A Lie and a Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Writers Rift

No one can say who you fall for.

A farmer lived simple, his world right and tranquil

No one ere did bother, none cared cause hassle

He tended to his land, few else could matter

Untill came she, the witch of lies, wnaderer Fos Tanther


Noble farmer ask she, her voice alluring and queer

Would you spare home, my body aches from tour

Bow does the farmer, in agreeance he leads her the way

Little to their knowledge, both hearts would be entwined


I must tell you this, for it is quite dire

How you appear here one day, unaided and without means

My door is ever open, no one shall I rebuff

But I have naught to offer, scant nourishment or muff


Tis fine for a roof, I needn’t much else

Could you be a dear, and tell me your wealth

Your farm is so lively, and your appearance quite fetching

Tis little to wonder, what spell you have to tie me here


You’re flattery’s too kind, others think elsewise

Though you must be mistaken, neither farm nor I are lookers

A temptress I assume thee, despite I let stay

As I have said, I shall turn none away


His sight touched her heart, truth in tongue as well as thought

Her beguilement did not pass, enchantment held no sway

This man did yet keep her, honesty to fault

Her myriad of tricks yielded no fruit, her soul saut part


The night did roll in, a spark of passion then grew

These two became one, a lie coaxed in by truth

In tune with their clash, their hearts quite wavered

Neither could ever change, natures stout ‘ner tapered


In all of their difference, they managed to keep together

A farmers small home, Fos Tanther laid claim

None could trouble him, no one dare enter

A secret affair by two so stark, no one would think, not even those brought


Love is a string, binding even those who differ profound

Blind shan’t foresee who they might covet, they're open to all

Let these words make lesson, to all who are willing

yet whomst turn down, equal a villain


Submitted: September 14, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Kriltch. All rights reserved.

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