr. Campbell's yelling to get the suit off, and then nothing


Taylor woke up to pitch blackness. At first he thought he was blind, until he realized the room lights were off because Dr. Campbell was in a hurry and forgot to turn them on and it was nighttime already. He got up slowly. He was sore and dazed, but, surprisingly, unscathed, except for a few cuts and bruises. The suit had blown everywhere. Except for the helmet, which was still on his head. He looked around and found Dr. Campbell on the floor. Taylor puked. The poor man didn't have nice last moments. He pulled out his phone and called the police. He sat down and waited. After thirty minutes, a thought crossed his mind. His phone had died. He looked at it again. It was fully charged. As he pondered the phenomenon, policemen entered. They questioned him thoroughly, but once realizing he was in shock, they went on with the investigation without bugging him.

"It looks like just pure bad luck, kid," the officer said at the end of their investigation. "I'm sorry. There's nothing more we can do. Why don't you go home? You've had a rough day." Taylor nodded and walked out of the room silently. He was headed to his dorm, when he came to the road he always had to cross. He didn't even think about looking. He walked out into the road right in front of a car who couldn't have stopped in time. It hit him and he flew back and landed on the road. He lay for a while before he realized that the impossible had happened. He had lived through a car hitting him. He then realized he was only more sore. He stood up. He had no broken bones. He panicked and ran the rest of the way to his dorm. When he finally got into his bed, where his roommate was fast asleep, he almost let himself believe he had become as durable as an elephant. He finally fell into a fitful sleep.


This marks the beginning of a new school year and a new life, wherever they may lead. There will be tests of knowledge and strength. There will be projects that will save the grade and the world. There will be rough days, fun days, sad days, and heroic days, but all of this is just the life of a college superhero.

Submitted: September 14, 2017

© Copyright 2021 TaytorTot. All rights reserved.


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